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hi, im looking for php integration for an existing form called addsite.php.

i want to add an extra field called “country”. once specified by the author, the site/page being added can’t be seen by any ip (country) except what has been specified.

can this code of yours be of help? can you integrate it for me if ever? thanks.

Hello, No sorry this software can’ do that. You should look at GeoIP integration with PHP .

Good luck :)


Question how do you get this to work? When i click Start it says there no ip?? :crying:

Click on “Load IP List” then select the TXT file with your IPs. Then click on “Start Process” to launch operation.

If you have problems, tell me.


Does it show the date of the IP address that visited the website? If so, how many records can it save? Will I be able to go back months later and filter the IP’s by date? Thanks!

Hi, I don’t understand exactly what do you mean exactly but no it can’t do that :)



Hi, How much 5 of the IP gets the IPs and how much fails? Can i run it from commandline without the need to click the buttons?

How much % get the country and how much fails was my question. I want to do it by commandline

Hello, Sorry you can’t run it via command line. About the %, it should always work. It uses GeoIP.

Can I use these IPS as HTTP Proxies?

Is all countries are available like US, UK?, I use https://free-proxy-server.us as US free proxy server, how fast these proxies are?

Hi, This app will give you the country of a list of IPs that you’ll have to enter. This app will not generate a list of IPs ;)