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Found another bug. If you go back to my map, I changed the Main Settings from showing the region names to just showing the custom tooltips. After I did that, it still showed the region names, so I changed it back to say “tooltips” and now the word “tooltips” is showing up for the 3 states I had before, Chicago, Atlanta and Boston. The rest don’t show the region name.

Also, when you hover over Boston marker, I put in the address of that location, does the custom tooltip take html? I want to format that so that there is a
after each line.

Please advise.


Hi in regards to my previous question:

So how can I make a separate list that highlights the region as you hover over the name in the list? And vice versa?


The fastest way to do that – email me to oyatek@mail.ru with login/pass to your WP control panel and I’ll make an example which you’ll be able to extend further.

Anyway email me, even if you can’t give me an access to WP.


Germany agrees with the map name in the region of Baden-Württemberg is not Badenx26Württemberg. Here, too, seems to work is not a link.

Here is the link where you can see it: http://webdesign-no1.com/services



That’s just a free map from Wikipedia, I haven’t edited region names there. I’ll fix it, thanks for pointing.

You totally forgot to put Malta on World Map! :-)

Sorry for this, I’ll fix it :)

Styling the custom tooltips in the markers tab and the “
” is converting to ‘n’ I guess php ruby on rails issue?

Yes seems like a bug, currently you can fix it by removing all line breaks in textarea, making all text in one line:
Tooltip text<br>Next line text<br>One more line text

Will be fixed in next release

Great! That worked perfectly. Thanks!

Hey! I’m looking for a map of the world atlas, with only continents selectable… (for your plugin). Do you have one? Thanks!

Hi, you can do that with world map included in plugin’s package. Open it in InkScape and merge all countries on each continent, then set continent names.


This is about my earlier question about segmenting the California stage on the USA map. You responded with

“You have to edit USA map in InkScape to make this possible. Copy+paste California to a new file, and separate it to several parts as needed.”

So Iv’e amended the USA map and segmented the california map but i’m after being able to use these segments like you can the different segments of the usa map. i.e.: label each one, each one takes you through to a different url etc. I’m only managing thus far to segment any part of California you click on takes you through to CA setting in the backend.

Could you explain where I’m going wrong?

ps. i’m using a mac and illustrator to make the amendments

Please email me to oyatek@mail.ru with attached SVG files you made (include separated California); also please add detailed description about what are you trying to achieve as I’m still not shure that I fully understand it. Do you need one whole USA map but with California divided to several regions? Have you read this FAQ ? – http://codecanyon.net/item/jquery-interactive-svg-map-plugin/faq/1694201

Hello! I just bought your plugin… I have a question, can I use custom images as a map country background? Thanks!

You can set background under whole map via CSS and make countries semi-transparent, but currently there’s no feature for each country background.

I’m adding my comment again because I haven’t heard about a fix yet. Website example: nationalestuaries-new.franksdesigns.com/about-anep/map-of-programs/

All areas (not states) have a link, all links are marked as “BLANK” as in Target=”_blank”. If you click on ONE area the link opens in a new window. BUT if you click on another (and any others) they will not open in new windows.

If you refresh your browser, even the first one you click will not open in a new window. If you clear your cache it works again but only for the first CLICK .

While you are logged into the site (Wordpress), it works more consistently.

Hi There,

Great Plugin. Very impressive so far!

Is there a way to show Spanish accents in the tooltips? Whenever i add an accent it displays as 00.

Thanks in advance

Hi, this is fixed in new version of the plugin which I’ll upload tomorrow to CodeCanyon (just need to check for bugs).

Hey Yatek,

This plugin is great – really looking forward to using it. I’m trying at the moment. I’ve attempted to display a somewhat customized US map, and then just tried one with no customization (US and other SVGs), and it doesn’t display at all.


You can see there an old imagemap (which is what this plugin would be helping replace), and if you look in the code you can see the div and script tags, but nothing shows up.

