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Presale question: Can you customize circular images with the border-radius property?

The border radius for images will be reset

The documentation of the plugin is horrible!!!

There is a littel FAQ with some “example” I wonder how all the people figured out how it works.

I can’t get it to work. wasted money .

You can watch the video tutorial

Hello, I watch the video until the end and there is no explanation in how to make image over image. Can you please explain how can I do a simple rollover image. Thanks

Hello, you should upload it in popup

Hello, I am working on customizing this plugin right now and I have 2 questions:

1. I would like to change the icon position but I dont know how, it just appears in the middle. I want it to be positioned on the bottom left of the background image.

2. I would like to change the position of the backgound image. Again, a specific area on top of the overlay not just “center, left, or right”

Please let me know if this is possible, thanks.

Hello, if I understand you correctly you can’t do it

How do you install and use this plug in? I can’t figure it out at all!

Do you unpacked main zip file? Do you have any errors?

Hello, Just a question, I purchased this plugin and am running version 1.3.

I would like to update the plugin but I see that filenames and directory are renamed from zl_mate_hover to zl_mate_hover_reload.

What do I need to do in order to keep all my existing hover animations?

Please let me know how to update this..

Best Regards,


Hello, You should fully reinstall your plugin, because this is new API

Hi, perfect plugin! But II need a image overlay in fullwidth. Is it supported? Tks

What you mean? Can you show me an example?


I hope you can help me. I use a simple hover. I mean, I have a picture, as hover a colored block with text. It all works well. How do I get a title in the text together with plain text? Just like you’ve done on the page: (image 3 and 7 in row) So I want header and below normal text.

This is the code I use:

[zl_mhr label=”3” who=”link” count=”1” link1=”” target=”_self” text=”G & S” align=”center”] leuk [/zl_mhr]

Greetz, Lara

Answered on your email


It doesn’t work:-(

What I want is: a transparant white overlay and some text on it (a title and some ‘normal’ text). The hover should be on the whole block (image and white transparant overlay), not only on the text.

Is this possible? The width and height change works for the textblock, but it also gives a colored not transparant block behind the text.

Please could you help me with this?


Can you give me the access ?

You really helped me to solve the problem. Thank you so much!!

You are welcome

Is there anyway we can get hover shortcode for lightbox. I watched the video but you were moving to fast. if there any way you give example of all shortcodes that would be really nice! the video was really confusing

Hello, did you see the f.a.q section on the plugin settings ?

How to Use the Lightbox:
who=”link” lightbox1=”on” link1=”your link”
For Second Popup:
lightbox2=”on” link2=”your link”

Hi, can i make something that the third section of this website with your plugin? Full width, different colors, 2 image together and the text appearing?

Is it possible to show another image on the popup and be like a normal lightbox, not 100% width. Makes it hard to see the text

I not quick understand what you mean…

can i automated add a hover in every image on single post?

You can’t

Hello , I bought the plugin Mate Hover Reload , for a section , type gallery , with several items. My question is , you need to buy the ” Mate Boxes” plugin to give the table format (columns and rows) ? Cheers

Hello, the Mate Hover plugin for popup effects. Mate Boxes or Caerus Folio – gallery grid

You possibly cant expect us watch the video and figure everything out? can please send the shortcode examples you used in your demo or it will take quite some time to figure all this out!