Discussion on Popup Plugin for WordPress & Popup Editor - Master Popups for Email Subscription

Discussion on Popup Plugin for WordPress & Popup Editor - Master Popups for Email Subscription

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machine11 Purchased

Hey there, i just purchased this—works very well. By the way, your site has a lot of errors…. It wont help sales… lol

Do you think youll have an integration for high level eventually. It’s used a lot more than many of the ones you integrated… lol

Is there a way to use webhooks or some other way to get information into a crm you dont support yet? thank you


Some CRMs have an HTML form which you can insert into the Popup.

It is the only way to use it with services that do not yet have integration with our plugin.


VGAMERO Purchased

Hello, I am creating new pop ups and images are not showing when i save the work. Can you you help please? I have just bought the plugin and connected with Mautic but not working.


We will review the problem. Please send your wp-admin credentials to our email.

gdaq Purchased

Do you have in your popup: 1. statistics, 2. A/B tests, 3. HTML-form integration, 4. setting where the popup is to be displayed?

gdaq Purchased

Ad 3. Ok, but then the prepared template disappears completely :(

I want to prepare a popup using your plugin, and the data will go to the e-mail system with which you do not have integration.

I did not imagine this situation. I am sorry.

Template designs only work when you use a service that you have previously integrated. Because form fields are synced with service fields via API.

And if you use the html embed option then it is no longer possible to design a popup using the visual mode since the form is already provided to you by the service through its html code.

gdaq Purchased

:) In the plugin competing with Envato I added html code, it chose the necessary fields, such as: Action url, method, fields and the form kept its appearance. So it is possible.

Hi, there is a php error warning for your plugin: “Undefined array key 0”

wp-content/plugins/master-popups/includes/class-master-popups.php:218 MasterPopups->get_post_type_args() wp-content/plugins/master-popups/includes/class-master-popups.php:295 MasterPopups->create_post_type_popups() wp-content/plugins/master-popups/includes/class-master-popups.php:269 MasterPopups->create_post_types() wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php:307 do_action(‘init’) wp-settings.php:598


I solved the problem. Please download the update from here:

I’ve added a “/wp-admin/” condition to the “Not show in URLs” box; however, the popup keeps appearing when editing pages, posts, etc…

How do I prevent the popups from appearing when working with Elementor pages? This gets extremely frustrating!


That doesn’t work because the Elementor edit pages are inside an Iframe, whose URL is something like “”.

The only way to hide the popup while you are editing a page is to disable this option.

Hi, I am having nothing but trouble trying to get this plugin to work with Mailster. In General Settings I click on the ‘Integrate’ button for Mailster and it creates an integrated service called ‘Group Item# 1’ which I am unable to rename. I click on the ‘Connect Service’ button and it successfully connects and I enter ‘1’ for list ID in the custom fields section and it successfully finds all of the fields for the Mailster service. I then click on the ‘Save Changes’ button and notice that the ‘Integrate’ button for Mailster is showing again, but it is still showing that it is connected. Now I go to ‘New List’ and create a list. I select ‘Group Item# 1’ and hit the ‘Update’ button. So far so good. Now I click on the ‘Get Lists’ button and I get ‘Service not supported’. I try entering ‘1’ for the list ID and hit the ‘Update’ button. Although, I don’t get any errors, I am also not seeing any subscribers. I decided to try to test out my popup, and when I submit it I get the message ‘This action cannot be performed. “Audience List” is empty or has been deleted.’ I don’t know what else I can do to get it to work. Please help!

It’s still not working. The number of subscribers is still showing zero, when it should be one (me). I created a popup and I am getting the message ‘This action cannot be performed. “Audience List” is empty or has been deleted.’


I just realized that you haven’t assigned the list to the Popup. It is mandatory to do so.

Please read the guide:

Thank you so much! That solved the issue! It’s my fault for not reading the guide…

Although everything seems to be setup correctly, my popup will show on any page I load and does not remain “silent” for the time set by cookie. It is really annoying even if I close it several times it will always show up again.


