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I just purchased this plugin but it doesn’t work as expected. I installed it and built a query. But when I go to the page it just shows the tiles in two columns with no way to adjust their size as per the video tutorial:


Further testing – I’ve been able to use it when previewing the Twenty Sixteen stock WP theme which suggests the plugin has some compatibility issues.

Hi, could you give us info your site via email bearsthemes@gmail.com .So we can check and help you ! Thanks

hi, very nice plugin ! i have an issue i can’t see the block mode only in the video and in the css /* Bears Block */ but i only see mansory mode. I need something similar for galleries , what recommend me , do you have another option for galleries Thanks for your help

Hi, current this plugin just suppor as you seen. We will update more for this soon. Thanks

Also, we have a theme WP https://themeforest.net/item/beoreo-creative-multipurpose-wordpress-theme/15884077 At here have many option for you choose. If interested this you can purchased and discover on this. Thanks

Ok many thanks!

Hi, i want to add <?php the_excerpt(); ?> it is possible? many thanks

Hi, yes, that’s possible. But you need custom with more style on it. Thanks

hi i can’t see the grid in iPhone 4. why?

Hi, Could you send to us info your site via email bearsthemes@gmail.com . So we can check and help you soon.


Hi, we’ve check on Iphone 5 and it is work fine. We really haven’t iphone 4 for check :(


could this plugin be easily used with html5blank template (wordpress)?

Thank you

Hi, Thanks for your interested our Plugin. This plugin is add-on Visual Comporser plugin. If Html5blank compatible with Visual Comporser, our plugin will be easy to setup and use. Hope it will be clear with you. Best Regards !

Hi, i have a question, the grid is using the medium image size created automatically i have 768 x …, 1024x… and 1200 x …, i want the grid use 1200 size by default but always use 768 size and i have to change manually the image in my uploads folder and the quality is better by far. Ill wait for your answer , many thanks


Hi, Thanks for your question. About it, we need custom code for this. Current we use default size wordpress images.


This looks promising, is it possible to add any content? For example posts from a a category in one block, another block just with text and an image, another block with posts from another category etc.


Yes, sure ! Our plugin support for you get and query content well !

Hello, I have bought your plugin because I need to have a masonry of woocommerce product exaclty as shown here—> http://demo.bearsthemes.com/?item=masonrygrid

I have installed and activated the plugin but the top that I can have is this (look at the bottom of the page)—> http://release.thewinteriscoming.dk/

First of all, when I’m in the backend I can build a detailed query of products: I write the categories in and the wheel keep running without providing recognizing my existing categories.

Then, the selector shows only an “All” label but I have almost 20 categories.

Then, as you can see, there are no icons on the buttons of the tiles of the masonry: just three empty circles.

I have opened the Chrome console but I don’t see any error. I have also tried to re-download and re-install the plugin but nothing happened. I am using wp 4.6.1, wc 2.6.8 and vc 5.0.1.

Could you please help me? Thank you.

Do you need userid and password to login?

Hi, Thank you used our plugin. About your issure:

1. How to fix ion not display: – Please add liblary font icon “ionicons” (http://ionicons.com/) by insert code bellow in the head tag: <link rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” href=”http://code.ionicframework.com/ionicons/2.0.1/css/ionicons.min.css” />

2. How to display filter for layout Woocommerce – Please enter “product_cat” at field “Filter By Taxonomy” (like image: http://prntscr.com/db5mr9)

I hope it clear for you. Thank you!

now works, thank you. How can I exclude certain product categories?

Hello, I need to hide the thumbnail button on each tile of the masonry grid. How can I do that? Isn’t available a settings section for these details? Thank you :)

Hi. Current still have not option for hide . But you can use a small custom css for hide this. Thanks !

Quick before purchasing question,

I want to have a very simple layout.

For example: 1 picture horizontally with 2 pictures vertically underneath the horizontal picture. the 2 pictures vertically should have the same width of the horizontal picture without cropping.

Is this possible?

Hi, Yes sure ! Our plugin can help you about it ! And more layout creative if you want ! ;)

Can you please tell me what is the difference between Lemon Grid and Masonry Grid please? They both seem to do the same thing (multiple post and page types) except Lemon Grid also does Social feeds??? Thanks.

Hi Yes ! Lemon grid drag drop, resize, filter (Post, Gallery). Masonry grid resize, filter masonry (Post, Woo).

Hope it is clear to you ;) !

Hello, is it possible to create custom hover effects? Thx

Yes, sure :)

I have the plugin by now, I would be glad if you could help me with the snippets.

Masonry Resize builder:

- Hover effect like this: Like this: https://www.sattalivity.com/collections/all

- Transition: All 0.35s

- Opacity: 0.5

- Link on the whole image

- Loading animation (fade in): Disable

- Add to cart: Disable

Lemon Grid:

- Hovereffect like this: http://b7gb5yaco.myraidbox.de/fromdivingthroughillusions/

- Transition: All 0.35s

- Opacity: 0.5

- Link on the whole image and without the yellow square

- Loading animation (fade in): Disable

- Lghtbox-gallery: Disable the “shadow” behind image

Hope this is not so tricky! – Thx

Hi, when you purchased this plugin. We can help you about it. If you using Beoreo theme include this. Please open a ticket here https://bearsthemes.ticksy.com/ we will check and help you soon !

Will this work with just images or is it restricted to posts. Also is there a Lightbox to have the photos open up.

Yes, Our plugin can help you show images gallery. and have ligtbox too.