PrestaShop Video Playlist

PrestaShop Video Playlist

Prestashop Video Playlist

allows You to add many videos to Your product or any HTML field and compose them into compact player. Videos will be played sequentially one after another – independently of video provider: YouTube or Vimeo.


  • Add product videos with intuitive interface, just paste links!
  • Add playlist in any HTML capable input by simple HTML code snippet.
  • Include videos from many providers in one playlist – no need to know embed code.
  • Video Playlist will increase your videos SEO, as it adds pure HTML links to videos instead of embed code.

Merchant features

  • Add as many videos to your product pages as you like without cluttering page
  • Add many videos to any HTML editable field – with a bit more space occupied than that for one video
  • Use uniformly different video providers
  • Choose different video and it’s title based on language
  • Works with any language – does not contain front end messages
  • No need to enable iframes support in shop preferences
  • Playlist can be restyled with CSS to suit theme needs

Customer benefits

  • Let customer choose video with well known, intuitive interface.
  • Responsive design makes videos look good at any device.
  • Speed up page load time, as it load only one video at time.
  • Easy switch between viewed videos without need for scrolling or pausing other video.

Currently supported video providers

Tips for adding videos
  • Detailed documentation is included in zip file.
  • Please save product before adding videos.
  • Some videos might be unavailable in Yours or customer country. Those videos will not load thumbnails.
  • There might be small delay when first loading playlist tab when editing product. After loading it will work fast.
  • When adding playlist manually in HTML, wrap it with additional `div` tag – or later visual editing might yield unexpected results.

Video Playlist can be easily installed manually from your Back office by going to “Modules and Services” > “Add a new module” and uploading a zip file.