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your demo shows, traffic and page views graphs. How does that work?


For traffic and pageviews you enter the numbers while posting listing and it generates the graph using morris.js Create an account in demo and get yourself familiar. Its very simple.


is there a relisting of apps,domains and websites if it crosses the allocated dateline.

Yes there is option to re-list expired listings and you can also set discount on re-listing fee from admin panel


Hi, i wrote you, please reply me. I just bought this script.

Hi, Replied to your e-mail. Check your inbox please. Regards.

This script is not release ready. The filters in most of the templates do not allow any entry. The user registration and login fails on mac/chrome. A waste of $25…

Replied to your e-mail. Regards.

When is update user can not login wrong password

Retrive password look like this is md5 Hello,

Here is your password: 6fbc4a25ecf7c43b9b2387882404848b

Already replied to your email. Regards

Your script is being sold on flippa for a lot more:

https://flippa.com/8209443-websiteauctions-co https://flippa.com/8219284-webauction-bid

This person has sold several copies, I left comments asking if he/she had the extended license but I never got a reply. You should do something about it.

Thanks for reporting… just filed DMCA complaint against him.



he added another listing and deleted my comments and yours in the previous listings, one of them sold for over $100

here is the new listing: https://flippa.com/8212638-webmarket-ltd

you should report this seller to flippa.

Thanks again… I already reported and working on it… its difficult to stop immediately.. Regards.

nice script i installing it hope all good and you give some features in future :) well done best regards

Thanks and I’ll try to do my best. Regards.

Please could you add features like; 1. editing listings and users from admin 2. multi payment gateway 3. commission system 4. users being able to see the message within the site rather than going to mail 5. feedback and direct comment system. 6. add integration with any systems like escrow.com and escrow.payoneer.com, since Escrow.com has an API for marketplaces, I believe it can be easily implemented. 7. How seller will receive the payment? How buyer will make the payment? and most important how admin will take commission?

Already replied via e-mail… Regards.

FULL OF BUGS .. NO FEEDBACK SYSTEM and no messaging system those are things that this system should have. VERY LOW Quality in my opinion

Look who is talking….. fooling people on flippa.com by selling $25 script for $100+


turgeonm Purchased

Yes because I included GREAT service, domain and many bonuses much more then we can say about you ..

Hi, nice script! Are you planning any update for this? I’m really interested in get traffic & adsense statistic automatically like Flippa

Thanks but right now the script is as is… may be in future I’ll update it or you can hire anyone to add custom features in the script as its open-source. Regards.