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Looks very promising. What would really convert me would be the ability to securely store and automatically fill out login credentials for use when directing to external websites such as accounting, payroll and other commonly used business resources

Wow! That’s definitely an use case that we didn’t think of at all. When are adding to the our map to analyze the viability and I’ll keep you posted.

It’s been a while since my last contact but it would seem the functionality I originally had in mind might be more securely met using your plugin in conjunction with a password manager such as RoboForm which I use routinely. However, I note the last plugin update was a year ago and wondered whether you intend to actively support this product on an ongoing basis?

Hi, BambooAlly. Yes. Unfortunately, the demand for this product is not really justifying allocating development time on new features and things like that. We are considering switching it to not-supported soon. Will will keep doing our best to make sure that the plugin works, tough, for as long as possible. Kind regards,

Hi man please check your links in the demo site. Was hacked with links prohibited.

Maybe need to restrict the save functionallity.

Thank you. I’m just studying a way to implements some sort of sandbox demo sites, individual for each potential buyer, that should prevent stuff like that. Thank you very much.

You’re welcome. I really liked your plugin. I hope many sales!


Is there a way to set the actions once and have those settings be applied to all users?


Not yet, but this is in fact a good feature to have. We will try to add this feature in our next release, later this week.

Thanks for your purchase.

5 stars – love it guys – no problems – was gonna write this for myself – because I had specific needs and standards - and its hard to find someone else who does that as well - love it – I recommend this purchase to anyone else! – thanks guys – great luck

Thank you for the review oceadesign. I’m glad you liked. We have plans to continue to improve this plugin, so your feedback is very welcome.

Hi, You should make a menu plugin out of this style to make the main menu of the website or other like a quick access in front end! I would buy it right a way! Thanks

That’s a great idea. We were considering doing that for a while and we may take this of the paper soon! We’ll keep you posted! Cheers


If the plugin enabled, the Update button in the WP profile does not work.

Quick Check, please. (Check the environment – WP 4.3 / None other plugins)

Hi there,

In fact i just checked here and the button was indeed not working. I patched the version. Please send me an email to aanduque (at) gmail.com so I can send it to you before the review process.

Now it works fine without error. Quick Support!


This plugin is very nice together with Material Design WordPress Dashboard. However, it renders the page user-edit.php not working properly. Here is the error logged: http://i.imgur.com/gWGUXaX.png

Also, is there anyway to disable the settings for Material Action Button so that it is displayed only to Administrator or Network Administrators? Right now, even Subscriber can edit it.

Please advise. I really love this plugin.

Best regards,


Just sent you an email with a possible patched version!

It works flawlessly now!! I’m so happy with this!

One more wish if you could please implement it in the near future, I’m pretty sure everyone will love it: How about adding a template in Multisite Settings and applying it to all other sub-sites? Or at least the ability to export/import those buttons so we can one-click create the buttons for site instead of doing it manually as of now.

Best $11 I’ve spent on here, together with the Material WP Admin. I can’t be happier.

Thank you again for creating such beautiful plugins!

Thanks, afunworm. We are planning to expand upon Material Actions to make it even a better add-on to Material WP. We know that those two belong together. Your suggestion is already on the list!

Glad you like it, and, if it’s not too much to ask, leave a review on the items. It helps a lot!

Thanks for your purchase again.

Hello I bought several products today and I realized that having installed Material WP – Material Design Dashboard Theme when you try to save over your module floating menu, the button does nothing and nothing is saved. Please could you look. I would like to use the two plugins together. A greeting!!

If I have the latest version of WordPress and its plugins

Good, they have looked the error, I would like to customize the Shortcuts.

Hi, krombell. Just passing by to let you know I’m home and will take a look on your issue. Could you please send me an email via my profile so I can send you the patched version of testing later?

Good, I want to thank remove the last update that solved my previous problem. Your plugin is compatible with Multisite ?? I send a picture with the error that the plug for the network appears to me when active. Thank you very much in advance!!


It is supposed to work. This message is not an error per se, but a warning message saying that the CDN to get font awesome is not available, so the plugin will use local CSS and Font files. You are most likely to get this message in local installations without an internet connection, for exemple. Even with this being displayed, the only thing that happens is that instead of using the remote version, they use the local one.

I’ll see if i manage to remove the display of this message. Thanks again for the feedback.

Hello again :) I also like this plugin… Is this possible to use it form the front end… ?

Unfortunately no, at least for now. =/

Hi, 732,

I have found another conflict of Material Actions plugin. Please take a look at the following 2 screenshots, the first one is WITHOUT Material Actions enabled, and the second one is WITH Material Action on.

It conflicts with ACF, I would most likely assume.

http://i.imgur.com/NMigoen.png http://i.imgur.com/YQafDwW.png

As you can see, when Material Actions is on, the menu items from the theme disappear. It happens on two different sites of mine, which both run ACF. When I turn it off, everything works fine again.

If you need to Skype/Hangout me, I am available for live debugging.

I hope this would help.

Best regards,


Hi Tim,

Thanks for the contact. I’ll take a look into it. Would you mind send me the ACF version you’re using via email? That way I can also send you the new version after I make the changes.

Thanks again for your purchase and the kind support.

Good day! Im currently creating a webview APK and i would love the site to have this feature, i have a simple presale question before i purchase, the faster i get an answer to my needs the faster i purchase.

1. Is the buttons visible to all visitors on front end? 2. Is there a way i can pre-define the buttons for all users?

I would hate it if its only for registered users and each user has to have its custom made buttons.. :(


Hi, Motiondream. Thanks for the interest.

This plugin does not appear in the frontend, only in the wp-admin. So, it only applies to logged users. Each user can edit it’s own buttons on the admin, only. Maybe we will develop a front-end version of this in the future.

Kind regards,

Awe man! this was perfect also.. too bad, any way to pay extra for a similar addon to our website? i just need 3 buttons back, foward and refresh..

Sorry, motiondream, that would be impossible in terms of time for now =/

Hey There, Nice plugin… we’d like to purchase however the demo isn’t working… Is this because of the WP4.5 update? Anyhow if you get it working we’ll go ahead and purchase. Also, is it multisite compatible?

Hi, thanks for the interest.

I just tested the demo and the plugin seems to be working fine. Sometimes in the demo you need to navigate to other page after logging in to make sure the menus were fully saved.

The plugin does not support multisite currently, when activated network-wide, it just adds the functionality to each site as a single install plugin.

Kind regards,

Hi, about to purchase this but want to know if it works with your other plugin Material WP – Material Design Dashboard Theme?



Yes, it works, ninety83. Thanks for the interest.

Hi guys,

I just installed the actions plugin. However, is it possible so only admin can setup the shortcuts for users to keep the site consistent for users and remove the setup options from the registration page/login page?



Hi, ninety83.

For now it is not possible to do that. We are planning, however, to add that feature in the near future.

Kind regards,

awesome! Would be even cooler if the admin can allow others users to use it for non-admin related stuff like in woocommerce where it can populate cart, shop link, adding new products, etc.

I just bought this plugin and like but i just saw that 1day ago you responded to someone in these comments saying “We are considering switching it to not-supported soon. ” _ . So that means that i wasted my money if its not going to be kept updated as new wordpress versions come thus leading to possible security risks?

You bought the plugin while it was still supported, so you’ll get the support you need for the duration of your support license. Those changes only apply for buyers after we changed the product to unsupported.

Kind regards,

Hi, Material actions seems to be conflicting with ACF Pro. Is there any way to resolve this? Thnanks