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Hey Roman,

When I click on a region with region filtering active, the pins dissapear. I wanna prevent the pins from dissapearing without disabling the region filtering. How can I do that? Can you point me in the piece of code that I have to modify?

Thanks in advance

I make another question as well: Is there a way to show all of the object I have stored in the database? Right now they go in pages of 30 objects. This is to show all the pins at once.

Hi, you can’t prevent markers from disappearing because markers represent your objects which are being filtered. And if you need to show all objects without pagination go to MapSVG > Database > Settings > set “0” to items per page option.

Hi Roman, is the feature “import from .csv or .xls” available today? Can I somehow import region-data from .csv? All I can find in this forum is related to .xml Import/Export… Does the “Pro”-version have this feature?

Hi, CSV import was available only in one of the first versions of MapSVG when its structure was really simple. Many things have changed since then so CSV import was removed but I’m going to return it back in one of the following versions. Meanwhile you still can import from CSV via phpMyAdmin. Find a table called wp_mapsvg_database_xxx or wp_mapsvg_regions_xxx where xxx is your map ID.

Good morning, I would like to buy the Pro version, but I have a problem with the Lite version.

When I try to enter the code on this page it gets a completely blank screen.

I have WordPress 4.8 with the theme BeTheme Version 17.4

How can I fix the problem?


Please provide more details – what code you enter, on what page? Lite version wasn’t updated for a very long time. You can test latest Pro version here: http://demo.mapsvg.com