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I like the look of this plugin. The only question I have is: I need to create 3 different types of FAQs on my website. Can I create more then 1 faq item using the plugin?

Where can I geta shortcode for each FAQ list I create? Can I use each code on different pages? Thx!

Oh, I found the shortcodes screenshot on the Preview section of the codecanyon’s plugin page. Thank you! )

katerobeer, glad you’ve found the short code. You can use generated short code on any WP page you created. Just copy them from the Master FAQ Categories section and add to every page you want them to be displayed.

Hi. I have presale question. I need a FAQ plgin that I can use with the Bridge theme (available on ThemeForest). Does you plugin support that theme? Thanks!

Hi paulglori99. Thank you for your question!

We didn’t test Master FAQ for compatibility with all themes available on the ThemeForest, including the one you mentioned.

However, I don’t see a reason why our solution should not work with that theme. The theme uses WordPress codex and should be compatible with our product.

If you will have any issues with that, do not hesitate to contact us. We will pay special attention to that!

Thank you!

Thank you for your quick reply!

Perfect for what I needed, very easy to use. Great job 77projects…Good Luck with sales!!!

Hi webguyny! Thank you for purchasing and your feedback!

Hi, I really like the plugin and all the skins. Blocks skin is my favorite, though.

It would be great if you could add more skins.

Hi khaskar, thank you your feedback! We plan to add more skins in our next releases. We will notify you as soon as new skins will be added.

Dear 77Projects, This is a cool plugin, I see that you mention that it is support Woocommerce, Does it let me add FAQ in the product edit page and it will display it as a an additional tab? We have around 300 products, will be nice if we can create a FAQ per each product

Hi nachumi_e! Thank you for your question. You can create questions/answers list for each product, but all the list will be available on plugin’s admin section. In other words you will need to create all the questions together, divide them by products using categories and then you can easily copy a shortcode for each category and place it in a product’s admin page. Hope this help! Feel free to reply if you have any other questions or need more detailed reply.

Hi nachumi_e. We are happy to let you know we are currently working on new release that will include more detailed WooCommerce integration. The release will be available in July, 2016. Thank you for your comments. They help us to develop the most featured FAQ plugin in the world!

hi guys ,

i did both the faqs plugins but i dont know how to use it please send me any vedio how to intergrate it in my wordpress website into a page

With the best regards


i need to know how to use it in my dashboard and use it as page

i did install it

Larsen, thank you for your quick replies.

To create Q/A: Go to the Master FAQ menu item in the left sidebar of your WordPress admin panel. Then click to Add New menu item.

In the Add New Post form type your question and and answer and click to the Publish button.

If you want to sort FAQ items by category, then select an appropriate category and click to the Publish button.

How to display Q/A on a page: If you want to show all your FAQ items on your website, simply add the following shortcode to the page editor of your WordPress admin panel: [master_faq]

You can also show FAQ items by category. To get a shortcode of categories you created, go to Master FAQ > Master FAQ Categories.

Let me know if you have any questions. I am here to help.

Hi, nice plugin but it shows only 10 A/Q at frontpage although there are 15 entries in backend (all have same categories). I use Enfold theme. http://steuer-deine-zukunft.de/faq/

Best regards Giso Siebert

Hi mdfbrandenburg! Thank you for purchasing the plugin and thank you for your comment. The plugin uses global WordPress settings for displaying number of posts items that could be set/changed at WordPress Admin Panel > Settings > Reading. Change the value of the following item “Blog pages show at most”. Please not that this will change the number of posts to be displayed EVERYWHERE on your website.

Just let us know if you want to change the number of displayed items for the plugin only without changing global settings. We will make a special update for you today.

Thank you. What a simple solution. I don’t need a special update, because I don’t use normal blog but only pages on my site.

That’s great! Feel free to contact us. We are here to help! And please don’t forget to leave your feedback here on Codecanyon :)

Hi guys, I just purchased your plugin – it is awesome. I have few questions:

1. is it possible to have a particular toggle open by default?

