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Hi, its an android studio project and it’s need reskin ???

Yes I provide that.

Where are PSD files ???

PSD is not included in source code because of some restrictions. My skype is codebhak Message me I will provide.

My questions are the same as Usalitanus can you answer them please

I have answered

Nice work mate . good luck

Thank You

can i have you’re skype ?


Thank you.. Waiting for you to buy it.

This is a pure android code ? no need other framework like Unity or Libgdx ?

this is pure native android code

Hi, I have a question, you give me the android studio projects? and its posible integrated your project in my project app. thanks

Can you explain your requirements?

ok, I have an android application in android studio and i want to put the game in my app, not call other app. thanks

hi, is-it possible to add puzzle theme ? (more than 3) ? is-it explained in the user guide ? thank you


ok, and about Admob, is-it banner ? interstial ? both ?



dahump Purchased

hey thanks 4 the nice source code. Can u give me a instruction to add a Background music? Mail info@dahump.media thx

my skype is codebhak contact me

how i can disable admob?

just remove that string from strings.xml

i did it, but now the app cant build

My skype is codebhak. Contact me.

Hi, can you please provide the psd for the files of the kind “LEVEL_theme_star_ID.png”

My skype id is codebhak Contact me there

Great ideal…Good job


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Hello! I’ve received this error on Android Studio, any ideas on how to solve it? Thank you! Error:Failed to find target with hash string ‘android-23’ in: C:\Users\alexh\AppData\Local\Android\Sdk

Hi Codebhak! May I have the app demo please? Thanks

I need to contact the author !

I have purchased your game in codecanyon, Plese can you give me PSD files, I have sent you an msg in skype my skype is Nezarwalid

Hi, the link demo it’s not active: https://www.dropbox.com/s/iz9hu4e75p8l525/app-release.apk?dl=0 , I could watch a demo, please.

Hii can you help me