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1. Ya, figured that was it. 2. OK, will do, thanks.

p.s:after few days we have present a new version

Hello, i purchase your plugin through bloggers bundle and it is awesome. Only doubt is, Can search engine robots find text in those tabs? my site url is

Hello, I think he can,why not?

Hi. V cool plugin. just one question….

The background colours for tabs/content, is there a way to extent these colours the whole way across the screen instead of just the container?


Hello,do you want to use transparent background?

Hi. See (I’ve blurred out the text). In this, the tabs are black and they extend the width of the container. Can I extend them the colour black to the full width of the screen? thanks.

Sorry but it’s impossible, because the tabs can’t be wider than parent width

Hello. I purchased this a couple months ago and installed, everything worked fine. I went to update today and this is a different plugin than what I had before so now there is a new plugin but all my created tabs are in the old plugin. The original plugin I purchased was Mate Tabs 1.2 and what I just downloaded for the update is Mate Tabs Reload 2.1. I like the new version but how can I migrate all my created tabs into MT Reload 2.1?

Hello, you should re create the settings and rename the shortcodes, because it’s new API

So I need to re-create all the tabs?

Yes sure, but your not need to remove the content in the tabs


I purchased the plugin today, November 11, 2013. It’s great, however if a particular tab has many contents, it won’t appear on mobile. I know it’s responsive, but how to fix this issue, please.

Tabs with few contents look fine on mobile phones.

When you click the “Scientifically Proven Results” tab when viewed on your mobile, that’s the problem. The other tabs work great.

I’ll try to check it on my other mobile phone.

Hello. Love the plugin. I only have two questions: 1) Is it possible that the tabs are all the same width (auto-width)? 2) Is it possible to use the effect “fade” in the content of the tabs instead of animation?

1. Do you mean the tabs button?
2.You can simulate it, change the animation speed to 0

1. Of course. I mean the tabs button.
2. Thank you. I’ll try it….

Sorry but now it impossible

Can I add Tabs Inside accordions with this plugin?

You can’t

Hi, is it easy to customize my own tab buttons? For instance, I need to include different images on each tab button. Can i change the size of tab buttons as well?

For the content part, can I include shortcodes from other plugins?

Hello, I just purchased this plugin and I think it has the potential to be fantastic for my needs however I’m running into a problem. When I cut and paste information from one of my pages into a tab, the text in the tab ends up going out further than the tab and is cut off rather than it self-word wraping. Or, depending on what I paste into a tab, the text will start below the container for Tab 1 and the other Tabs will be missing. Also, it seems that I am not able to use any HTML formatting within the tabs themselves, is that true or am I just mistaken? Thank you, —Eryk

I just sent you an email with a question in regards to your reply above. Thanks! :)

Thank you for all of your time today. You helped me realize all of my “problems” had nothing to do with your plugin and you still helped me get through it. Everything is working beautifully now. Thanks again!

You are welcome :)


Before I purchase the plugin, I wanted to know if I could replace the tabs names by an image? Would it be possible to insert series of tabs within a tab content?.

Thank you.

1. I’m not sure that I understand what you mean
2. No

I have saved my color setting (as label=1) but on the page are pulling default colors. Any clue?


It is internal development server but I think it is something related to the label ID. I have created new one and become no.4 and that one works fine.

Also – if I have long tabs names is it possible to “break” them by tab max-width?

and make active tab font bolder

1.Maximum width of tabs equal to the width of your container
2. It’s impossible

Hello can these tabs be fluid? I mean auto-width to cover the full width of the container

Oh, sorry. I think you mean the main container

I’m sorry but I don’t understand this answer if it is an answer after all, can you tell me if you are willing to help do something that I asked before purchasing?

The tabs is fluid, but not each inner tab. You can contact to envato support for refund

In the item description it is mentioned that it is responsive and there is “The Ability to Open Tabs With Outside Link”. However if you link to one tab like this Link and the page is previewed on a mobile screen this doesn’t work because the tab is auto-transformed in an accordion. How can I fix this so that the link works both on desktop and small screen devices?

you should use two links, first for desktops, second for mobile devices.

Like media queries

Hello, I’ve just recently purchased and installed your plugin. It’s great, but I’m wondering if I can change the animation effect of the content. I don’t want it to slide in. I would also like to change the easing. Thank you

Hello. You should change the animation speed to zero.
Content/Animation Speed = 0

Thank you for your response. While that does get rid of the slide-in, I was looking for a way to change the effect and the easing. I’m assuming there isn’t one yet?

Oh, sorry you can’t change the easing.

Hi! Great plugin! How can i make it be always in tabs, not accordion?

What you mean?

You wrote “tabs automatically transform to accordion mode when tabs are not placed in a container”, how do i place them to a container so it doesn become a accordion. Take a look

You can’t show the tabs when your all tabs wider than wrapper

Hi, Is it possible to use an image in the tab name area instead of a font icon?

1. What you mean ?
2. :) I don’t remember. I will say you later

RE: Question #1: Currently the only transition for tabs is a slide effect from the right. However, you could use a fade, scale, spin and other effects for transitions. I was just thinking you could sell a premium addon to your Mate Tabs which would allow us to choose different tab effects.

For additional effects, it’s nice idea. I will think about it
Song: Sandcastles-Lovespirals

just bought it and set up my tabs, really cool. but no where to find the icon list, like fa-bell|fa-bolt. where can i find the other icons, there is nothing in documentation.

Hello, you can find here:

I’m trying to link to a particular tab, so that it’s open when I go to that page: (i.e.

This should go to “tabbedPage” with the fifth tab open… but it doesn’t work. I have 0 in the settings, so no tabs are open. If i have, for instance, 4 in the settings, that page opens with tab 4 open, even if I have the above link for #5 to be open. Am I doing something wrong? Does this work for other people, where you can link to the page with a specific tab open?

I figured it out, after watching the video more closely. It works fine!

Hi, can you help me, I want the tab to say “SHARE” and then to the right of share there will be four social network icons in the tab, like this – except this doesn’t work 0_o

zl_tabs_cell title=”SHARE” left_icon=”fa-bell” right_icon=”fa-bolt”right_icon=”fa-facebook” “fa-google” “fa-whatever”

I tried it a few different ways, but none of them worked.

Hello, you can use only one icon on left side and one on right


I would like to know if one can use this plugin together with this one

the idea is use tabs for monthly, annual plans different pricing models so I need to use shortcodes inside each tab. What do you say?

Hello, I not have this plugin

of course not. Since you are selling yours saying that one can use shortcodes inside the tabs i am asking whether it will work! normal question no?

The Mate Tabs supports the shortcodes, but I can’t give you any guarantee about the Pricing Table plugin