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Hi I am working on a client website who has this plugin installed, I want to show one of their MapSVG’s and have used a text block and pasted the shortcode, but the map does not appear on the page – am I doing something wrong?

Hi, make sure that you insert the shortcode in WordPress page editor in “text mode” and not in “visual mode” because the latter inserts HTML tags into shortcodes sometimes and that breaks a shortcode. If you’re sure shortcode is OK then please provide a link to your page with the map.

Hi yes shortcode is definitely in text mode, please see dev page at http://glnz.mitey.co.nz/destinations/northland/

Hi it’s strange but I see your shortcode as plain text on your page: [mapsvg id=”10624″] – it isn’t being rendered. Do you use any other shortcodes? Are they rendered properly? Can you provide access to your WordPress? Please use this link if you can to send your credentials: https://codecanyon.net/item/mapsvg-responsive-vector-maps-floorplans-with-directory-search-filters/2547255/support

I write custom javascript and click Save button, but when I reload the page, my script don’t save


webkitvn Purchased

I tried it many times but it still does not save, it saved the first time I clicked save but then not


webkitvn Purchased

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'chunkSize' of undefined

This error show on chrome console

Please contact me from the support page to get further help (plugin update is needed, I’ll send you the files): https://codecanyon.net/item/mapsvg-responsive-vector-maps-floorplans-with-directory-search-filters/2547255/support

(And please copy your last comment to make it easier for me to remember what I need to do)

I am looking for a geo-calibrated map of Africa. It is not in the list of maps. Please advise


You can order such map for $50, please contact me using this link if you’re interested: https://codecanyon.net/item/mapsvg-responsive-vector-maps-floorplans-with-directory-search-filters/2547255/support

Hey RomanCode,

One of my clients has purchased this plugin with a view to using it on a project but I’m having a lot of trouble trying to get it working properly.

I’m using a custom uploaded SVG

When I add custom fields to the region and save the data it looks like its saved. If I then leave the map and return all; my data is gone.

I also cannot seem to add anything to the database I get this error… “Server error: object wasn’t created”.

I would also like to know if it’s possible to get data attributes/classes added to elements based on things like status or our custom fields?

Thanks Stuart

Thanks for bug report, I’ll fix it. Contact me by the link above to get updated version of the plugin.

Thanks for the response, I will contact you for the updated plugin. One thing I keep asking but you’re yet to answer…

“I would also like to know if it’s possible to get data attributes/classes added to regions based on things like status or our custom fields?”

Is this possible?

I’m not sure I understood the last question. Please explain in more details what you need to do. If you need to get region’s custom field in a template:
In custom event handler (for example click.region):

The maps at http://thefallsatwestmalltt.com/mall-map/ don’t work. They are not loading the .svgs correctly. The site is actually installed at thefallsatwestmalltt.com/wp. Appreciate any help you can provide. Thanks

Hi, SVG files paths are stored without leading /wp/... so if you open console you’ll see 404 error for all 3 SVG files. You can fix file paths in phpMyAdmin, wp_posts table, find posts with IDs = map IDs. Edit post_content field – find source: ”....” string and add /wp/ at the beginning of it. If you don’t have enough experience I can do that for you if you give me access to your WordPress, use this link to send me your credentials: https://codecanyon.net/item/mapsvg-responsive-vector-maps-floorplans-with-directory-search-filters/2547255/support

Thanks, got it! Just didn’t know what table to look in to fix.

HI Roman Code, I’m looking for a plugin which allow me to create my own map showing the different hunting parcel of the region and give the possibility by inserting a date to show the diffrent parcel where hunting is on at that time. Does MAPSVG plugin works fine for this project ?

Thanks for your reponse


Hi, if you already have your custom SVG file or you’re going to use one of the included SVG files and yes MapSVG is definitely able to do what you need.


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Hello, thanks for your quick answer.

In my project, is it possible to insert more that one date to highlight a specific parcel. Does you documentation explain easily how to make it ? Finally, I need to create my custom SVG file, do you recommend a specific software to make it ?

Thank you


Hi, yes you can add multiple custom fields with dates. There’s no field with automatic datepicker however so you’ll have to use a plain text field and enter a date manually in the desired format. If you need to create a custom SVG file I recommend to use InkScape, check this tutorial to get an idea: http://mapsvg.com/tutorials/create-interactive-map-from-svg-file/

Hello, is it possible to trigger the popover for a region, programatically? You have this http://mapsvg.com/tutorials/add-map-with-clickable-menu-to-wordpress/ tutorial but it doesn’t seem to work in WP anymore. However the first map here http://mapsvg.com/maps/usa/ has the auto-populated list which does what I need except the thing that I don’t want to autopopulate but use a javascript trigger. I saw that MapSvg object is available but I don’t see any documentation for how to trigger the popover on a specified ID.

Thanks a lot

No, unfortunately. This function is global openMapSVGPin(‘FL’) but it returns nothing. You can try with the piece of code you provided and see there’s nothing popping on the map.


