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Can I put shortcodes in the tabs?

Can you explain me what you want to do? Because I not quite understand

I want my tabs to link to certain pages. I created Label = 3 Name = Navigation thru your plugin.

I added the shortcode

[zl_tabs_reload label=”3”]

zl_tabs_cell title=”Why Us” left_icon=”fa-list-ul”


I need the Why us tab to lead to

not forget use the different quotes


I purchased Mate Tabs awhile ago from you. I am having issues with google maps iframe. I have created my own maps with google maps but the Mate Tabs is not centering the map. The icon i have placed in the map is displaying to the left of the Mate Tab (out of view) here is an example if you zoom out you will see my icon pin appearing. Could you please let me know why this is?


Sorry I just noticed it works fine in google chrome and Safari but not in firefox.

Hello, I not see any problem with firefox

Hi. Love this plugin it has solved a lot of issues for us!

I am using the accordion section (Please see on my site here:

Is it possible to make the tabs close again once they have been opened by a hover or a click?

Please let me know as soon as possible, this is quite a big issue.


Yes I have 6 different accordion boxes but I would like to know whether it is possible that once one has been hovered over it auto closes after hover over?

Also, is it possible to make the right icon change when the accordion is clicked or hovered. So for example my right icon is a down arrow. Is it possible to make it change to an up arrow once the accordion has expanded?

1. It’s impossible because this is different tabs
2. No


I can’t seem to get the tabs to display full width on mobile, although the content does go 100% width when the tab is clicked, any ideas?

Hello, can you show me example ?


I have your tabs set up here:


I’ve tried to give each tab an anchor so that I can link straight to it, but it’s not working. Any ideas?

For instance, for the second tab, “What’s on” I’ve used the following shortcode:

[zl_tabs_cell title=”WHAT’S ON” id=”whats-on”]

But I can’t link directly to www.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks

Hello, you should use for tabs :


You are welcome

Is it possible to disable the responsiveness at 768 resolution?

The transformation occur automatically without media queries

Is there anyway at all i can disable it? I would like to display my modified icons on tablets

Transformation will be automatically. I not understand what the icons you mean

Hi Zalki-Lab,

I want to ask some questions before my boss buy this plugin for me.

Please go to this link:

Click the services page. See how the tab works. Me and my boss really love it but the only thing we hate it is that it has no ability to open specific tab when linking it. AND I HATE IT!

So please tell me if your plugin can do this kind of layout please. So please reply asap! Me and my boss are already behind the schedule please! Thanks!

ohhh… :( But I hope in the future, you have plans to have this kind of layout, I’m sure you’ll have more sales in the future if your plugin is much more flexible according to “client’s wants and needs.”.

Thanks for your time!

If I will add this feature I let you know

Awesome! Thanks! :)

Love the plugin but have 2 questions/issues:

1) When I am using my theme’s “stay on top” menu feature (which keeps the main navigation at the top of the screen even when I scroll down), the accordion tabs automatically jump up too far. They are placing the active accordion tab at the top of the screen, but the stay-on-top menu bar is covering the content so I can’t see it. Is there a way to disable the function that makes the accordion scroll up to the active one at the top? I want it stay put on the screen.

2) When using an image within the content of the accordion, the box doesn’t expand to accommodate the size of the image. In other words, the image is overflowing over the rest of the accordion tabs beneath. Can this be fixed?

I can’t share the site I’m working on (client contract) but hopefully this is enough info for you to understand what I’m talking about. Thanks!

1. You can disable: scroll => off
2. I need to see what the problem is in your case

Thanks for the fast reply. Which file do I disable the scroll function in?

I already changed the file so I can’t take a screenshot of the image issue. Basically the image sat on top of the accordion tabs beneath it. The content container did not expand to accommodate the image. I’ve seen this happen before with other plugins. Sometimes it’s been an issue of changing the overflow to visible, but that didn’t seem to do it in this case. Not sure.

But if you could let me know about where to find that scroll option, I would appreciate it. Thank you!

