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hello.. post sale question. can i have tabs on mobile as well. now it automatically transforms to accordion. thanks

Hello, sorry for delay. If the tabs wider container it will be transform automatically

Hello, I like this plugin but I need to use Custom icons (not font awesome), is that possible with this plugin?

Hello, what is the different between Mate Tab and Keva Tab? Does Keva Tab support Retina?

The Keva Tabs is the modern version of the Mate Tabs.

Vertical Tabs:
Keva Tabs – Yes
Mate Tabs – No

Custom buttons for tabs opening:
Keva Tabs – Yes
Mate Tabs – No

Show/Hide Tabs for registered users:
Keva Tabs – Yes
Mate Tabs – No
Visual Builder:
Keva Tabs – Yes
Mate Tabs – No

Horizontal automatic alignment for the tabs:
Keva Tabs – Yes
Mate Tabs – No

Also, the Keva Tabs includes itself the following snippets:
Keva Users – responsive tabs, accordion and vertical tabs which displaying information about registered users.
Keva Testimonials – responsive testimonials.
Retina ready by Font Awesome icons.

Hi there

Is there a maximum characters you can have per accordion?

I am using it for testimonials and I have a longer than usual testimonial and it dosent seem to be working.

I can add text up until a certain point, if I add more text and click update page it takes me to a weird place onto where my blog posts are which is very random.

Heard of this happening before?

Hello. It does not have any limitation. Can you send me that testimonial ?

Hi thanks for prompt reply, I worked out I had maxed out the space on my server which made it react very strangely, I deleted a backup and all is good. thanks anyway, you can delete this comment if you like

Ok =) Have a nice day.


webby20 Purchased

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error every 10 mins been happening on site for over 6 months.. lost lots of sales… amd had these happening for 6 months never knew grr

what is the fix for this ? and no its not my hosting or another plugin… pissed now as it looks like i am going to have to remove this crap from around 700 pages

Hello, can you show me the screenshot of your shortcode and full error log ?

Does your plugin support on click load? So the content does only load when i open the tab?

Hello, this is not ajax, the content already loaded.

The plugin is not responsive in Mobile devices. How do I solve this?

Hello. The Mate Tabs is responsive on mobile devices. Can you to show me a link with you problem?

It is works fine. But all content on your page are not clickable, because your footer (footer id=colophon) is on top of all the content.