I’m sorry – I did a mistake. Change this
var popoverContent = mapsvg.getData().templates.popoverRegion(region);
to this:
var popoverContent = mapsvg.getData().templates.popoverRegion(region.forTemplate());

That did the trick. Thank you very much.

Your plugin looks perfect for a project I’m working on. One bit of functionality my client has asked for is the ability to open the popover in a modal window. Not a deal breaker, but would be good to know how feasible it would be to do this.


There is no built-in modal window but I can provide a code which would load a message into bootstrap modal window if your website already uses bootstrap. Or you can show a message in any other way with MapSVG click.region event handler – just pass the region object wherever you need.

Great, thanks for your prompt reply. I’ll get back to you if I need any help.


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Hi, How to make map with full sceen hight ?

Hi, you can try to use MapSVG > CSS:
#my-map {
  position: fixed;
  top: 0; left: 0; bottom: 0; right: 0;
And add my-map container in wp page editor:
<div id="my-map">[mapsvg id="123"]</div>

I have a pre-sales question: is it possible to mark locations in a world map. When people click on a mark, they can vote ‘yes’ or ‘no’, and from that moment, you see a percentage of how many people voted yes or no. So after clicking on a mark (location) you get a poll with results in the end.

Looking forward to your answer!



Hi Peter, that requires a customization, may be a connection with another plugin which allows voting on different topics. Check my profile page if you’re interested in paid customizations.


webkitvn Purchased

I wrote an email to you last week, have you read it yet ?

Hi, yes I’ve got your mail, I’ll reply to it today.


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I have two questions. Currently I have the map set up with the directory next to it. When you hover over the text in the directory the map changes color which is correct but when you hover over the region I’d like the title text in the directory to change color, I’m sure this is possible but everything I’ve tried so far has not worked. Also, the colors on the map are faded, is there some reason this is happening? Thank you


Please contact me using support link – https://codecanyon.net/item/mapsvg-responsive-vector-maps-floorplans-with-directory-search-filters/2547255/support

I'll send you a new version which has directory items highlight.

And please provide to your map – I’ll check faded colors.

Hello guys I am thinking of buying your plug in but I would like to know if I can use the following map: http://teatrodiana.com/newSite/localidades.php to custom in the plug in. I need the jquery version to integrate it into my html website. And if so I need to put each picture a text and an image when the mouse pass by each one. I already have the map in svg format created in Illustrator.



I try to upload my SVG map in the demo but don’t do anithyng, the screen it’s in a blank page…

Hi, please contact me using support link – I’ll reply and then you’ll be able to send me your svg file in mail attachment: https://codecanyon.net/item/mapsvg-responsive-vector-maps-floorplans-with-directory-search-filters/2547255/support

Send me the file and I’ll take a look


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Hi Roman, have you received my email?

Hi, just replied to your mail

presales question, I want to create similar like Map & Menu on your demo, but I have a question.. it’s possible to create my own map, I mean this plugin is possible to upload custom svg map or not? thank you

Hi, yes you can upload a custom SVG file.

I’ve trying this plugin from your WP Admin Demo, and I can upload my own custom SVG, it’s works! and next follow this instruction http://mapsvg.com/tutorials/add-map-with-clickable-menu-to-wordpress/ but some menu is different the this instruction and video, it’s really make me confused do you update the tutorial to newest version this plugin?

That’s old tutorial for version 2.x, you need to see tutorials for 3.2.x: http://mapsvg.com/tutorials/

If you want to create a menu then see this tutorial (“Directory”) for 3.2.x: http://mapsvg.com/tutorials/3.2.x/4/

After upload my SVG map I don’t see any content right on the map (tabs). It is completely white and nothing happens when I change tabs. In browser console there is no information about errors. I tried to switch off plugins one after the other – nothing happened. I changed user permission folder /uploads to 777 and still nothing better. What else can I do?

Hi, I replied to your mail.


We’ve recently purchased your plugin, which is awesome by the way!!

However, we have a slight issue that I’m hoping you can resolve.

We’ve configured the plugin to work on http://thegreenkilnwoodvale.com/the-site-plan-alt and when you click a region on the map the region details view appears perfectly. However, we would like the same view to appear on hovering over a region too but we can’t get the mouseover function to work correctly.

Please can you help?


Hi, replied by email.

Hi, Pre-sale question: We have a real-estate project and we need to point out real estate plots on the map. Below the map we have a table list with plot information (size, price etc). Can we link to the real estate plots on the maps using link classes or id-s? For example: if i click on the “Plot nr 1” on the table then correct plot on the map will be highlighted? Thanks, J.

Hi, yes that is possible: HTML:
<table id="my-table">
    <span class="plot-item" data-plot-id="plot-123">Plot 123</span>
jQuery('#my-table').on('click', '.plot-item', function(e){
  var plotID = $(this).data("plot-id");

MapSVG 3.2.3 Has someone the same problem and can not create a regions field for the database? The field will not save… PLS we need fast HELP!!!