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Hi RomanCode,

i want to write the Region Popover Template. {{#if status >= 2}} do something {{/if}} I read handlebars document and try so much but not work, please help me.

{{status}} return 0 / 1 / 2 / 3

sorry for my mistake, the closing tag should be {{/ifeq}} – same as opening tag. Not {{/if}}.

So great, thank you very much ^^. It works with {{/ifeq}}

And i want “if Less than”, i use

{{#iflt status 2}}...{{/iflt}}

“iflt” not work. Can you help me?

I read the document in https://www.npmjs.com/package/just-handlebars-helpers

“ifeq” is a custom Handlebars helper which I have added by myself into MapSVG package. You can add your own helpers such as “iflt”, “ifgt”, “ifgte”, “iflte” into /mapsvg/js/handlebars-helpers.js file. Remember to backup that file before doing MapSVG update and then copy your helpers into new version of MapSVG.

Can I use HTML in any database text field? I want to have an email address field that is clickable from the directory. Also I’m having troubles formatting the text in the directory to “autofit” to my left 30% of the container. Any thoughts?


Yes, you can have HTML in any DB field but if you need an editor with HTML highlight then you should use Textarea type field with “html highlight” option turned ON. You can output any field as HTML using 3 curly brackets:
But if you just need to show an email as a link then store plain email address and add HTML in the template:
<a href="mailto:{{my_email_field}}">{{my_email_field}}</a>

Got that bit. Makes sense. Now what about the text doing some sort of autofit. I tried altering the CSS but the DIV appears to be the whole container and not just the left 30%. I can make all of the text smaller but I’d just like to make the email addresses smaller but keep everything else larger as they are the only fields that tend to be longer.

Hi, i have an issue with the plugin in my wordpress admin, i have the 2.4.1 version, well the problem appears when i tried to edit a save mapsvg, always show me empty, with no map, with no regions only blank, i tried open or upload a new svg from mi maps folder but don’t load, can help me?

And sorry for my english haha


if i want to create 2 post type like 1) City 2) Airport

A) is it possible post type City have a criteria for review different from post type Airport ? like City will have 3 criteria rating : Safety, Clean, Public Transportation and Airport will have : Lounge, Customer Service, Luxury ?

B) is it possible for users to create a different review for each criteria i put on City / Airport post type ? like, if City have topic TOKYO, user who visit Tokyo page, will able to add different story and add different rating for criteria Safety, Clean, Public Transportation ?

C) If i have Topic/post call TOKYO on post type City, is it possible in that TOKYO page, i put lot of information and show all summary rating from all criteria i set (Safety, Clean, Public Transportation), and when i try to access one of criteria like Safety it will go to page that show all rating and review for Safety in Tokyo ?

Thanks, i hope it clear enough :)

How can I make it so when the user are in mobile version clicks on button “map” in the bottom of the page it closes the details view. Currently it only closes when the “X” is clicked.

Add this code into afterLoad event handler:
  var mapsvg = this;
  var directory = this.getData().controllers.directory;

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Thanks works perfectly

We we’re wondering if it’s possible to do the following: 1. If you search for a name and there are no results, no results come up, but it doesn’t say there aren’t any matches for this name. Is it possible to add text that says “No results found” if the query returns 0? 2. Once you search for a person, their detailed info appears when you click the listing, but if you then click on a state it remains on that listing until you X out of it. Is there a way to allow them to click on the map again to go back to the listing without having to click the X?

please check your mail

Hi, I have a map which shows regions as gradient, but when I import it to mapsvg in wp, then it black out those areas, how I can prevent it from showing black, I want gradient to appear and when I filter a particular item, or click on a directory item in only selected regions should show gradeint and rest should fill as transparent. Please advise?

I resolved this by exporting it properly from Adobe Illustrator, now it is showing gradient, but when I hover over them it shows them as black, instead I like them to show with border as blue, or maybe just reduce the opacity instead showing it as black background. How this can be done?

Hello again,

I was able to edit the map and now it loads well. I attached the SVG file. I have also uploaded to http://sitiodeprueba.cl/cchc/ Can you help me how to create a tooltips and Popovers for each region? I have seen your video tutorial on your page per I think that is from the previous version. I will be attentive to your help on how to create a tooltips and Popovers for each region.

Thank you

SPANISH Hola nuevamente, He podido editar el mapa y ahora carga bien. Te adjunto el archivo SVG. También lo he subido a http://sitiodeprueba.cl/cchc/ ¿Me puedes ayudar a cómo crear un tooltips y Popovers para cada región? He visto tu video tutorial en tu página per creo que ese es de la versión anterior. Esteré atento a tu ayuda de cómo crear un tooltips y Popovers para cada región.


hi try lite version of mapsvg on wp 4.9 but i have all tabs empty (menu, setting, color, ecc….). No error on console browser. the pro version works with wp 4.9?

Hi, yes Pro version was checked for compatibility with 4.9. I’ll check&fix Lite version today.

great, last question is it possible a integrations with woocommerce products? i can display products on the map? i ask thise becouse i would like to sell ski course and i have one course = one location.

Hi, integration with WooCommerce is possible as a customization, please see customization prices on my profile page.


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Hi. How could I change the directory’s background when I hover its related region in Map? Thank you.

Hi, that will become available in the next MapSVG version 4.0 which will be released in December/January.


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Do you have xml ? it´s very hard to configure, please

Hi, please explain what you mean by XML.


I’m looking for an Ireland map like this – http://mapsvg.com/maps/ireland/

However, the large area (Northern Ireland), I’d like to show the 6 areas within. Would I be able to customize the SVG map too?

Hi, you can take any of the included SVG files, edit them in InkScape 9add more areas) and upload the file back into MapSVG.


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Why markers are disabled?

Hi, please read this tutorial: http://mapsvg.com/tutorials/3.2.x/6/


I have a pre-sale question. I need a map of Bulgaria, which you have with all the states (which you do have as well), but need 2 more thing – different colors for every single state and the state should be able to be lead to different page (as a link). Also, what kind of filtering does it have? Thanks a lot. Waiting for your answer.

All the best, B.