Master eCommerce App - Android app with admin panel

Master eCommerce App - Android app with admin panel

Android side:

Master eCommerce App is an all-in-one eCommerce app created to help developers and businesses go live with their App in no time. Includes all the features that you’d need in your ecommerce application. Used by many businesses successfully that are live with their inventory.

You can use this Application for One time buy as well for Subscription based buying.

One time buy is basically a Model in which Product item(s) that Customer buys and that’s the end of his user cycle. He could come on the App and buy more products in the next session.

Subscription-based buy is based on daily buying Product items like Milk, Tea, Eggs, and Newspapers etc.; wherein the order for specific Product is given once with time duration and then the Product is delivered to the Customer accordingly.

List of features:
  • App made as Native Android
  • Android Studio Build
  • Login
  • Registration
  • Change password
  • Forgot password
  • View category wise products
  • Add to cart
  • My Wish list
  • Order products
  • Subscription management
  • My profile settings
  • View order history
  • Manage orders
  • Pick location from map
  • Checkout & Pay
  • Easy to customize
  • Responsive UI
Admin Side

Created on PHP MVC Framework- Codeigniter that is robust to handle multiple and concurrent users at once.

Synced with Offline (Physical store) as well as Online users (from App); this is a One-stop shop for you to kickstart with your business.

It’s easy to customize, You can use it as any type of stores like Fashion, Electronics, Grocery and Restaurant. You can customize any page as per your needs. It follows all the standards to fulfil customer’s requirements.

Admin can make changes to the banner on Application so you can give a fresh look to the App as frequently as you want by changing the banner. You can show offer banner images as well on the section.

Admin can create his own Categories, Sub Categories and Add products accordingly under each of them. Subscription-based model can be created while creating a category.

Orders received from the App are seen at the backend and to fulfil them Admin can assign a delivery boy.

Delivery boy masters is provided in the backend panel with their relevant documents so that you can record them on your server and no need to save their document files offline.

Admin can also generate Offline orders for the Customer who buys from the Physical Store.

List of features of admin panel :
  • Responsive Design
  • Support PHP version >7.0
  • Support Mysql version 5.4
  • Server side prepared with Codeigniter Web Framework
  • Easy to add Product
  • Easy to Manage Stock Inventory
  • Easy to Manage Delivery timings
  • Export report in CSV and PDF format
  • Easy to install and setup with the help of readme.txt file
  • Well documented
  • Easy to customize
  • Super friendly code
  • Design to fit any product types
  • Basics knowledge for setup
  • Equip with all modern features
  • Filter data using various options
  • Suitable for all category
  • Shop based usage online and offline

Admin Panel User detail URL : Visit our Admin panel Username: password: 123456

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