Any ideas? I’ve tried deactivating plugins in case there’s a conflict, but haven’t been able to figure it out yet.

Any ideas?

Hi, you have an error:

XMLHttpRequest cannot load https://wildernessawareness.org/wp-content/plugins/mapsvg/maps/usa.svg. Origin http://wildernessawareness.org is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin.

This means your map is under HTTPS and website is under normal HTTP . They have to be both on same protocol.

But you’re using WP version of the plugin so I’m not shure how you did that. Is you WP control panel under HTTPS ?..

My WP admin was under the HTTPS protocol, yes. I’ve undone that setting now, and the map still doesn’t show up. Do you notice any other issues, or is the same one still present?

I checked and you still have the same error. Have you tried to delete and re-save the map?


Bought this plugin and think it’s great. I am wondering if it is possible to add static labels to regions? I tried editing the USA SVG map and added text on top of one of the states, however when I use this map with MapSVG, it seems either the text I added is removed, or the colors are just blocking out the text.

Do you know of a way that I can add text to the image for labeling the regions?



You can add text labels in InkScape, then convert them to “path” objects, then “disable” each text label via plugin’s control panel so they dont become clickable regions.

Superb plugin – gets better with every new version :-) and thanks for all your support to date.

Have now got events to work (thanks for uploading fixed 1.04 version), however I’m having a problem nesting them. I need specific countries to have a colour fill on rollover.

This works fine:

function(event, mapsvg){ if(this.name == 'United_Kingdom') this.attr({fill: "#f8981d"}); }

However this breaks the map:

function(event, mapsvg){ if(this.name == 'United_Kingdom') this.attr({fill: "#f8981d"}); if(this.name == 'France') this.attr({fill: "#f8981d"}); if(this.name == 'Spain') this.attr({fill: "#f8981d"}); }

I wonder if you have any suggestions/ideas?

thanks again

william D

Hi, thanks for good feedback :) replied by email.

Map disappeared from the page (shortcode not working), updated plugin, map still gone.

Plugins page says “You must purchase Regular or Extended license to use this plugin”. I can’t figure out where to tell the plugin I already have a license.

replied by email

Hi, I sent a message for you. Mouse over event’s are not working in my website.

Tooltips are selected to show region name

You can check at http://www.blogcmmi.com.br/map

What I can do to correct it?

Hi, replied by email.

You told me to upgrade the version of JQuery, but how can I do this?


Hi there,

looks impressive but i need to display two different maps on same page. one USA and one UK I want to set one link for the whole USA map and one link on the UK map.

Currently this is not possible because when I select USA map it has all the states (CA, AK & etc.). I have tried giving a link (ex: domain.com/1/) for each state. To some extent this is ok but from search engines point of view they see that one map consist 50+ links going that are going to same page…

In other words, I want to link the whole USA map to one page rather and same to UK map (unfortunately your plugin does not have a UK map).

thanks in advance


Unfortunately only 1 map per page is currently supported but I’m working on it. Currently you can do that only by using html iframes.

Could you please provide me the UK svg map similar to the USA one? this is super urgent for me. Also I noticed that you have missed one of the biggest democratic country (India) from the asia.svg file. :)

Also how do I include a map in the php code?

I am trying to inclde the map on homepage so need to input the code in index.php

Hi awesome script. Im looking foward to have a Puerto Rico version. Could you or me make one? :\ i mean, if i could do it is enough documentation for customize a new map. Sorry never seen how this map work. And in case you could do it, are you aviable for freelance that kind of map?

thnx in advance! :)

ok i found the SVG map i want, just like you suggest it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:USA_Puerto_Rico_location_map.svg

Could i use it and integrate it to WP, add the secions with their names and hook it to the backend of WP so i could edit it just like in the screenshots of the map of USA right? :-) im so anxious to try it!

Hi, yes you can use this map, but it may be needed to edit it a little bit first in InkScape before using, please read this FAQ – http://codecanyon.net/item/jquery-interactive-svg-map-plugin/faq/1694201