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Good luck with sales! :)

Thank you!

Hi, You can add ads from Admob and other ads providers using plugins. Plugin for Admob is available at http://docs.coronalabs.com/plugin/ads-admob/index.html

List of all plugins is at http://docs.coronalabs.com/daily/plugin/index.html Note that some of them require that you are at least Corona SDK Basic Subscriber.

is this an universal app?

This app was developed with Corona SDK, which is a cross-platform library. With the same source code, you can build app that runs on Android or iOS, both phones and tablets.

See http://coronalabs.com/products/corona-sdk/ for details on Corona SDK.

cheers didnt realise it was Corona

Fantastic, brilliant to see Corona code on here! Nice work

Thank you! Corona is fun :)

Hi everyone – I’ve got to say, this code is brilliant, and the documentation is great too – the 1 thing is that I think the game needs a menu button that takes you back to the main screen (the reason being that Apple have rejected apps that don’t have a menu button – otherwise you are stuck in that level) – however this shouldn’t be that hard to add – if you want to use Corona (which is a GREAT platform) – then this is the code to get started with – I hope you sell loads of this code (and also new code too) :)

Thank you very much for your kind words. I’m glad you like it.

Any easy way to implement a local high score board?


For social scoreboard where you can show scores from different users, you can use Google Play Server or Apple Game Center. See


for example codes.

If you want to save and show scores locally, first you will have to choose the method to save scores to disk. I personally just convert lua table into JSON and save it.

To load/save lua table, you can look at this code


The lua table to save/load is just list of scores. When you have list of scores, simple display them on screen with nice background. To show text on screen, see


Hope it helps :)

Hi, is the code up to date using graphics 2.0? Thanks!

Yes it is. Please also note that it uses Composer so you will need to use at least version v2014.2189 of the SDK.

Is it possible to just change the png files and the game will be ready to upload to the app store?

Score is kept in a variable named ‘score’ in GameScene. The best place to save score to disk is in function scene:showScoreReport() in GameScene (because this function is called right when the game ends).

Do you think it easier from a programming side to figure out how to implement Game Center with apple, or work on adding in the high score in a file?

Game Center requires less code, but setting up permissions on Apple website and testing are quite complicated. So I would say adding and displaying high score locally is easier.

I would think you would sell a ton more copies of your program if you added in high scores, admob, and sound.

Most of the people who buy these scripts are not programmers. Your popper game is good to reskin the graphics and even add levels, but beyond that it take a real programmer to make this game ready for the app store.

Thank you for the suggestion. I dod consider creating a more completed game but even with that I would still like to leave sometihng open so that the new owners to add their own ideas to the game to make them a bit more unique.

High score or game center is not something that is unique. Its almost required for any game. Just like adding in Admob, iad, etc… You should add them in and let people leave them off.

I had to post a job on odesk just to get the high score working on this game. And im not a big fan of posting a job to odesk.

Very nice template. Clean code and clear instructions. Your bubble shooter and jewel slide templates have cool powerups like additional time and explosions. The would be nice in this game as well. Have you considered adding these features, or how hard would it be for a novice corona user to add?

Hi, Currently I do not have plan to add those features. I try to make templates on codecanyon clean and simple so the code is easier to read and hopefully easier to extend.

However, I do plan to add more generic features like showing player’s top scores, and option to show ads screen. These two were requested most.

How easy is it to change the game board for more levels? Does it require a lot of codding?

Adding level itself does not require coding. The level is configured using JSON file.

However, this game is not completed. It is just the core of the game so you have to write code on top of it to create a unique game. At least you will need to write code to display and save score when level ends, level selectors, and play sound effects.