Look it on screenshot:

You can see scroll option on the left

I tried using Tabs together with Iframe but it does not work. When trying to show tabs which contain an Iframe with external content, the tabs do not work and the tabs code is shown instead of the tabs. I tried to different I Frames with the same result. Deactivating other plugins did not help.

Tabs are working on other pages with no Iframes.

Any suggestions on how to make this work?

For some reason the tabs are not showing when displayed in preview mode. They appereantly do after publicing. The problem now is that it shows as an accordian instead of next to each other. The setting are the same as on another page where they are displayed next to each other.

What can be the cause?

Accordian: Normal:

Nevermind, figured it out. The titles were to long which leads to an accordian view. Thanks for the quick responses and feedback. Love the plugin.

You are welcome

Works with visualcomposer?

Hi-I’d like to disable accordion for this reason:

myid-tab links do not work on mobile, when accordion is triggered.

I would prefer to stay in tab mode on mobile. Thanks

thanks for getting back.

problem is, accordion link won’t work on large screens.

I need a link that works on all screens, because it will go in my main site navigation.

you can create two links, it will be showing only for large or small screen

I will be it easier in the next update

oh thanks. I just realized WP Menus makes it easy to apply a class to menu items.

So I can have a .bigmenu class for tab links, and .smallmenu class for accordion links, and set display:none with media queries.

Should work for me!

Yes you are right

Hi, have looked at the past comments to see how to change the icons but the links provided all 404. Is there anywhere else we can see which icons we can use?


Thanks :)

I have a script that I want to put in a tab. <script async charset=”utf-8” src=”//”></script>

It only works if it’s in the first tab.

Do you know of something that can be done so that it works in secondary tabs?


thanks. thinglink is a service that lets you put interactive overlays on images.

put this in a secondary tab. it is their embed code

\\<script charset=”utf-8” type=”text/javascript” src=”//” async=””></script>

img style=”max-width: 100%;” alt=”” src=”;1043138249” /><script charset=”utf-8” type=”text/javascript” src=”//” async=””></script>

Sorry for delay.
This is happens because your script not working when tab is hidden. If you set the active tab second it will be work

Hi, Can you help me? My site is: divi.mobieye dot info

I have 5 tabs, each one with one image, but as you click each tab it ad’s an image until you click all 5 all images are open at once. I just want to have one image at a time – one per tab. I can’t seem to figure it out. thanks!

Can you show me the shortcodes ?

Hi, i guess this is it:

zl_tabs_reload label=”1” Content 1 /zl_tabs_cell Content 2 /zl_tabs_cell Content 3 /zl_tabs_cell

1.I need the shortcode which you are using
2.You should to fix javascript error on your site

i guess this is correct:


[zl_tabs_reload label=”1”]

[zl_tabs_cell title=”DASHBOARD” left_icon=”fa-bell” right_icon=”fa-bolt”] screen1photocapture Live photo capture and “listen-in” allow you real-time access to your phone. [/zl_tabs_cell]

[zl_tabs_cell title=”GEO-LOCATION” left_icon=”fa-bell” right_icon=”fa-bolt”]screen1gps The only “real-time” GPS reporting dashboard with integrated Google Maps .[/zl_tabs_cell]

[zl_tabs_cell title=”SOCIAL” left_icon=”fa-bell” right_icon=”fa-bolt”] screen2social Capture all incoming and outgoing mesages from popular social networks. [/zl_tabs_cell]

[zl_tabs_cell title=”CHATS” left_icon=”fa-bell” right_icon=”fa-bolt”] screen3whatsapp All popular chat platforms supported, you can access all deleted data as well. [/zl_tabs_cell]

[zl_tabs_cell title=”CALL LOG” left_icon=”fa-bell” right_icon=”fa-bolt”] screen4calllg View all call logs regardless of whether or not they have been deleted. [/zl_tabs_cell]


Can you show me a screenshot of your wp-editor in text mode ?

how can i upload, no upload option

You can send me a letter through my profile page and I will reply with my email


Any way for this to automatically move the active tab through all of them? So when they go to the page, it is on tab 1, then after x seconds, it goes to the second tab and then to the third tab – then back to the 1st tab?

any issues with 3.9?

everything ok