Master Modal LogIn PopUp

Master Modal LogIn PopUp

If you want your users, members and admins login to your site with professionally looking fully customizable and responsive modal pop-up with login form accessible from anywhere on your site and skip all those standard wordpress pages (like wp-login) this plugin is for you.


  • Unlimited Back-End Editable PopUp Templates
  • Mobile ready, 100% responsive
  • Trigger by Button or Menu
  • Brute-Force SignIn/SignUp Protection
  • Single Form to Login and Register
  • Standard Login/Register multiform
  • Image background
  • Redirect on Signup, LogIn, LogOut
  • Ability to disable standard wp-login page
  • Custom Welcome eMail Template with Password
  • Simple one column or multi-column PopUp canvas
  • Video on PopUp Supported
  • Custom and 3rd party shortcodes supported
  • Visual Composer supported
  • Any Language Ready

For some reasons we have to discontinue support for oAuth services such as Facebook. Please note that Facebook SDK has been removed from this product. Google oAuth may still work but we won’t be able to provide any support on it. It is still possible to integrate this plugin with most oAuth services out there including Facebook. Most of them has their own plugins please consider to use their respective plugins to extend functionality of this product. Sorry for possible inconvenience and thank you for understanding.

MasterModalLogin will make you site stand out. It can be used on any WordPress site and compatible with (but not required) WooCommerce, BuddyPress and Bbpress. Fully mobile responsive MasterModalLogin is not limited to this particular look, PopUp template can be easily modified or new templates added. MasterModalLogin comes with possibility to create and import unlimited number of different templates for your login PopUp form with different number of columns and elements like images, lists, videos, custom forms, etc.

MasterModalLogin is all-in-one solution to all your login customization, you will never need any other! You can add to your modal login videos, lists, custom forms with ease! MasterModalLogin also synchronized with MailChimp auto-responder.

MasterModalLogin can be triggered by custom button or menu item anywhere on your site, it could be a single page or header, footer, etc..


Version 0.2.0, released Sep 19, 2018

added - remote templates demo content one button upload
removed - oAuth native support for Facebook
updated - code structure
updated - MailChimp API to 3.x+
fixed - few minor bugs
updated - documentation

Version 0.1.9, released Aug 19, 2017

fixed - code structure
fixed - few minor bugs
updated - documentation

Version 0.1.8, released Jul 12, 2016:

fixed - logout issue with blocked wp-login page
fixed - 100% width and top margin removed on mobile devices
fixed - remove all javascripts for logged-in users to prevent errors
fixed - few minor bugs
updated - documentation

Version 0.1.7, released 23/MAY/2016:

updated - menu click functionality
fixed - few minor bugs

Version 0.1.6, released 03/MAY/2016:

. added - mobile background to templates
. added - pop-up width in % to templates
. removed - group and rearrange some menu and templates options
. added - optional user/username attribute/field in qtsignacc shortcode
. added - optional password attribute/field in qtsignacc shortcode
. fixed - IE PopUp container centering.
. added - button text and background color options
. added - messages options added
. fixed - signup error message
. added - buddypress advanced option
. added - Frame option (video,login form) - color and opacity
. added - Logo alignment
. added - SignIn dynamic button, Login/LogOut button
. fixed - menu click custom links
. fixed - few minor bugs

Version 0.1.3, released 23/MAR/2016:

. added - Example Templates code
. added - SignIn dynamic button, Login/LogOut button
. added - Shortcode for separated Login and Signup forms [qtsignacc]
. fixed - Logo alignment on some themes
. fixed - Menu click custom links
. updated - Documentation
. fixed - few minor bugs

Version 0.1.1, released 01/MAR/2016:

Initial Release