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It would appear that Google is on a house cleaning mission lately by taking down apps which are identical (or even similar) to other apps in the Google Play store. This happened to me just yesterday. Obviously this will be devastating to the “template” market unless a complete re-skinning of apps takes place. Changing an icon or a couple of graphics is rather easy to do, but when it comes to a whole game, or other app, that is a much different story. Do you have any suggestions on this?

skype ID?

Hi, Nice game. But not sign for leaderboard after i integrate app ID.

Amazing Work dude ;)

hi,I changed banner and interstitial, but they do not show up

Is what you have an idea, how to make them appear

You need to enable them in strings.xml

the aap cant play on EMULATORS.help


i can change the language ?

Is there support for the project.?

I do not have experience in Android Studio .. you can help me?


plz i want help

looking the pic


I checked again, but all works for me. Try to set “admob_test” = true to test your admob IDs, may be something wrong with them. And clean the source first of all. And offcourse you need the internet connection to see the ads.

i do that but its the same.

i put admob test ID

<string name=”adMob_banner”>ca-app-pub-3940256099942544/6300978111</string> <!- AdMob Banner ID ->

<string name="adMob_interstitial">ca-app-pub-3940256099942544/1033173712</string>

Also same :(

before buying this, I want to ask, is there any support on this source code? can you help me when I got error while loaded the source code in android studio? thanks

Hello, I like to purchase this template, but there is no .apk file to download and test it for myself and also show my client to know what I’m proposing to them.