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Hi, I have purchased the plugin but soon after I realized that I need only the animations without the color filters imposed on the original photos. What can I do to bypass that part?

Hi cyberwalker, Thanks for your purchasing our item :D

Unfortunately, this version currently do not support to customize the effect. But please send us a specific email (enclose link of your website) via: support@themelego.com There we can give you further support to meet your requirement.

Hi, I bought already different visual composer hover effects which are not working with my theme. Do I have somehow the opportunity to test the effects with my theme ‘Monumental’ before paying?


Hi DbEwebdesign,

Unfortunately, we haven’t had any demo version of Marvelous for you to test on your theme yet. However, you can check it out at our live demo: marveloushover.themelego.com or video tutorial: https://youtu.be/byGeJUINP7w to see whether it’s compatible with your theme by any chance (Our item have worked on almost all themes till now).

In addition, you could always get our further support for your particular requirements if needed.

Hope you will give it a try. Thanks for considering!


mcmulti Purchased

hi there,

i bought the IMPREZA Theme 2 Month ago. It comes with Visual Composer including.

now i bought the Marvelous Hover Effects and i didn’t find the Zip Data to install the plugin.

thank you for your quick answer

Hi mcmulti,

Thanks for purchasing our item! When downloading Marvelous Hover Effects, codecanyon will archive all our files in to one zip file. You must extract the files downloaded from codecanyon then install the “vc-marvelous-hover.zip” included in there.

You could read our document on how to install Marvelous here: http://cdn.ownego.com/products/wordpress/plugins/marvelous-hover/assets/wp_plugin_doc_marvelous_hover.pdf or watch our Tutorial video here: https://youtu.be/byGeJUINP7w

Hope this could help!

Hi there wondering if your plugin could assist me. I am looking to have a landing page header of 6 large images (2 rows) of page grids, does this plugin create the page grid and the add the filters or would I need another plugin to create the page grid first? Many thanks


Our plugin included page grid as you needed (you need visual composer also, of course). About the filters, I dont understand you mean; but looks like, currently, we have not supported category filter yet.

Hopefully our plugin can solve your request.

Please take a look at our demo (http://marveloushover.themelego.com/). And read features on item details for more information.

Have a nice day.

Good morning i just purchased this plugin cause i liked it a lot!I have one question Override post effect in grid is not working?I mean in grid cant we choose size and effect for each image differently?Thanks for the answer in advance.

Hi nikosmantis, Thank you for purchasing our item! Our plugin allows you to apply both ways: use different effect for each item, or apply same effect for all items. You could customize effect for each post in Post editor (scroll down to find “Marvelous Grid Custom Settings” below the post editor). Please read our documentation here for further instruction: http://cdn.ownego.com/products/wordpress/plugins/marvelous-hover/assets/wp_plugin_doc_marvelous_hover.pdf

Hope this could help! If you need further support, feel free to contact us via: support@themelego.com

Hello! I purchased the plug in but am having difficulty customizing the image size. Is there a way to do this beyond just the ratios?

Thank you!

Hi Aramisrose, Thank you for purchasing our item! We are currently working on a new version of Marvelous which allow you to use original image size. Leave your email here or send us an email to support@themelego.com. We will send it to you.

Thank you for purchasing!

Great! Thank you! My email is aramisrose@gmail.com

We’ve sent an email to you. Please check your inbox.

Hi @tommyr, Our item have worked on almost all themes.You can check it out at our live demo: marveloushover.themelego.com or video tutorial: https://youtu.be/byGeJUINP7w to see whether it’s compatible with Howes by any chance.

In addition, you could always get our further support for your particular requirements if needed.

Hope you will give it a try. Thanks for considering!


tommyr Purchased

Ok many thanks!

Hi, Great plugin and some very nice and professional looking image effects … love it.

They only thing I seem to be missing is the ability to specify font colour .. sometimes white text is better read as black … and to be able to change the color or opacity of the colour fade/layer.

I notice we can add our our css class to the element … should we be able to override these style items with some css? If so, can you give me some pointers or examples .. would be very useful .. thanks

Hi, I’ve just sent you an email which gives you instruction to customize. However, your question about overlapping image. I think we have a problem here, I’ve sent you another email about this.

Thanks for purchasing our item

Hi thanks for the instructions .. that’s fine until update which sounds great.

Regarding overlap, I can see this in because of a css rule of min-width 230px .. i’ve overridden and it works ok. So in the update would be good to fix this or have a setting for this. Also would be good to have padding settings so we can create a grid of images with no space inbetween.

Cheers Nick

Hi Nick, thanks for your recommendations. We will provide a setting for this.

Thanks again.