Also, trying to achieve a minimal look with no background colour at all (white only) and no borders, have a separator between toggles + title aligned to the left and icon to the right. I can achieve 99% of this by using the bordered or clear setups, but each of them has a missing point:

A) if using the “bordered” setting, can I have a separator in between the toggles (same as in the clear section)?


B. if using the “clear” option, can I have the icon aligned to the right?

thanks :)

Hi guys, please see here: http://bit.ly/2bkyMAd

micheal_w, we’ve reviewed the link and happy to provide you with a solution:

Add the following code:

.faq77_list_item-theme1 + .faq77_list_item-theme1 { border-top: 1px solid #e8e8e8 !important; }

to any *.css file or to the following one: http://lifewearau.wpengine.com/wp-content/plugins/master-faq/css/faq77.css?ver=1.0.0

Please let me know if you have any questions! We are here to help!

Works great, thank you!

I’m looking for a FAQ plugin with a feature that obviously does not exist on all of these top Pro FAQ plugins: The possibility to comment on FAQs like to comment on posts – simply to allow a discussion about a FAQ. I only found one FREE FAQ plugin that has it, but that does not have all the Pro features. Did really none of all these Pro FAQ programmer think on such a simple comment feature that every WordPress post and page has?

Hi Karl42. Thank you for your comment. We’ve never had requests to add comments functionality. We’ve added it to our backlog after your request. In case we have more such requests in the future, we will add it to one of our releases. Thank you!

Hi Guys,
just found an issue on my site:

Few items are misplaced on wide monitors:
Although in the admin they look okay:
Narrower screens are okay:

See it here: http://bit.ly/2fF0CZ3
Any recommendation what to do?

Hi micheal_w. Thank you for your comment. Letting you know we are review the issue. I will get back to you with update soon.

micheal_w, We’ve reviewed the issue. It was an issue of the theme you used, but anyway here is a solution:

Add the code below to custom CSS section of your theme. In case you have no such section, you can add it to /wp-content/themes/uplift-child/style.css

.faq77_list_content p { float: none !important; }

st1s thank you!

it only shows 10 questions (see: http://www.bestevirusscanners.nl/veel-gestelde-vragen/) where can I make adjustments, it says “Highly-custmizable”, where are the permalinks?

Hi ithacamarketing!

Replied you in another thread. Thank you!

No answer for 2 months?

Hi ithacamarketing!

Don’t know how that happened, but we never got email notification from envato that new comment has been added.

Our plugin uses the number of posts per page that is set globally on your WordPress setting at Settings > Reading > “Blog pages show at most” Please see this screenshot http://take.ms/Kv06w

Let me know if you have any comments.

We usually answer during 1 business day, but for some reason haven’t received any notifications about your comment. That’s why we didn’t reply you immediately.

We would like to compensate you 100% of the Plugin’s price, because of answer delay. Please let us know your Paypal ID.

Pre-sales question: Does your FAQ Manager have search capability so visitors can constrain a search to only the FAQ knowledge base (and not the whole site)?

Hi dynamicmonitors. No, the Plugin doesn’t have search option.

For the price: not a bad plugin. Seems to be a bit outdated now with the latest WordPress?

Hi hobbesjaap. Thank you your order!

I’ve just purchased this plugin. After fiddling with the CSS for a bit (your themes don’t seem to load properly in WordPress 4.9.1), I’ve got it looking OK. The only problem is that the FAQ answers are running off the screen. Could you please point me in the right direction on which part of your plugin I should modify to make that happen?

Thanks in advance!

Hi hobbesjaap. Could you please send us the link to the website you added the plugin to? We need to review it to provide with detailed instruction

Hi! Thanks for your quick reply. My website is currently in maintenance-mode (I don’t want it to go live yet).

I think the issue is with my theme. It’s a fixed-width theme so I’ve had to add some custom CSS to my theme file to make it work correctly with the FAQ.

This is the CSS I added:

.faq77_list { width:100%; white-space: pre-line; overflow: auto; }

It seems to have fixed the problem!

Hi hobbesjaap! Glad you have fixed the issue. Feel free to contact us if you need anything else

Demo does not work

Krammig thank you for letting know about that. Working on the issue.