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Great plugin! One question: when I’m using facebook login, it just redirects back to the homepage after authentication, but the user is not logged in. Facbook developer console gives the following message: “Client OAuth login is enabled but you haven’t listed any valid OAuth redirect URIs. Click here for more information.”

What should I put in the facebook app settings as the OAuth redirect URI? I didn’t see anything about that in the documentation, it just said I need app ID and secret token.

UPDATE: I found the redirect URI in the address bar in facebook when it was giving that error, like https://mydomain.com/&scope=email,public_profile so now I don’t get that error anymore, but it’s just going back to the homepage but the user is not logged in. So it’s not working to log users in. Any ideas? My client is freaking out about this.

Hi, we have this working on mobile browsers, however, the pop-up doesn’t appear on desktop browsers. We have tried firefox, IE, chrome and safari. (working on mobile versions of chrome and safari.) Please Help!

Hi, I left a comment about the facebook login just returning the user to the homepage but not logging them in. Any idea what could cause that? I’m running this on a live site and my client is freaking out. I’d love to get some help please.

Thank you!

Does this plugin work with multi sites and multi site registration forums? I want to add and remove fields from wp-signup.php


Question before purchase

How to Add Login and Logout Links to WordPress Menu? Like the plugin here https://fr.wordpress.org/plugins/baw-login-logout-menu/

Thank you

Hello sir, Is there any time trigger, that login popups after visitor spend X time on page?


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This is an abandoned plugin or what?. No updates in over a year. Might be the right time to delete it and count my loses.


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hello, how can i add Usernameor to the sign-up form ? The users can post comments and it’s important to have the email and the username in users accounts.

Thank you for you reply.