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How do you update the underlying svg without needing to make a new database every time? The duplicate button just loads the old svg, even it I overwrite it with a newer version with the same file name. I need to update it every two weeks.

Hi, if that is a custom SVG file then just use “browse/upload” button on MapSVG start screen. If the map doesn’t update clear you cache. If you also need to reload the list of regions (if you add new), open the map in MapSVG, click “Save” and reload the page. That will reload data from SVG into the database. Yes I know sounds like a hidden feature and I’m adding a “Reload” button in the next version of MapSVG 4.0

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Hi, your example is made with MapSVG :)

If you open the list of resources in the browsers you’ll see mapsvg.min.js file.

Pre purchase Question

Anyway to preview the map and menu version of this plugin with the directory? I’m trying to make a mall directory and need ot see if this will work. Does this support multiple layers. I’m looking to make something like this https://www.breadowntown.com/directory/

Hi, upcoming MapSVG 4.0 will support layers with on/off visibility. Front page of MapSVG website has an example of map with directory: http://mapsvg.com

I’m running an older version of MapSVG (version 1.6.4), and would like to update to the latest version 3.2.3. How can I do the update without losing my existing map?

I tried updating the plugin but the map doesn’t display and it says that the plugin is running in compatibility mode w/ version 2.4.1.

Any thoughts how I can fix this?


Please contact me from support page and provide access to your WordPress.

best regards, Roman

Hi, I have a few pre purchase questions! 1: Is there a way to import data into the database by using excel sheets? We have about 200 sites and info needing to populate and it seems it would be very tedious to add them one at a time. 2: Is there an option to use a slider like google earth uses to show things on the map by year/time frame? 3: Is there an option to load info below the map? Like if I click a point and read the text there could I have a word highlighted so you can click that and it load the description below the map? Hope this all makes sense. Hopefully I can perform these functions because I will be purchasing quite a few licenses of this to use on multiple sites.


Thanks for your interest in the plugin!

First of all, MapSVG is very customizable via numerous javaScript event handlers so everything is possible.

1. Upcoming MapSVG 4.0 will have built-in CSV import-export tool. Meanwhile you can export Excel sheet as CSV and import data using phpMyAdmin. I can provide instructions on how to do that.

2. I did such task for one of my customers and I can provide a solution (it requires some javaScript code which you can insert into MapSVG javascript editor)

3. Do you mean that first you need to open default MapSVG Popover or Details View and then click some word in it to show more text below the map? Why not show everything in Details View? You can set the size of Details view to full map size and Details View has scrollbars so it can contain large amount of text/images. Also you can put Details View into any container outside of MapSVG – you just need to provide ID of a container. If you need to do something on click you can add a custom jQuery code which would handle that and put the code into afterLoad event handler of MapSVG.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

kind regards, Roman

I would like to have an image in the directory. I see that it is possible through the demo. I can’t find any documentation for it. I see that you have: in the template. It seems that I cannot get the right image source. Can you help?

I’ve tried emailing but maybe I’ll try leaving a note here. I’ve been trying to work out a fix for an iOS browser problem where pinch zoom freezes the browser on mobile devices. I sent multiple emails and haven’t heard anything since the first snippet I tried didn’t work and made the map work worse than before. I tried looking at other options but unfortunately this plugin is the only thing I can find to connect the products with the map in a satisfactory way on the site.

I need a fix for this problem, and I can’t imagine why there would be a map plugin available today that doesn’t work for mobile visitors. Is there any way to fix this issue with the wordpress plugin? It doesn’t seem to be happening on the jQuery version but I don’t know what all the differences are that could be contributing. I’ve been waiting a month for a fix or answer on this and with a premium plugin I feel there should be better support.

Hi, I replied by email

Hi. Is it possible to set different init (map loaded) zoom for mobile / smaller resolutions?


Sorry I removed wrong answer. That is not possible yet.

Hi. Sorry I meant viewBox property, but i suggest this also isn’t possible?