Provide your website URL to review the problem.

yes, but not in public…Give me your email address


papet33 Purchased

Hello, I don’t understand how the repetition of the notification works? I installed the adon, but I don’t have to do what it takes that doesn’t work


You must add the word random between braces. {random}, this way the content will change every time the popup is shown. Random phrases are added here:

And finally the “Repeat Notification” option is to show the popup from time to time.

papet33 Purchased

Okay, great I try this and I come back to you if I need more help

Hello. I have one presale question: is it possible for popups to appear for all WooCommerce JS events? -> and not only “added_to_cart event”? Thanks in advance for your reply.

Great! Thanks a lot! I will be purchasing the plugin in the upcoming week. Thank you.

Hello again, Sorry for the hassle, but I need to ask two more questions:

1. Do you it is possible to show popups for WooCommerce notices (not only JS events) as well?

2. Few days ago you answered my question:

“Yes. You just need to add the MasterPopups code in any WOOC event.


jQuery(document).ready(function ($) { $(‘body’).on(‘added_to_cart’, function () { var popup_id = 123;; }); }); “

Does this mean I would have to do some work – outside of the plugin – for instance change codes within WooCommerce plugin? Or changes would have to be made only within your plugin settings?

If you could help me out woth these two last questions that would be much appreciated. Thank you!

Hi. Sorry for my importunity. If you could only get back to me fo these two last qeustions that would be great. Thank you! Kind regards.

Why there is showing line between countdown section ? please check this screenshot and let us know if we can remove it –

I don’t know why that appears. Please provide your website URL for review.


after upgrading to your newest plugin version 3.8.5 combined with wp 6.0.2 our two master-popups with button for downloading a pdf file (Actions, Redirect to URL, Enter URL is filles out with a working URL, Target: New Window) doesn’t work.

Can you confirm that issue?

br, newbie2004

Please provide your website URL for review.

Hello Sir,

Why it looks like this i am not able to edit or use this plugin please check this screenshot –

We deactivated all the plugins and themes as well as cache but still the same issue

Can you guide me please where to solve this issue



It seems to be a css styling issue. In order to solve it I need to access the administration area.

Please send your wp-admin credentials to our email.

So, this is a wordpress script,,, but can the popup created displayed/ embed on non wordpress site?

No, it’s not possible.

abbiamo un sito con dei video che partono in automatico se clicchiamo da desktop funziona da iphone invece non parte in automatico è un settaggio dell’iphone? provato anche su altri cellulari iphone android parte in automatico —- we have a site with videos that start automatically if we click from desktop it works from iphone instead it does not start automatically is it an iphone setting? also tried on other iphone phones .. on android it starts automatically


Autoplay on mobile devices depends on the user’s device settings.

Hi, Can you add as email validator?

or ?

Hi. There are already several email validators.

MX Record

Hi, I added a popup and it’s set to show on all pages and close and not show after closing (via session cookie). but for some reason when clicking on a link within the popup (set to close popup in the action settings) that redirects to a different page, the popup shows up on said page. It shouldn’t. Hope you can help with this. I can send login credentials of course.

Hi. The cookie is not added because the links are redirecting to the other page.

What you should do is the following:

1. Separate each language button (NL, FR) into a Text element.

2. Select redirect URL in the next option. (Activate Close Popup)

Do the same for the other button.

yes, I’ve done this with the same result. The popup keeps popping up on the other page..

Please send your wp-admin credentials to our email.

Add sendiio mail services

zataraa Purchased

hello. I want to install the plugin on another page. but I don’t know what page my old partner previously activated it on. Is there any way to override it and activate it on my new page?

zataraa Purchased


zataraa Purchased

yes ok, is that when you click the “validate purchase” button it does nothing. I already tried in several browsers, even in tor

We will review the problem. Please send your wp-admin credentials to our email.

Purchase Code: 6342db39-15e9-4bbb-a95b-40ba3f3d9168


I bought today this plugin – in the hope I can do what I like to do…

I like to have a slide-in popup – slide in from the left side. And when closing, it should show a bar as You have in Your examples:

But I get the following issues:

- It’s not open again when I clicked it away (I would like that it’s showing all the times) - I am not sure how I can add this additional bar… and where to change the text on the bar.



Hi. Follow these steps:

Step 1:

Install our free “Sticky Popups” extension:

Step 2:
Select the position “Lower Right”:

Step 3:
Activate the “Sticky” control:


I have a problem when activating wp rocket,

pop up don’t appear


I sent you a message to your email.


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