Discussion on Master Slider jQuery Slider Plugin

Discussion on Master Slider jQuery Slider Plugin

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averta does not currently provide support for this item.

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webosk Purchased

Hi! do you think to add “Post Slider” feature in jquery version?Thanks

Hi, I am afraid not

If you need GPL version of this file free of cost then email me at

I need to show differents slides depends on day of the week. Do you know how can i do it? Thanks!

Hi, I am sorry but it needs some development which we cannot help you doing that.


You say the visual editor has been removed in comments but your image header at top of main product says otherwise. Which way is it, not included or included?

Hi you are right we are going to edit the image , and yes it has been removed

El visual editor no está en este plugin. Solicito la devolución del dinero. Mi cuenta de email es y he pagado por Paypal.

Hi, Please speak English

The visual editor is not in this plugin. I request the return of the money. My email account is and I paid by Paypal.

Hi, The visual Editor is no longer avaiable, May I ask you from where you thought there is still visual Editor, since we have removed that from our presentation as well

Help me! Cannot open MasterSlider panel. Maybe bacause upgraded wordpress?

Hi, Please submit a ticket on our help center, we will help you there

Submit a Ticket

Hello Team,

I have purchased the jQuery extension for the “Sample 3D Flow Carousel” script but when I downloaded the script there was a carousel3d script which is not having the thumbnails and info section below the main slider which is displaying on the website link ( And we need to use the entire section ie main slider, thumbnails and info but it is not present in script.

Let me know how can I use that from script?? Needed ASAP.

in lightbox slider can I put width:100% var slider = new MasterSlider();

slider.control('thumblist' , {autohide:false ,dir:'h',align:'bottom', width:130, height:85, margin:5, space:5 , hideUnder:400});
slider.setup('masterslider' , {

We have purchase this jquery script, we know how workj jquery , no problem on this but we not found where is the visual editor in your script. If we have purchase this script it’s only because you purpose this. How t activate it. Thank you for you. quick answer

message sent two days later here + support and ano answer.

I do not receive the file in my purchased package. Please answer my ticket immediately

Hi! I would like to know if it is possible to activate a “Focus and Fade” transition. Thanks!

Hello, I created a support ticket at the support website 5 days ago, no reply so far, please advise. Thanks.

Dear Danielsami, I am afraid to say we do not provide support for Master Slider jQuery version and users need to know how to use a jQuery version when they buy it. That is why it took time for you to get reply. By the way we try to reply your ticket this week.


Hello, thank you for your reply. When purchasing Master Slider jQuery version, I paid for support, and right now on top of this same page I can see:


Hurry, 8 days left!

Last chance to save $3.75, get an extra 6 months support now.” and there is big a green button that reads “Extend now and save!”.

Also, today I received and email from Envato that says:

“Hi danielsami, Did you know that the support period for the item below is expiring in the next couple of weeks?

Having valid support gives you peace of mind by ensuring the author you purchased from is available if you have any questions or issues with your ThemeForest/CodeCanyon item. By extending support for the below item before they expire, you’ll save $3.75 off the regular support price. Master Slider jQuery Slider Plugin Master Slider jQuery Slider Plugin Price will increase to $13.13 from 13 Oct 2021 Extend support for $9.38 Want to know more? You can find more information on Item Support by watching the video, reading the support policy and visiting the help center. As a reminder, all future updates made by the author will be available to you free of charge.

Thanks, The Envato Team”

To me that clearly says that support is paid for and given to Master Slider jQuery version.

I can also show you several emails of a customer service ticket between me and Levi and Maria from Envato Customer support that read, among other sentences and I’m quoting:

“I already escalated this matter to the upper management because just like what you mentioned, you have a long-standing with Envato and we don’t want to see you suffer just to get support from the author.

The last email that we received from the author is that they mentioned that they already reached out to you.”.

So, how is it that you don’t offer support for the plugin? Please advise.


Dear Daniel, we replied to your ticket please have a look and follow there. I am sorry but we have forgotten to uncheck the support option for jQuery version. andin return since your support expired already we extend your support for 2 more months as well.


Hi, I’ve submitted a ticket 14 days ago on your customer service. Can you answer please? Thanks

Has anyone managed to get item support recently? Logged a ticket through their official system 4 days ago and haven’t received any response??

Can I add tags “a” to images? I need to use the template “Staff Carousel”

Hi, how can I set a height responsively for when it is accessed via mobile? I am currently using it as a fullwidth layout (the height is getting small, around 100px). Was that possible? Thank’s

Hello, a question about startup, is it possible to use more than one slider on a page? If so, how would you do that? today the instance is made for an ID

Visual editor isnt working!! wt?


Will your script work on a certain section of a client website using the CSS & JavaScript Toolbox WordPress plugin please? This plugin uses an invert feature that I need to use for your script. I believe it should be easy enough to do.

Merci, Kym

Hi. I purchased this plugin exclusively because of the visual editor, which was advertised but later found to be discontinued. I opened a support ticket on Averta 15 days ago about a refund – was hoping you could address it. Thank you.


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