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hi likes to purchase the script some pre purchase questions 1) please share system config for the app will it work with windows 8 and 10? 2) will it work for only domains or url like sub domains , links, social media links etc ?

Ye, works with the windows versions, as provided in the description. No idea what the second question means, but you have to provide a URL to some concrete page, just like in any regular web browser. And bear in mind, that this bot doesn’t come with some free magical list of accounts for social media sites, any visits you send there via this bot will be anonymous, not logged in users.

will it work for social media URL ?

Instead of asking me some inane, meaningless questions, try and describe properly what exactly are you trying to do.

Hello I dont know if it will work for this but it should but i am i would like to you use it for youtube views is it safe for that you think

Hi i am intrested to buy your product. So this will work well on my pc with Win10 pro? Is your software secure, i mean my domain will not be banned(if you use proxies with software ofcourse)? This can help if you have new domain? Thanx

No i ask is this will help in ranking if i have new domain, if i buy new domain for better ranking on google?

If you are interested in using several “side” domains as a part of PBN to help ranking your main web-site, you should research this topic on forums like blackhatworld.com, that stuff is too complicated to answer shortly in one comment, but a traffic bot should help to make your analytics stats more impressive, which still won’t necessarily directly shift your site to the first page in google search

No i will use it directly for my new domain, so i buy a domain and i want to use it for this domain, so that will help in google rank(i do not think that my website will be 1 on google but litlle help in rank)? And preview do not working

How many visits can I generate in 1 day?

Depends on the amount of threads you can run, and the quality of your proxies, say with 50 threads and public proxies, you can get about 20k viewers per day, but really sky is the limit. Although, it could be as low as 1k viewers per day, with 10 threads, and if public proxies aren’t doing so well during the day


How can I setup "user scripts" so the software click random link on the page? IF I have lets say 15 different websites I'd like the software to visit 2-5 pages in random order. Please advise.

You’d have to set up different several different links for each site, and set some random click probabilities

Just a quick question

Can we control session time for hits

Yes, you can set a range for the time the bot will stay on page before executing a click (even if no click is set to happen, and in case there is a click, additionally the amount of time to stay on page after it)

Hi there, I am using this plugin but facing a problem Which is session time can you tell me how to increase it to 1 minute to 2 minute

Minimal stay on page interval, seconds and Maximum stay on page interval, seconds in options

I did that but its not working

I can’t tell anything from such description. You’d have to be specific about what were you doing, and what results have you got (as opposed to what you were expecting), and probably with screenshots