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Excellent item with a multitude of uses

5 stars :)

Thank you. I’m happy that you like it.

hi i changed the icons and made it 2 images one for active state and one for an idle state but i couldn’t get it to show the active state,

Hello.Sorry but I do not understand what you want to do and how

is it possible for the active state of the tabs to show different imgs rather than texts and background color?

Sorry it’s impossible

I bought the Plugin and works just great. But how do you set up accordions? because I only see how to set up tabs. Thanks in advance!

Hello. Why you not have the purchaser badge ?

Hi, I purchased the tab and I love it, but I’m having problems customizing it since I don’t know much about css and coding. I’m trying to change the background and borders colors from yellow to white and black fonts.

Could you please provide some directions about how to do that or send me the css to my email

Thank you.

Hello, you should use options of plugin. Full list of options you can watch in documentation file

<script type="text/javascript">
 borderColor: '#fec901'

Awesome! I understand now. One last question, how can I add a border-top: 3px solid #red; to the active tab.

Thanks so much for your help.

It’s impossible for the active tab

Hi Zalki!

How can I find the names of the icons to change? I know how to change, but I don’t have his names.

Thank you in advance.

I have purchased your item, but aren’t showing here… :(

I don’t see your purchase. When you purchased the plugin?

Hi. Probably should have asked this before purchasing but is it possible to have it so when the window is resize and the tabs break down into accordions, that they’re all closed by default?

My problem is that there is quite a lot of content going into the first tab, so a mobile user would have to scroll past all of it to be able to see that there are more tabs.


Hello, sorry but this is impossible

Encoding the javascript/plugin is a deal breaker for me, unless you are willing to provide the unencrypted version after I purchase? I need to be able to modify the code to my needs, auto-opening the second tab by default, or having all tabs closed in mobile view is necessary for me to make this useable.

Where is your “purchased” badge?

It was a “pre-purchase” question.

Hi. I wish to open tabs with an outside link ( almost like an anchor URL tag that jumps in same page ) on the same page. Really hope this possible with mate_tabs responsive plugin?

I notice in the comments section that “tabs_reloaded” ( ) appears to work similar, but when trying the id=”” option on Mate_Tabs – it does not work… maybe I am doing something wrong?

Basically I just want to be able to “open” & link to another tab on same page when clicking on an URL link. What is the best way to set this up? Pretty desperate here as it is important for our site to have this option… Tried this (as listed underneath) – but not working for me…

( I removed the < and [ on lines to ensure it shows full text in comment section.)

a href=”sitename/#foo-tab”> Link URL word

zl_mate_tabs name=”TEST” label=”1”] zl_mate_cell title=”Button 1” id=”foo” ] content /zl_mate_cell] zl_mate_cell title=”Button 2” ] content /zl_mate_cell] zl_mate_cell title=”Button 3”] content /zl_mate_cell] [/zl_mate_tabs]

Thanks so much for looking into this and let me know your feedback plz.

Hello, where is your ‘purchased’ badge?

sorry, I purchased it long ago and lost my initial password for the initial login. Not sure how I can proof that I purchase it legally :) My username is dlab2 – and I paid for it on – 19th September 2013. I’ll try again to login

I was able to reset my password. Hope it shows “purchased” badge now. Please help if possible with URL link to open an specific tab


Is it possible to add a header or title of some sort? I’m thinking of using multiple accordions on a page, and it would be great to be able to label them in some fashion.

Anywhere. At the top preferably, but as long as each one can be labeled so people don’t have to guess which restaurant they are looking at.

You can do it with html and css

You can create a div block with text and customize it with css