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We support High Support, for Envato. That’s why we build this Software.

Can I use the app to see the earning ? staments ? dash board ? portfolio ect… ect.. ? Great concept…

You can see the Earning in 2 different ways, 1.) by new earning or 2.) you can manual ask for your earnings in your own currencies..

Statement, Portfolio and Dashboard I don’t get it what you wanna “see”.

I meant the statements, Earnings see the portfolio ect.. I thought this is a desktop version of the envato dashboard. Thank you for your quick reply..

I’m an envato author, what I needed was to see my portfolio and statement in this application on the desktop. It’s better if its with graphs and all infographics

My team will built something in the next coming days ;). I gotcha with your ideas and I like them.

Statement Feature is almost done. I’ll upload the new version tomorrow afternoon, after I included it to the software. Envato allow only the last 28 days of the current month. Portfolio will be the next feature in the Version till Wednesday. Thanks for your suggestion.

Thank you :)

Awesome theme :)