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When is the next update which has the full responsive mobile version and also when are you releasing the apps

I need customizations in the script please. . cannot get any reply :(

I started running and got this error Parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file in C:\xampp\htdocs\afrobuddies\index.php on line 302

Hello. I did contacted yesterday but have not got any reply. Please reply to the email.

If no reply tomorrow I may request for refund.

I have trouble showing users, and had to correct some errors whit missing .php extensions, to get the website running, but the issue whit showing users, i would like some help please, Best regards Jan

Hi, how do I confujuro facebook in initiating session in the URI domain of valid OAuth redirects?

I see that your response rate is about 14 days to comments, because I also see that you do not support the script. What does this mean? That you do not answer technical questions? .

I see in the script that the mobile version does not correctly show the top right menu, profile, etc., only filters button appears.

I also see that users can not put their profile in private mode, or at least I do not see it.

I see that the F.A.Q.’s are few and do not contribute much.

I would like to buy the script but I would like to know if there is someone responsible on the other side that answers some questions about the script.

Thank you

Hi Again:

one more question. When a user clicks on LIKE user and this user clicks that he also likes the user that he liked, is there MATCH functionality ?. Does the application send notification that there has been a MATCH?

Thank you

When is the update coming out?

Do not buy this item it is not working and the author never reply to you!!!!


Vito227 Purchased

Do you have any updates in the works?


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When I try to Login to Admin, I get this error: Not Found

The requested URL /encounters was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.


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Hello, can you tell me when your next major update will be released?

Will a solution / patch for the ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS be posted soon? Thanks

Is there any Russian here?

Yes, the app is translated in russian.


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It’s about time there will be an update for this script! the passwoord reset is still missing, and please respond to your clients

Password reset is already done for the new update 4.0, no ETA as of now. :) Expect more details very soon.

Is there anymore support for this script?

the developer died sorry guys

No, he didn’t. :D


hahah see he is here answer the questions first then because been coming back here to see if its updated

The newest update is knocking on your door soon! MatchMe 4.0 + native Android & iOS mobile apps included with the script for free ;)

The price has been temporarily lowered to $19, until the new update is released. Everyone who buys it on this discounted price can feel lucky, since the price will go much higher afterwards.

How long is this offer for and is this with full support?

Is v4 finally going to be released?

Yes, it’s almost ready. It took us longer, since it’s a complete rewrite of the code, fully redesigned and we have also developed mobile apps that we’ll include for free with the script (real mobile apps, not just the mobile website). Amazon AWS integration is available by default as well.

If you want me to send you some screenshots, email me at ;)