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I just purchased. When I viewed in the admin page, all setting pages are blank. How to fix it? It’s for urgent project, but now I can edit nothing. Thanks.

Hi, sounds like a conflict with another plugin. Could you provide access to your WP? Please mail the details through my profile page – https://codecanyon.net/user/romancode#contact

Would great v. helpful to see a changelog for 3.00 to 3.03


Hi. I just purchased plugin. I have a problem. Please see screenshot: https://screenpresso.com/=ioFUb Why php code don’t work on the map? I need links in description this building. How can i do it?


Qewd Purchased

Also for more convenience i offer add navigation arrows to move between elements of Database as shown in the screenshot: https://screenpresso.com/=hSscc Can you do it in the next version? I think it will be useful for all users.

Hi, please don’t start long support requests in comments, use email instead. I’m writing a reply to you currently by e-mail. Thanks.

Replied to all questions by email


We have update the plugin from 2.4 to 3.0 and the maps that were created in 2.4, now don’t works. Appears a message “An error occurred during update of your maps created in previous version of MapsSVG. Please contact MapsSVG support to get help”. And another message in red if try to open one of them “3.0.2. 2.4.1 (compatibility mode) “

Thanks for your answer

Hi, please provide access to your WordPress (send your login/password by email).

Hi Roman,

I have just updated to version 3.0.3 and there are some nice features. But I have a problem with the Database region. I created a Dealer like in this tutorial: http://mapsvg.com/tutorials/3.x/2/ But in our company one Dealer is responsible for more than one region. How would you do this?

Hi, good question, that’s not possible with 3.0.3 but may be I’ll add such possibility in 3.1.0.

BUGS IN VERSION 3.0.3. After editing CSS map and saving all tabs not loading!!! Map is working normally on link: http://botkinmoscow.ru/glavnaya-stranica/ But after saving i can’t change map settings in admin panel in Wordpress. Page is empty. Please see the screenshot about it. https://screenpresso.com/=iblff There is error: Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected string Text of 613 string: https://yadi.sk/d/9e3ee0gg34EKGc I don’t want to lose the done work. Please help to solve the problem

I found solution. Trere was problem with css styles. I wanted change size and colors of zoom buttons. And I copied styles from default styles to tab CSS for future changing.

And in this code was row —> content: ’’; <— After saving map with including this code in tab CSS was problem – page with map settings was empty. I deleted this code in MySQL and page loaded normally. Why this happened?

Hi, I’ll try to recreate the problem on my side.

Bug in version 3.0.3…. I have same problem than Qewd…. When we create new map and set parameters, right side of admin map page become blank… and map doesn’t work…. So this version is totally down…. Please do something quickly !

Is it possible to have an answer ? This plugin doesn’t work ! $35 for nothing…. Not a good support…

Hi, replied by email.

I note that wp shortcodes aren’t supported. How do I add slides or carousel content inside the popover? Thanks

Hi, if you know how to use slider / carousel via javascript then you could use MapSVG “shown.popover” or “shown.details” events (you can find them in “JavaScript” tab of MapSVG control panel). So if you want to start a slider after popover is shown, then you could use something like this (shown.popover event):
function(e, mapsvg, mapObject){
  var dataForSlider = mapObject.data.myParameters; // get your parameters for the slider from clicked map object
  startYourSliderFunction( dataForSlider );

it’s just an example and you need to adjust it.


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I’m having a problem where I can’t save anything to the database. This seems to occur when I try to add an item to a region.

Also when I migrate my site the maps I’ve created no longer seem to work?

I've emailed my site details. Any help would be greatly appreciated as it's quite urgent. Thanks so much!

Cheers, Jack


jackb87 Purchased

Thanks that bug’s fixed as per your update – although can’t get any regions to show up in the directory? Have emailed you a few days ago but not sure if they’re getting through?

Cheers, Jack

Hi Jack, please check your mail.

Before I purchase, I want to ask, can the database have multiple filters? Like for example, the example you have on the main site: Is it possible to filter by region, and then again by type (like profession). Can this filter be available on the side instead of the map?

Hi! Not yet, complex filters are under development. Currently there’s only filter by region and search by string. You can define what fields should be “searchable”. You can have one or multiple searchable fields. So for example you could have “profession” field in the database and mark it as “searchable” so when user inputs anything – database would be searched to match the entered string with profession column.


Hagam Purchased

Good morning I would like to integrate two maps of two different nations. Specifically, I wanted to create a map with Italy and Switzerland together. How can I do ?

Hi, you can place two maps near each other on one same page with one size and same background color so they would look as 1 map. It is also possible to combine 2 maps into 1 SVG file in vector editing software (AI or inkScape) but this way you’ll lose geo-calibraration and all related features (markers with geo-coordinates).

Hy RomanCode love your pluging from what I saw in the demo, I havent bought it yet. My questions is, I wanna create different maps, with different markers in diferent pages. Can I create with this plugins more than one map or it just renders one??


Thanks for you interest in the plugin! You can create multiple maps, on separate pages or all on one page. You can test that in the WP demo as well – try to create a few maps, then insert shortcodes into one or more pages.

Hi, thanks for your work on this plugin! I am trying to figure out how to break a state map into congressional districts (regions inside a state). How can I group counties into a District/Region?

Hi, you need to modify SVG file in InkScape or Adobe Illustrator. You can find some information on how to split large areas to small in this tutorial: http://mapsvg.com/tutorials/create-interactive-map-from-svg-file/ (please note that tutorial is for old MapSVG 2.x but SVG file created with that tutorial can be used with MapSVG 3.x as well). If you need to group counties, you could do that in InkScape as well – select counties, Menu > Path > Union. Don’t forget to set ID for a new Region.

I’ve just purchased MapSVG and am encountering a few frustrating problems. Just like your Customer like Jackb97, I also can’t get any regions to show up in the directory. There are also no Markers and I have problems displaying data/images in Directory View with Templates. I have emailed a few days ago but not sure if they’re getting through?