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LIMS Purchased

I bought this plugin a few days ago and then I installed according to instructions and now is working but facebook login not work.I entered the code correctly as the app ID and Secret. I need help setting login facebook and google. post your email address so I can send account information wp-admin

Hello, Facebook require proper 3rd party application setup (in the facebook dev itself), if your application setup incorrectly it won’t work. You are welcome to contact us directly through contact form on our profile page for direct assistance. Thanks!


wildme Purchased

Hi I keep having duplicate Placeholder Text on the popup and I try just adding email only no password and click signup it accept it and could not have access to the membership page.


wildme Purchased

Pop up don’t work on main menu only work on footer menu

Hello, there’s an option in the plugin menu that allowed menu place selection. Please select different menu location and assign plugin menu to it. Thanks!

Pre-Sales Questions!!

1-Can this plugin use the BuddyPress registration page when click on “Register”? 2-Is it possible to customize the registration form (buddypress), and re-arrange fields? 3-I’m using SuperSocializer plugin (for FB and G+) and I need to keep using it. Is it possible to insert SuperSocializer buttons on your login form? 4-Does it support WPML sites?

Thanks in advance!!

Hello, 1 – no, but this plugin is fully compatible with buddypress. I’d suggest to go with regular popup signup form and use something like “complete your profile” plugin after initial signup. 2 – yes, if needed, you can customize the form, you can also use any HTML form on popup template. You may need to do some tweaking to make it all work properly. 3 – if those plugins provide shortcodes to be used then yes, you can use any shortcode on popup template same way as it can be used on any page. 4 – no, but all text/fields can be translated in plugin options. We are currently working to make it WPML compatible for multi-lingual sites. Thanks!


I want each user register on my blog will be tracked by a generated code that your script generate once the user register. in fact in need that to know the all activity history of each user in a particular period of time, I need really to know what are the items that user clicked, what are the items the user downloaded in his computer, ....etc, does your script assist me in that purpose ?

Hello, not at the moment. We are working on adding statistics feature like user(s) activity graph etc.. Thanks!

Hello, What is the difference between Master Modal PopUp LogIn and Reforce – User Registration Pop-Up? Cordially.

Hello, it’s two different plugins served different needs. Master Modal is custom login popup designed to be used with the menu click event to customize and brand website login and other user collaborations. Reforce is another plugin that main purpose is to convert visitors to subscribers, it has timer event and can lock the site preventing users from browsing it further until they login or signup. Hope it helps. Thanks!


AKNord Purchased

Hey! Great plugin. I have a some questions for you. doesn’t it come with pre-installed templates? And if not? Can you give me the proper code to put in the template so i get an proper logo, FB login button, standard login textbox, register button. Just like it looks on the demo. You can have a look at mine right now, its all strange looking . And i dont get the popup window right in desktop mode, also strange looking. The registration doesn’t work. Hope you can help me. Http://Cruisingsverige.se

Hello, yes, there’s 3 pre-created templates included, they not pre-installed though but codes is in documentation. There’s also .xls file with all 3 templates that can be imported included with the plugin, it’s located within plugin directory, please take a look inside the plugin folder. You may need to adjust some plugin settings to achieve look & feel you want. Thanks!


Do you have more detailed instructions for connecting with both facebook and google?

I am struggling to get the right google app ID etc.

Thanks Rob

Hi Rob, yes we are working on creating a guide, it will be added to the documentation. I’ll send you a copy when it’s ready. Thanks!


orjense Purchased

Hello, does this plugin work with woocommerce? I’m using woocommerce with BuddyBoss Theme

Hello, yes Master Modal is well tested and works well with WooCommerce. Please note that it may change some redirects after sign up and/or login. Thanks!


orjense Purchased

Sent email to you with few additional questions. Looking forward to your response.

Many thanks, Hawkins

Hi Hawkins, please check you inbox. Thanks!


roie1 Purchased

Hi, Just installed the plugin and I have some provblems: Facebook login is not working. I tested the facebook App by using different facebook login plugin and the App I created looks OK. Second issue is using it with Woocommerce. How can I use the plugin at the checkout page? Thank you very much!

Hi, As of checkout page, it should be simple, just use options to select desired pages where popup should appear. Please note that popup works for visitors only, it won’t pop for logged in users. As of Facebook, it looks like this issue(s) is specific to your site/installation, maybe there’s some conflicts with other plugins that uses opengraph API or somthing. Please contact us via contact form on our profile page. Thanks!


Teoon Purchased

Hi, I need help for the Master Modal LogIn PopUp.

Is working good on Windows but for Ipad and Android is not working becuase of http://www.teoon.com/# . Can you please help me for URL ?



Hi Eddie, it’s confirmed, issue with the off-canvas menu on mobile devices. We are working on it will be fixed ASAP. Thanks!


roie1 Purchased

Hi, Is it possible to use [qtsign] without the sign up option? THX

Hi, sure, just disable signup in blog options. Hope it helps. Thanks!


orjense Purchased

Hello, Any possible way to replace the video with a a static banner with link to a page?

Also, is it possible to link the logos to a page or external links.

Thanks, Hawkins

Hello Hawkins, Yes, please go to the PopUp Template, open active template and edit it, you can replace video with the list or anything else you want. Please read documentation on how to apply list shortcode and in generally on how to edit templates. You can also use plain HTML on templates so there’s no limitations on how your popup will look, it’s fully customizable.Standard popup logos can not be linked right now, link feature will be added in the next version but again, now it can be simply replaced with the HTML code that have logos and links. Thanks!


orjense Purchased

Thank you very much and looking forward to the next upgrade.


Clambug Purchased

Does this plugin have the option to make the menu item a button style?

Hello, Yes. Thanks!


orjense Purchased

Hello, I have a post Purchase Question;

Is there any special reasons why I purchased your plugin, completed payment for customization, and the customization is done but not working on Internet Explorer (IE) and the issue CAN’T BE FIX FOR ALMOST TWO WEEKS and still waiting?

Can I launch a website that users can’t use from IE when membership registration is through Master Modal LogIn PopUp is the heart and soul of the website?

Let me know if this is going to be resolved and resolved ASAP.

As always, Thanks for your help

Hello, We have informed our developers, your issue will be taken care of ASAP. Unfortunately all tasks has to be scheduled as we have to deal with huge requests volume especially this month. We apologize for delay and inconvenience caused. Regards

Hi Can you help me please, i am trying to achieve a basic login template like so http://prnt.sc/dtw9k1

Unfortunately i keep getting large gaps etc when attempting this. Im using the Avada theme.

Any help would be massively appreciated.


Hi Rob, not at the moment but it can be relatively easily integrated if you have basic php knowledge. Please note that Master Modal plugin have some other means to prevent brute-force attacks. Hope it helps. Thanks!

Ok, thank you very much for your help, i have sent you a support ticket regarding the issue above.

Hi Rob, we have NOT receive any tickets from you. if you want to contact us directly please use a contact form on our profile or you can also send us direct email. Thanks!

Hi I left a support email with you last week, any chance of a reply? Thanks

Hello, we have answered your question 8 days ago. We have NOT receive any emains from you. if you want to contact us directly please use a contact form on our profile or you can also send us direct email. Thanks!


Second Ticket sent January 23rd 13:47 GMT

Hello, please check your inbox. Thanks!


Clambug Purchased

Much Appreciated

Hello I have one question regarding the master-modal-login-popup. Is forget password option included in this plugin?

Br, Tuomo

Hello Tuomo, yes it does. Thanks!