Hi, it became possible with latest version 3.3.1 which is already available for downloading. Use beforeLoad event handler:
    this.getData().options.viewBox = [100,100,400,300];

Change numbers as needed. You can set required zoom level in mapsvg interface then click MapSVG > settings > start position > set current and copy the numbers in beforeLoad function, then click “reset” to reset back start position


I have following problem!

After creating a map in wordpress backend and everything works fine.

But if i put the shortcode in a side, nothing happens and the map are not showing in Frontend! Clear cache is also no solution for me!

Shortcode from Backend (Plugin) [mapsvg id=”123”] or

[mapsvg id=”123” title=”Title from map”] choose from editor doesn’t work!

Please help! What can i do?

(question repeated by email, replied by email)


shkou Purchased

Hi Roman,

Thank you for your wonderful work! The map is on the website for almost a year and it works perfectly.

Can we have the changelog for MapSVG 3.3.0 please?

Thank you :)


Thanks for you feedback! :)

Please re-download mapsvg 3.3.0 – I’ve found a minor bug in it and just re-uploaded the plugin to CodeCanyon.

This is pre-release of upcoming MapSVG 4.0 which is almost finished. Lots of new interesting features will be added.

3.3.0 Changelog: http://mapsvg.com/changelog/


shkou Purchased

Perfect :) Thanks a lot.


delikia Purchased

Hi, im trying to do something like our older site but i dont know how to do this in this in mapsvg plugin, i show you a link goo.gl/qpPkVB

The thing i want to do, its when i move the cursosr over a region, i want to show data with direction, phone etc in the right side of the map like you can see in the link provided. Can you explain me step by step please? Im not good with js

Hi, please check your mail.

Hi Roman

This is a great plugin, works really well for the most part.

There’s a small error on your South Africa map. The Western Cape currently includes a very small section far below South Africa, that shouldn’t be there. This makes the map render with a whole bunch of dead space and scrolling is required when you have responsive enabled.

I see you have an import and export feature coming in your next release. Can you give us an ETA on when that release will happen as this feature will be really good. It’s a little cumbersome setting up CSV file and importing using mySQL at the moment.

Hi please check your mail, I just replied.


nero8402 Purchased


I am currently using MAPsvg 3.0.6 and it is slowly losing its reliability. I have looked up ways to update to the newest version and I have come up with very little. Is this plugin something that must be paid for every time it is updated or am I missing something?


Hi, if you already purchased the plugin on CodeCanyon then updates are free, lifetime. You just need to download the plugin from CodeCanyon and overwrite files on your server.


nero8402 Purchased

Ok, so as I inherited my wordpress from another firm, I just went ahead and purchased the newest MapSVG and installed it. I went in and created a marker for each location, however, for whatever reason the markers arent showing when published. What am I doing wrong and sorry to keep bothering you on this!

Please update to 3.3.2 it was just uploaded to CC and there is a bugfix for markers placement

Hi Roman, I have a display issue with the newest version of your plugin. Not all markers on the map are displayed (at the bottom of the map). And in Firefox Mac the SVG Map has a black fill (on hover turns into white and doesn’t change back on Mouse Leave). Andy ideas? Take a look at this: https://wp.agoshop.de/partnersuche/

Hi, the map doesn’t load at all by the link because there is some problem with jQuery. There is a bug in 3.3.0 version – DB pagination doesn’t work properly. I already fixed that in 3.3.1 which is already uploaded to CC – please try to update and see if that helps with markers. If you have black fill color in Firefox it means your forgot to add ”#” sign at the beginning of color value. Example, wrong: “FF2233”, correct: ”#FF2233”. Other browsers fix that mistake, Firefox doesn’t.

Hi Roman, as I said by mail, some regions on our map cant’t be disabled. Could you help us please ?

Hi, replied by mail, the map is already working fine, please check.


jinsley8 Purchased

Is there any way to add a minimum width to tooltips? They are too narrow for me right now, need them to be wider and uniform across all.

Hi, use MapSVG>CSS editor:
.mapsvg-tooltip: {
 min-width: 300px;