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can i adding a users in this app? selling Saas services…

yes via membership plugin

what do you mean via membership plugin? can i adding users direct in admin dashboard?

i mean that this is not niche of my plugin because it is implemented already in many membership plugins like this https://codecanyon.net/item/ultimate-membership-pro-wordpress-plugin/12159253 – and my plugin can be used with almost all of them

Why no screens? What the heck is this? We need to either see pictures or video of the product. We can just take your word for it. We want to see what it actually looks like. Create a demo site… show us that. You are not doing yourself any favors by not doing these basic things.

I have 3 question

First, in order to create SAAS platform, it is require to purchase below these 2 plugin?

1. AZEXO HTML Customizer 2. AZEXO HTML Library

Second, how sales funnel work? integrate with woocommerce? or direct check out by stripe / paypal?

third, how email marketing work? User send out email to their subscriber by using admin email?

1. yes

2. sales funnel – it is just chart in dashboard

3. yes

Amazing work! GLWS! :)

Good work… Good luck for your sale…

Team CloudBerriez

Can I create my own form fields? Do I need a form plugin or is it integrated in your tool?

yes it possible via my page builder – without additional tools

okay, I will buy

... with another account

So, now: Where I can find a documentation? In my dashboard page, I get the Info: Your trial is expired Upgrade ….. I can’t generate new pages. where I can make my own themes.

>Your trial is expired Upgrade – this is static HTML – need to integrate it with membership plugin – i will do it in future

where exactly you have issue with generate new pages ?

about how to develop your own themes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBf-d-5CPMg&list=PLgb-qaKNfugEBo5jN9s6_ObeviFaLDCPh

Can you provide screenshots and a video with a demo?

only online fully working dashboard demo at this moment http://azexo.com/

Good start guys.I am looking to provide a service like leadpages.net. Please keep developing this in that direction. I think that is where the market is

can I integrate with sales force?

it possible with simple custom PHP code

can you do it if I buy the script?

only as custom paid work – at this moment

Congrats, good luck with sales – DCSF

HI Team, Is it something like leadpages? I am confused!

hi, yes you right

hi, i’m very interested in this great product, can you handle the installation of the full package if so for how much ? (french language on saas membership). thank you


to deploy full package need only activate all plugins

about how to translate plugins you can find info here https://localise.biz/wordpress/plugin/beginners

Hi, i’m surprise to see the price jump so hight :) i should have taken it when it was 200$... any chance to have it at this price ? i’m open to share expérience and partenairship. Let’s talk

Hi, as you can see the platform usage strategy is quite realistic – that’s why I decided to seriously deal with this direction. I need investments for development. and i interested to start consulting business. do you have any partnership offers ? maybe you can be interested in big affiliate commission if service on my server?


so this will change any regular wp to a (SaaS) app?

hi, yes – it provide client dashboard – main part of SaaS

I don’t understand what this is or how it works. I click to your demo, but not sure I am seeing the actual demo.

What is this?

Hi, Is this available as a stand alone script, NOT WordPress?