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hey, may I know what version of Laravel you used for this app?

Yes. Laravel 5.1

Hey! Time ago in Laravel 5.0 beta, I was trying to make a Web Server, to connect Laravel with Angular.

So my question is, Could I create a REST api with your script? Would it be easy to do it? Or Is your script working as a web service?

My idea if so, use your script for a Mobile App, iOS/Android…

Waiting for your answer(s) :)

Thanks for your suggestion. Yes it’s a good script as web service. It will be easy.

Does it support login with facebook, twitter, google plus or any other social oAuth out there?

Not yet friend. It will come with upcoming version.

Hey. I just installed the app. It does not look good on the front end. What could I be missing?

Can you please direct email me? I am giving solution.

Hi, this looks like a very interesting script. I am interested not in dating but matching people for building a team etc. so my question are as follows:

1. Can I create those questionnaire questions? 2. Will the answer to those questions along with the personal demographics and maybe location be used for matching? 3. You talk about an algorithm, I mean, is it part of the purchase? 4. How can you monetize it? Can you give me 5 features in your script? – sorry, so many in the market, hard to choose.

Hey, don’t worry about question 4 – I see the packages and gifts etc.

But one last question before I purchase – can I translate this to Spanish or Chinese?

Answer 1: Yes you can Answer 2: Yes Answer 3: Yes it’s part of the purchase. But you can enhance. Answer 4: You can easily monitize it from admin panel. Adsense or other script and other ad. Answer 5: 1. Questionaire 2. Gift System 3. Message System 4. Advance Search 5. Ad System 6. Membership system 7. Paypal/ and so many features. Answer 6: You can translate from script to one language. Otherwise you can add translate package if you know laravel. Thanks

I am very interested in MatchBRIDE php script, but I have a question is there any plan to improve the picture uploading of it?

Yes we have plan

Thank for your reply. Please secure your website email. I wrote you with the email on your website and someone else with a gmail account “” replied.

No problem. Both of us


I am interested, question before purchase?

1) Can I create these questions on the questionnaire? Is the answer to these questions as well as personal demographics and perhaps the location being used to match?

2) Would it be possible to add an ajax counter as badoo? View in real time the number of visitors Example: Total: 584715 Today: 96524 Display in real time the number incsript Example: 19658742 Real time display of the number of% Example: Female 49% and Male 32% View in real time who is logged in? Example: Woman 65 Male 87 Modo 6 Admin 2

3) Would it be possible to add other payment gateways Bank transfer and payment by check? I am happy if you can add.

4). I do not see function for free woman? For example, I am a woman, I register on the site once registration is complete, I am redirected to the group of women. The same for the group 7 days, beyond the 7 days, the user redirects to the group of the man without access. If you want to continue to send, receive: “thank you to buy a premium subscription” The group man without access and restricted just that connects to your account and see the profiles. Send private messages, or gifts and chat and block .etc … .....

5) Why not have the home page as badoo? It’s very professional

6) Can I translate into French?

7) Would it be possible on the carousel to scroll auto

Thank you

Your requirements need extended support. Not possible to have a demo now. Send us direct email.



I have bought MatchBride and all images and css icons are not showing, can you help? I did change the autoload.php

My website:

Please email with your questions and cpanel login credentials.

I am having the same issue as combatrescue, images are all coming up as 404 errors

I am having the same issue as combatrescue, images are all coming up as 404 errors

I installed everything, and getting 404 errors on all images, scripts and css.

Its pulling /public and /resources/assets into the urls.

Send an email from your contact form on your site

I emailed you details

hello pls what kind of server can I upload and is it possible to change the front page to bootstrap

U can upload it on any server. Even shared hosting too. And layout already built with bootstrap.

I am getting a weird issue: Getting the following ErrorException in UserController.php line 225: Illegal string offset ‘total_members_num’

A perfect job well done!!! Thank you for the prompt response and helping me out


Hi ThemeZO Team I bought your Match Making Application, we are doing match making, not dating, I need to modify: add/edit/delete so please advise

Front End: 1. Sign up form Fields modify: add/edit/delete and value of fields modify at Sign up form

2. Search Form Fields modify: add/edit/delete and value of fields modify at Search form

3. membership-options page **Membership package ->Free settings --> Price is not modifing

4. How to remove link in front End from every page

5. After filling questionare or login can not visit Home page in Front End/matching result page

Back End 1. How to change package name and in where relation between database of Membership package

2. Advance Search form add/edit/delete and value modify

3. How to remove link in Back End from every page

4. Manage Pages content update problem Error message shown : The slug has already been taken.

Waiting for your go ahead response in regards

Hi, Thanks for your email. I understood your questions. If you are a developer/programmer then update view holder’s files. Thanks

sent email, subject: match making application issues


1. Theres option to add user custom field? for example: eating (vegan/vegetarian), religion and every field that I want to add?

2. Theres option to disable filters from the script, for example “country”?

3. Theres option to define default value? for example when user register his default language will be French?

4. Theres option to hide/limit msgs to users whos not subs?

This week you will get an update of this script

Project dead!

This week you will get an update of this script

Do yòu have front-end angular version?


Your demo links are not working I wanted to see the demo so I can decide whether it fits in my requirement or not. Kindly make a live demo link so i can browse the features of it

Now working

Still not working expiration notice still there

It’s working fine. Please clear your browser cache