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Is that stickers bug fixed in this update? I mean people can active stickers free even there is a price on stickers…and even peeps dont have an credits they can active it. Also is it possible to make that chat non-free, i mean that you can send one message and then you need to buy VIP packet to chat more. Also bug “hot or not” game when translate other language it vanish, you cant give points. If these are handled and fixed then i would buy this one, otherwise people will ask refunds.

5 days ago Flag CONDOR for the fifth time can you explain here in comment the problem for facebook login ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS


pockettv Purchased

My encounter is not working correctly and SMTP

Could you open a support ticket at
Also for the SMTP server to work you have to firstly setup an SMTP account, you can do so at (The account needs to be a developers account)

hi i thought i left a comment before but i dont see it… the script is not installing and i opened a ticket 2 days ago.. still havent gotten a response!!!

this was meant for the datoo i posted int he wrong section by mistake… so whats with not responding to me in the datoo , 3 days ago, and i also posted to it today

the installation just doesnt work and no one has replied to my ticket it has been 3 days

We replied to your other comment.

CONDOR for the sixth time can you explain here in comment the problem for facebook login ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS

hello, is a facebook account required to run this script?

No, it is not required. Regards.

thank you. for an additional fee can you install/set it up for me?

Yes, just purchase an additional license of MatchMe. That will cover the installation.


keir2015 Purchased

has any body any trouble with the facebook login? can you give me advice? and place your email below?


keir2015 Purchased

Will some body please show me how to fix this problem here “Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ’s’ (T_STRING) in /home3/getwitme/public_html/core/config.php on line 13”

My website is at It was working just fine until I added some more keywords in the admin setting!

Please open a new ticket at our support desk and we’ll look into it.


Good day!

Appreciate your patience and understanding in clarifying below queries as Im not a technical guy:.

Also, would love to purchase the script; as I was looking for a dating script for quite sometime now and unable to conclude: after checking the demo thought this is the one that I was looking and suitable for me.

To start with, I understand that, webview app is just same as website; but still wanted to confirm whether it supports below functions.

1. In the webview apps, once the user exit (Not logout) the app, it goes offline and a user needs to enter user name & password everything they login or validate facebook to login; is it true or works normally like how native apps work. (I mean it wont logout automatically after exiting the app)

2. Is the notification of webview app notifies when a user visit the profile, sends friend request, accepting friend request, sends messages, irrespective of whether the user is online or offline on webview app) Im not technical guy; (To keep it simple does the webview apps support notification like how native app supports).

3. Is there an email notification for website users for registration, friend request & gifts etc…

4. The design of the website is perfectly fine, however when it comes to mobile browser the layouts collide or disintegrated, also when we swipe hot or not the name doesn’t change only the photos change but the name on the profile doesn’t changes when we refresh the browser.

5. I would appreciate if you can share a working demo along with webview app which can answer all this queries instead of answering the above, rather I would suggest you to link into the product description page.

6. Any ETA on native android app.

Also, would you work on freelance; if we need any additional options or changes to the current script in near future.

Thank you!

This comment is currently being reviewed.

Please open a new ticket at:
Please flag your comment as it contains personal information.


kml29 Purchased


- Ads condition. An option allowing us to choose in which case the script can shows ads. For example show ads per language, or per country …

- Allowing user to become VIP when they have some credits.

- Add a page where we can add some web love or dating or any games. So user can play games and win prices or …

- Allow user to report fake picture and fake users.

- Allow admin to approve new users before they can use any feature.

Other ideas will come later


kml29 Purchased

Also and the most important feature:

Since we can’t automatically update your script from the admin page, you can add an option to import and export separate data like users and profile, configuration and so on.

So we can even reinstall the script without loose any configuration and users.

It will be easy for you and us.

Why i said that?

I use your script since version 2 and i have done all data and databases updates like in your instructions but since version 3.1 i have a problem. I can’t save smtp email settings because some data was missing in the database (but i have done all database updates). So i delete all the website and the database and did a fresh install and everything was working now. So please allow us from the backend to export and import data easily.

Hi if I buy this script you can add private album with requests if someone wants to open?