Hi – I’ve been having issues with the responsiveness of this plugin. At certain screen sizes the text next to an image using Marvelous Hover Effects ends up overlapping the image. Any way to fix this? Thanks!

Could you send leave your site and your email here or send me an email to support@themelego.com. It easy to me to take a look.

Thank you for purchasing our item.

Hi, Just seen an update is now available. I’m trying to de-activate the plugin and it’s not working. It says plugin de-activated but when I scroll down it still shows as if activated and only had de-activate link.

Any ideas?

FYI – I’m on a multi-site install thanks

Sorry .. false alarm .. all working ok now

Hello, It seems like working now. Send me an email if additional support: support@themelgo.com



New problem with updated version 1.2 All my content rows in VC have stretched, this is stretching content with no padding.

Is this a known issue?


Hello, in version 1.2. We provide a Design options tab which allows you set gutter space for marvelous hover. I think you should try it. If it still not working. Leave your site here or send me an email to support@themelego.com

Thanks for purchasing our item.

Thank you so much for the excellent support. Problem all solved and great that you are actively developing and support this plugin!

Any potential buyers reading this can expect a very good level of service from plugin author and shouldn’t hesitate in buying!

Thanks for your compliment, We will try to offer our customers regular product development. Hope this plugin will be useful to you. We’re glad if you like it. If possible, please rate it for us. Thank you.

Hi, I updated the Hover Effects plugin from 1.1 to the new 1.2 but when I activate it it messes up some of the Visual Composer styling on the site. I also get this error message showing up in the admin side of every page…. Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home4/vixenspa/public_html/vixenspa.com/wp-content/plugins/codecanyon-19137816-marvelous-hover-effects-visual-composer-addons/inc/cmb2/includes/CMB2_hookup.php on line 319

I think there might be an error with your updated plugin. Once I reverted back to 1.1 everything went back to normal. Can you tell me if anyone else has had this issue and what I can do to update to the latest version without issues?


Hello, we missed a php warning on version 1.2. We fixed this issue and submitting new version. Could you leave your email here or send an email to support@themelego.com, we will send you the latest version.

Thanks for purchasing our item

Hello, many times ther’s the 500 internal server error. In the server log the row reported is:

wp-content\plugins\codecanyon-19137816-marvelous-hover-effects-visual-composer-addons\inc\cmb2\includes\CMB2_hookup.php on line 319 can you help me? Thanks

Hello, we’re submitting patch for version 1.2. Could you leave your email here or send an email to support@themelego.com, we will send you the latest version.

Thanks for purchasing our item.


I have uploaded plugin and it is showing in visual composer, but it will not pop up as an option when I am trying to use it. There is no option to put in my purch code either.


Hi, Thanks for purchasing our item. Please send us a detailed email about your problem via support@themelego.com There we can have a thorough look and give you extensive support. Thank you.

Hi, Is it possible to set the images that when they are clicked they show some content (title, image , text) in a lightbox or modal window?

Hello, Thanks for purchasing our item. This feature is planning on next upcoming version: 1.3. Stay tune!

Will this work with optimizepress? Does it have shortcodes?

Hi yobob, As long as you have Visual Composer, you can use our plugin. We’ve sent you a further email to answer your questions, pls check your inbox. Thanks for your interest.

Hi Marvelous Hover!

I’m having a bit of trouble customizing the hover effects. Specifically, Sadie. No matter what I do when creating the effect, the colors of the photo, hover effect, text, and hover text do not change. I also don’t see the hover text at all. Is there any way you can help me out with this? I’m not sure what I am doing wrong.

Hi there, Thanks for purchasing our item. Please send us a further email via support@themelego.com with your site info (if can) so we can take a thorough look for you. Best regards.


youtek Purchased

so i can download a plugin that not works without Visual Composer Kit ???

Hi youtek, Thanks for purchasing our item. Marvelous and Visual Composer Kit are different add-ons for Visual Composer, you can use Marvelous without VCKit.

Hi, I need a 3 column full page grid showing 3 images. The 3 images are 100% height of the screen and 1/3 width each. Is this achievable with this plugin? Thanks in advance :)

Hi there, Currently our plugin doesn’t have the suitable ratio as you need (it has 4:3, 16:9, 1:1, 3:2, 2:1, 3:4), but there’s option to choose original size of images, so you can upload your images with suitable height. Thanks for asking.


Is this plugin can be mouse over image become grayscale? Thanks

Yes, our plugin has option to add Extra class name, so you can add your own custom css.

Great to hear that. Thanks for your replied :)

You’re welcome :) Feel free to contact us here or via support@themelego.com if you have further question. Good day to you :)