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How many emails / hour can it send & whats the max?

Hi ckickenmove,

MassMailer supports a delay per thread between when sending each email. This delay by default is set to 0 hence as long as the mail server can cope then it will send as many as possible.

It is always handy to test the mail server tolerance/performance and then you can set the optimal delay in milliseconds.

Does it support entering multiple send from email smtps with batch limiting so that i can send say 50 emails from each smtp account i enter into the software so as to spread the send from out when mailing to larger lists and not get blocked


For your scenario it is possible just to use to MassMailer instances where the Composer (Email Builder) is set to use two different SMTP servers.

Toggling SMTP servers is not supported at the moment, but its just as easy two create two MassMailer instances and splitting the Contact List between both. It would be recommended to also split the number of cores in half for each MassMailer (Environment.ProcessorCount / 2) to ensure efficient hardware usage.

Hi I have a web application that is running in a hosted environment. Would like to add the mass mailer feature.

Question: A) Does this require a server? I really don’t want to run it from my PC.

B) Does your MassMailer package come with source code?

C) Does it have the source code for Fluent.NET Mail and Pipeline.NET as well?

Hi Com2000

This component does not require a server environment & the current license does not limit its use to servers. Simply integrate it within any .NET application and it will work fine.

MassMailer.NET Pipeline.NET and Fluent.NET Mail for scheduling and composing emails respectively. Both APIs are accessible from the MassMailer.NET assembly.

MassMailer.NET does not come with source code on CodeCanyon however the enterprise license which can be purchased at the link below does include the source code.


We also offer competitive prices for the Regular & Extended licenses at http://www.avantprime.com.

NOTE: The products on CodeCanyon and Avant Prime are the same however www.avantprime.com offers additional licenses and competitive prices.

Does this answer your question?

Avant Prime

Thanks for your reply. Does it support amazon ses?

Yes it supports Amazon SES when using the SMTP approach. Of course you would need to set up SES first, but this approach is no different to using any other SMTP server.

Hello, can i use it in VB.NET?! Thanks

Yes. Any .NET solution.

You can have multiple clients within the system

Yes the component support use in this manner.

I can have registered users ? multiaccounts as customers

The component is flexible, allowing you to feed to it the user account that you have.

how about the source code

source code is included in the purchased package ?

The source code is not included when purchased on CodeCanyon however purchases on www.avantprime.com would include the source code depending on the package chosen.

I would like to buy. Where can I see screenshots for this?

Excellent job bro =)

I would like to buy.. Can I see the graphic design layout? Can you support the integration to AWS SES?

How can we use your API code into our .NET application? We noticed that there is not much HTML code. We want the scheduler and the task manager. Can you provide your SMTP server that you use? We need support to have this successfully working in our application.

your site is down.. Would lie to have the source code please

Give me a few days. I will get it arranged on CC early next week.

Hello. Do you still support this mass email product? Does it work fine still? Do you offer support on its installation? I need it to email a large email list of aprox 50k or 60k emails, would this work? Does it go installed on the server where my websites are hosted? Thanks