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What’s the latest update on 6 September 16?

I want to point out again because I think i mentioned this layout error before months ago.

Still there’s layout error is at user profile “ Favorites” I checked firefox, chrome and internet explorer browser. All have the same issue etc.

Here’s a screenshot http://imu.gr/image/3rkR Thanks

Hello Pinki

Can you please clear your template cache by deleting everything from `storage/framework/views` folder ?

I will check everything and let you know


Im having same layout error with this theme. Pictures overlap each other and they are all within a boxed layout I have cleared the cache several times. Also getting an image database ajax error in the admin panel when clicking all images.

This theme at the moment not working in some way with new artvenu 5.0.8 version Exit and map not showing up, and user profile layout messed up. User picture slide show not working. Have already reported this to abhimanyu.

Hello studio97

Just 1 more day for update :)


2 days further ;)

Thanks for the update, so far I can see is everything working!

Hello. I have a couple quick questions. 1. Is this item stand alone? 2. I have a bootstrap site that I am working on. I need it to have the capability of registering, logging in, and uploading photos. Will this script provide me with these all these capabilities using the bootstrap framework? 3. Once purchased, is it as simple as incorporating the files (html, css, php) in my Bootstrap 3 website? Or,does Laravel have to be installed somehow.? 4. Does this item give me the freedom to select which pages on the site are restricted to a login/registration? If want you can look at a rough draft of my site at dbkreations.com. The forum page would be restricted content and an area for members to upload. The join page is where they would register. Thanks.

Hi! I need just a tiny bit of help here. I have translated my gallery to Norwegian, and I’m struggling to find this last piece of text: In the gallery, there is a green corner ribbon on featured images. I need to translate the word “Featured” on the ribbon. Which file is it located in?