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Visual Composer support would be nice.. Looks a nice plugin, nice work!

Thank you for sharing good idea, It will really work :)

do u have also interactive support for maps? Like active regions, hover, etc.

Its not available in current version.

if I ask it to you as customization, you can do it?

We can do that, but i need your full requirements. Please send me your contact details (email, Skype etc) on contact@mapwiz.io

Thanks Team Mapwiz.io

Hi from France :) I’ve bought this plugin but don’t undestand how to do for geolocation… Don’t ask me to be geolocated . Thx for your help and sorry for my bad english

Hi France,

Thank you for purchasing plugin. I would love to help you. Could you please provide your skype id so i can guide you and provide continuous support until your problem would be resolved.

Thanks, KC

Thx for your very fast reply :) I’ve send informations to contact@mapwiz.io

Pre-purchase question. Can you use your own custom image for a map and place the pins with info on top of your image instead of using a google map? thanks

Currently we are droping the pins on google map using Latitude & Longitude as well as its info window rather then any custom image because pins. all these things are being happened using services of google map api.

If you require these things on any custom image then we need to build a custom solution for you according to your requirements.

can i use this plugin integrated with ionic?

This plugin is compatible with WordPress applications.

Awesome work, great job!


Hi, The plugin doesn’t work anymore. I can’t add anything. Buttons are olso not working

Before you update plugin. Do you have create any maps or have data on previous version?

Thank you. But after creating a map there is no way to save the map. It only says exit.

we have add auto save, mean you don’t need to save map. Just copy the shortcode and past it. I have send you one more reply to your email.


i can put a minivideo player inside infowindow?

not for now, but we can add this, sooner.

ok waiting for this for buy.. :)

any date to implement minivideo? tks :)

Is there a working demo for this?

Thank you,

InHouse Graphics

Please visit www.mapwiz.io

Hi, amazing product. Few questions, any possibility to add categories to markers? and filter markers from categories? search markers from marker window texts? and Upload marker data through Excel?


I instaled the plugin but does not work. The help page do not apper too. Please could you contact me ? A Java error is occruing.

Thank you.

NO support, NO contact, NO answers ! Money wasted !

Where is your support ?

If you do not give support refund my money !

Hi Elisann,

My apologies you faced inconvenience with my response and plugin. I was traveling and got back. Please don’t worry I will refund you.

If you have Skype or whatsapp, please PM me.

Thanks 1stone


Please do check and do let me know if there any hassle with refund …

Thanks 1stOne