Monetization Platform for Internet Marketing Webinars

Monetization Platform for Internet Marketing Webinars

Do you have Internet Marketing consulting business? – this platform for you.

  1. Deploy our SAAS (software as a service) platform on your WordPress site and configure subscription plans for transfer money to your bank account – it will take about 1 hour
  2. Replace courses selling by SAAS landing page builder subscription
  3. Provide free-access daily/weekly webinars to support your SAAS users and attracting new users
  4. Advertise your free webinar with high conversion (20-30% is possible)
  5. Get a holy image of your brand by offering free courses – and get external links from other sites
  6. Keep your regular users (subscribers) by good advises and get monthly payments from all users – they will pay for landing pages hosting you provide
  7. Make public community on Facebook for your users – show how people love your service – and attract new users by this
  8. Reduce support efforts with public Facebook community – reward leaders of opinions in your community
  9. Make magazine-site with articles and customer success stories for increase site visitor conversion to sales
  10. Offer unique features (which is provided by our plutform) to users: payment forms with calculator, quiz landing page, interactive image builder
  11. Use affiliate (multi-level) plugin to make affiliate network and increase your sales
  12. SEO and YouTube tactics of course
  13. And many possible cross-sells like site custom development, franchising PR strategies, conferences etc

Move your customers to success and you will have zero competitors

In this SAAS platform user can manage his pages and leads, send newsletters, analyze statistic. Dashboard focused on business-persons who do not have enough time for investigate complex interface. Only few clicks for create landing page and enter marketing info.

Also supported: very flexible form builder and multi-layered designs builder.

To make SAAS platform additionally you need:

  1. Any WP theme for SAAS presentation
  2. Membership plugin for selling SAAS (as access to dashboard page)

This plugin required next paid plugins:

  1. AZEXO HTML Customizer – it used for building pages and email-templates
  2. AZEXO HTML Library – it provide sections/elements (more than 400) library for page building
  3. Optional: Yellow Pencil plugin to customize CSS styles



  1. Landing Pages management
  2. CRM
  3. Email Marketing
  4. Conversion statistic
  5. Email statistic
  6. A/B testing
  7. Lead email notification
  8. Lead SMS notification via WordPress SMS plugin
  9. Leads import
  10. Leads export
  11. Email-templates import
  12. Email auto-responders
  13. Sales funnel chart-report
  14. Compatible with very powerful Yellow Pencil plugin
  15. 100% translation ready via convenient Loco Translate plugin
  16. Integrated Paid Memberships Pro plugin
  17. Integrated AffiliateWP plugin

We open for partnership

You can say your offer – especially if you have already successful business in near area. Or – we plan to open service on our server and we are ready to offer big affiliate commission lifelong. Possible ways:
  1. you can provide Internet Marketing consulting webinars and get affiliate commission
  2. or you can be first level affiliate and search second level affiliate webinars providers