Master UI

Master UI

Master UI- Tested Native Android Screen Templates with more than 30 categories

With more than 30 categories of screens and with most Complex UI screens created you won’t have to design another Android screen again. Master UI is your go-to Native Android Template for all your App designing needs. Just download and import the screens in Android Studio for your use and save your Time.

Features of the app :

  • User Registration and Login Screen
  • Buttons
  • Bottom Sheet
  • Form
  • Dialogs
  • Verification No
  • No Item Page
  • Seekbar and Pull Refresh
  • Snackbar and Toast
  • Card
  • Tab View
  • Shop (E-commerce)
  • Grid
  • Steppers
  • Dashboard

Believable reasons that make it necessary pick for every Android Developer :

  • No need to begin from scratch, all elements already covered for your convenience
  • Save your designing time and expenses
  • Ready to use designs and graphics which you can customize according to your requirement
  • User friendly and easy to use