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nice game support 64 bit ?


Yes It supports 64 bit.

Does it support ios8/64 Bit?.

is it possible for you to testflight the app so that i can test the crashing issue before i buy?. Also do you support if there is any issue?.


Yes it will work in iphone 6, 5s, 6 plus devices and will support ios 8 and 64 bit.

Sorry but I am on vacation for 1 week. So I can manage it after that.

any update on the bug fix for crashing issue?. Do you have an updated version and also a video demo for the same?.


I have created a video with iOS8 and iPhone 5s simulator. Here is the link for the same. please check it and let me know if its ok or not. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=slKQG1kkPXc&feature=youtu.be

Hi, 16 days ago you stated an update was submitted to Apple. Are you still waiting for a review? My preference would be to know if the updated version is passing the review before purchase.

Thank you

Hello Averix,

Unfortunately it was rejected so it will take more time. You can wait till the updated version goes live.

You can check the video in which the bug is fixed. Have a look at the link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=slKQG1kkPXc&feature=youtu.be

Hello Averix,

Now you can see the new version in iTunes. Check and let me know about it.

Kewl, the new version in the appstore works, is this uploaded to the code canyon?. Also i see other apps like ” I met solena gomez ” in your profile which has better ratings and download, are you selling that source code anywhere?.

Hello Prakash,

Yes its already uploaded to code canyon. Currently I am not selling my app named “I met Selena Gomez” anywhere. But yes I will workout on this and will put this kind of source code in future.

Did code canyon approve it and ready to download the bug free version when i buy this?.

Hello Prakash,

This is already a bug free version.

Whats this made with ? Spritekit or cocos2d?


Its a native iOS app including storyboards and some xibs. No Spritekit and no cocos2d.

Hi Nikunj, I want to buy this and get this customized too. Can you do it for me?

Thanks Nikhil

Hello Nikhil,

Yes I can do it for you with extra cost. Please send me your requirements.

great work! looks beautiful.

Many Thanks! :-)

is the code supported for IOS9?.

Yes its iOS9 supported.

Hello ! Is this compatible with iPad pro? Thanks you !

ok on which mail please ? Thanks you !

You can contact us via private message from our profile.


Please check your mails.

Does this work with xcode 7? what language is it written in?


Yes it will work with xcode 7. It is written in Objective-C language.

Where is the pdf that explains how to change things? I can’t find it.


In the bundle you downloaded there is a documentation folder. In which you can find all the details about the modifications. Just open index.html file in your browser.

If you still have any issues related to change the things in project then let us know.

hello I do not get why AdMob ads


We have sent an email. Please check updated code and let us know if you still have any issues. For testing purpose we have set only Admob Ads. You can change it from CJPAdController.h file.

Just change
static BOOL const kUseiAd = NO; to
static BOOL const kUseiAd = YES;

Please check you mails.

Thank I worked now AdMob

How Chartboost ad does not appear


Please double check your chartboost id and signature. Chartboost ads are being displayed with our ids. If you still have any issues related to Chartboost then let us know.

Does this work with Xcode 7.3?

Ok no problem, got it. One problem, AdMob ads are not showing. I changed

// Display iAds? static BOOL const kUseiAd = NO;

// Display AdMob ads? static BOOL const kUseAdMob = YES;

Added my AdMob ID to CJPAdController.h

Chart boost works fine, AdMob nothing.

Any help or is this just another code I bought that doesn’t do what advertised to do?

Hello Sorry for the late reply. If possible please send us the error logs.

(1) If I buy you app will you help me to publish it on apple store because I don’t have idea on how to do it? (2) How does in-app purchase work?


Yes we will provide you the detailed description to publish it on apple store. In App purchase will be managed by apple it self.

but I will like to have 4 to 5 in-app purchase options, hope I will be able to do it myself?

Yes you can do it by your self. If you want us to do these changes it will cost extra.

I have never publish to iTunes before so pls tell me what I will need as a publisher

You will require Apple Developer Account to publish apps to iTunes

Love the look of this game. Does this work on IOS 10 and Xcode 8.2.1?

Hello, Yes will will work on iOS 10 and XCode 8.2.1 If you still facing any issues after purchasing this game we are here to help you. :-)

Hi there,

Im going to purchase this one. But for clarification, can you please answer me some questions: 1. Does it support all iOS devices (iPhone, iPad)? 2. Is it written by Objective C? And support iOS 10? Thanks


1. Yes it will support iPhone and iPad both. 2. Its written in Objective C. 3. It will support iOS 10