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Great plugin! Can you tell me how to make the links open in a new window (target=”blank”) Thank you!

Hello. Thank you. Sorry but right now it’s impossible. I will add this feature in next update or I can edit it right now and send on your email

Mate Boxes – slightly – incompatible with ‘Modern Admin’. I just purchased the latest $20 Envato Bundle and …... received the modern admin plugin.

Weirdly enough it’s the icon graphics that don’t show in Mate Boxes. [Mate Tabs – no problem] The icon graphics that won’t/don’t show are the two on the top left box: the + sign and the help icon for backup AND the search and link icons that i thought should populate the Mate Box overlay parameter fields..

Anyways I knew I shouldn’t have purchased the $20 Envato Bundle – what was I thinking? That I was getting a deal or something? I’ve tried two plugins from it and both are far from exemplary.

Anyways just thought you’d like to know about the 4 graphic icon images missing from mate boxes when the ‘modern admin’ is installed…


Can you send me a letter through my profile page?

Thanks for the 5 Star service Zalki-Lab. All fixed up now!!

You are welcome!

hi, its possible use like a widget?

Hi , no

I want to have something like – where I as an admin and mods can select some forum topics everyday to showcase them on the front page of the website. I don’t mind doing each manually.

Is it achivable with this plugin? Thanks

I will check it a little later

HI! I am waiting. Thanks

Hi, sorry for delay. You can put the html code in footer of block

it is possible moving on schedule plugin increasing the slideshow for each boxes rather than just a single image?

You can’t set the slideshow for box

Hi – cool plugin! Is it possible to add a lightboxed content link on the images e.g. a link to a content page? A customer of mine wants to include various information for each box and place additional content on box related pages…

Thank you!

Hello, you can to use a link or lightbox

Hello, I am trying to make the footer and content boxes a fixed size, what would I add to style.css to do this please?


Good plugin however the plugin takes at least 20 seconds to load after the other content has loaded. Can this be fixed?

Hello, maybe your images is too large ?