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Hello, I’m interested in purchasing your plugin but have a few questions. Is it possible to show select pages on the grid? Also, can you set the images to have no padding and also spread the entire width of the screen? Thanks!

Hi there, Yes it’s possible to select specific posts or pages by using page ID.
And our Marvelous is an add-on of Visual Composer, so the width of a marvelous image depends on the column width. You just need to make the row that contains marvelous image be full-width, that’s all.

Thanks for interesting in our plugin!

Is it possible to add my own custom image on top of a marvelous hover element? For example I want to show the Title with a Play button image to show its a video post or to have the image be clickable on top of the hover. I want to either have this play button image be shown before hover and or on hover. Is that possible?

Hi Danny,
Yes you can use your own custom image. If you need the image to be shown before and on hover, we can customize it for you.
Please reach out to us at with your purchase code and we’ll be ready to help.

Thanks for interesting in our plugin.

To make sure my question is clear. I would want to use lets say a custom post type of mine for portfolios. I would then use your hover grid element. In that grid it would use the featured image for the background image of the portfolio grid. The title and other effects would be the same as you show on your demo. But I would want to show an image such as a white circle video play button image that would sit on the image either before or on hover.

Also do you all have any network options for use in a multi site environment? I’d like to set certain things such as what effect the hover grid uses for all sub sites from the network settings.

I’m looking to replace my themes default portfolio element that shows the posts from the portfolio custom page type. With that it has a category option above the posts that allows you to choose a category and filter out only the posts from that category. Current or future feature possibility?

Lastly are the existing hover effects customizable at all? For example if I wanted to have the Title show before the hover effect for Zoe could I make that happen?

Sorry for all of the questions!

Thanks, Danny

- Ok, just create the element and we will help you put that play button image on marvelous element.
- Sorry we dont’ have network option, we have to customize site by site
- Marvelous grid already has an option called “Narrow data source” to filter and category for post data but there’s no option to show category and filter to frontend.
- We’ll have to customize our each element from source code. But we will do it for you. If you want the title show before hover, it is a simple task

Hi, the image swap is what I need but can I include text over the 2nd image that will be responsive as opposed to just making the text part of the 2nd image?

Or can a second image be included with the hover effect – Washington so a new image appears with the text? And can the position of that text be moved lower on the image?

Hi there,
Sorry but it’s not possible to add text or hover effect to image swap. It only supports image currently, we’ll take your request into consideration.
Thanks for interesting in our plugin.


dweb Purchased


Just purchased your plugin, I have a Custom post type “travel” which items belongs to taxonomy “destination”

I want to create a page with your Grid to display my taxonomies :

Example : Page “America” will have : 1 image of USA, 1 image of Brasil, 1 image off Canada …

Page Europe will have : 1 image of France, 1 image of Belgium ...

Thank you

Hi there,
Thanks for purchasing.

You can use Marvelous Grid to do that > Choose the data source as Page > type the taxonomies in Narrow data source.

Hope this can help.

I see “image swap” listed on your features list but I can’t find this on the demo page. I’d like to know if your plugin allows the following: Add an image that changes to another when hovering over it + link the image to another page on my site. i’d like to put 4 images like this in a row as a sort of navigation.

Hi there,

Yes it can change image when hovering, but can’t link to another page.
However, we have another plugin named VCKit, which includes the Image Swap feature and is able to add link to image. Please take a look at our demo here.

Hi, when I load page first time your colours/settings appear in spite of having made changes under “customise”. Only when I reload the page do the changes appear. Any idea how I can resolve this? Thx NK

Hi NK,
Thanks for using our plugin.

Can you send me your website so I can debug please? You can send privately at

Hi There, How can i check to the preview effect? Current existing preview not able to see. thanks

Hi Kally,
Sorry for this issue, please check it again here:

thank you. well preview now

Hi, I have two questions: 1. how do you update your plugin? Can I simply install it by uploading the zip? I have no notification in WordPress for this plugin update; 2. is it compatible with WordPress 5?


Hi Michele,
Thanks for using our plugin.

1. Yes you can remove the old version and install the new one by uploading zip file.
Please enable the “Item update notifications” in your Codecanyon account > Email settings, then Envato will send you an email notification whenever we update this plugin.
2. Yes it is.


potys Purchased

I have an issue which i cannot figure out how to solve. i am using the washington effect on my site:

it seems that there is a filter on the images which changes the original image. I want to remove this filter and keep the original feel of the image.

On the hover effect everything is like i want to be


potys Purchased

hi i have also opened a ticket 7 days ago for the same issue and got no responded


taurusG Purchased

After upgrading to Wordpress 5.2.1 Marvelous Hover has stopped working – the images no longer display. Is this is an issue with compatibility with the latest Wordpress or is there some other problem?


Loni888 Purchased

Hi I’m having responsive issues too. At large and extra small screens it’s fine. But ipad medium and small size screen the text doesn’t get smaller.

Did you submit ticket to our support site?

I’m wondering if there’s any way to switch the Caracas hover effect so it slides down from the top of the image instead up from the bottom. I’ve tried to use custom CSS but haven’t been able to figure it out so far.


Hi there,

Yes, we can change it to slides down from the top. Can you please submit a ticket to, with your page url.

I will help you do that.

Regards, Michael

The effects are great, though it would be great if I could link the images to other pages by doing a search (as is the native functionality for wordpress) rather than having to explicitly type in the url every time. Maybe that could be in the next update?

Hi there,

Not really, because that is what your theme do. So we don’t have any plan for update search page.

Hope that make sense, Regards Michael

Hello, does this plugin also work with the visual composer website builder?

Hi there,

Marvelous Hover was built on Visual Composer. So it will work only on Visual Composer

Any question you can send email to

Regards, Michael