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Hi! I have some problems with the vertical tabs hover trigger, when I select an option and make a quick change the option still selected an the other can’t change /update the related content to the new selected tab.

And the second issue, when I select any option of vertical tabs and if I make a mouse leave/out gesture (close the menu), and then I open again the same menu, the last selected option of submenu still selected, there are an option to reset this behavior to the first submenu option?

I attach url images with the two issues that I have.


can you send me the link? where have you installed the menu?

I check this link many times but it’s not work

I’m also having an issue with the Tutorials submenu being pushed to the right like Gutspiller mentioned. Bought today.

can you send me the link? where have you installed the menu?

Hi, I’m loving this menu! I had a quick question though. Is there a mashable-menu.min.js file? Wasn’t included in the download. Thanks!

give me your email ID. i will send it

file send. check your mail


crest16 Purchased

Hello, I’m trying to add a nice dropdown animation like on the Bootstrap Navbar, just so when you click the trigger it slides down nicely. Thanks

PS I have tried everything I know!

send me the link, where you have to install the menu. i want to see it

Hi, Nice one. We like it, however there is an issue on iPad portrait view. Most of options not visible. I’m trying to figure it out, but really struggle.

I think problem is in mashable-menu.js file. That function that switches content visibility based on class of selector seems to be a problem

Ok – I think I found the solution – for anyone who may struggle with the same problem: media_query_max_width : 768 if you change 768 to 767 it does the job. Cheers

thanks for finding this bug.


HackMort Purchased

I love the plugin.

But I’m having an issue on IE9. Here’s the error :

Object doesn’t support property or method ‘matchMedia’

mashable-menu.js – line: 812

mediaQuery = window.matchMedia("(max-width: " + settings.media_query_max_width + "px)");

Hope you can help me.

Here’s the link:

IE9 support is dropped. This is too old browser