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Nice work GLWS :)

Thank you :)

I believe you’ve posted this game in the wrong section. You have it listed in the HTML5 section, which means it should be playable in a browser on the PC. It looks like it belongs in the “mobile” section, as it is only playable on iOS and Android.

I’d suggestion getting it moved so you don’t miss out on possible sells.

If I’m mistaken, and it is, in fact, an HTML5 game, I’d love to see a demo of it that can be tested in a browser. GLWS

Hi, Thanks for your comment. It’s actually a HTML5 game which can be exported to Android and iOS via Cocoon.IO. You can also export it with Construct 2 to HTML5 / Desktop. But in this case the Ads and InApp features will not work.

I actually thought about to publish it in the mobile section, but it’s not an actual native android or iOS app. So I thought the HTML5 game section matches better.

I’ll upload a HTML5 demo as well :)

Regards Andy

Hi again :) here is the HTML5 demo https://goo.gl/ysiu6f

Let me know if you are facing some issues with it or if you have any further questions :)

I’m thinking of buying this one, I really like it. But is there anyway to export it to Android and iOS without having to buy the Personal license of Construct 2? Thanks.

Hi, sadly no. You need this kind of license in order to open and export the game project to Cordova.

Regards Andy

Hi) The game is cool but the button does not work, “go to menu” and “Restart” in the game on mobile device.

and I do not see how to configure the login to google play. Thx for help.

Hi, I just checked all demos and the Restart and Back button worked on all of them. If the issue still appears on your and, please send me a mail here https://codecanyon.net/user/black_op#contact

Please add screenshots and a failure description (maybe even a way to reproduce the issue on my end).

I’ll check it then again on my end.

Thank you!


Sorry frend, i dont install plugin cordova-dialog and play service:(

Don’t worry ;) Let me know if you have any further questions or issues. I’m glad to support you!

Regards Andy

Nice work bro! ; -)

Thank you my friend :)

Excellent support, even very, very cool application and recommend it to everybody

Thank you!

This is an excellent game, I love all your games, all are of excellent quality. can buy without fear, Black_op is an excellent developer, I have a couple of his games and he is always providing support. unfortunately the conversion of my currency to the dollar is too loud, so I can not buy now. but I recommend all Black_op games.

Thank you so much for your feedback! It’s highly appreciated!