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Hello, i buy this, its ok but tell me one think. Work only with google analitics? I want to know if traffic it will show in other analitics metod. Thanks.

Pretty much all of the javascript-based analytics will be fooled, especially if you use referrers along with the “Enable JS referer injection” option, but when referrers aren’t needed, you can disable it.

Hello, whats the diference between ip with port like and without port like (just example). Its ok to use without port? Thanks!

Port has to be specified, there’s no magical “guessing” algorithm, which is supposed to figure out for you how exactly to connect to the proxy.

hi likes to purchase the script some pre purchase questions 1) please share system config for the app will it work with windows 8 and 10? 2) will it work for only domains or url like sub domains , links, social media links etc ?

Ye, works with the windows versions, as provided in the description. No idea what the second question means, but you have to provide a URL to some concrete page, just like in any regular web browser. And bear in mind, that this bot doesn’t come with some free magical list of accounts for social media sites, any visits you send there via this bot will be anonymous, not logged in users.

will it work for social media URL ?

Instead of asking me some inane, meaningless questions, try and describe properly what exactly are you trying to do.

Hello I dont know if it will work for this but it should but i am i would like to you use it for youtube views is it safe for that you think