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Hi, when I installed the plugin it is calling itself MapSVG Lite even though I bought MapSVG through CodeCanyon. Is this correct? I also want to be able to import markers and was under the impression that this was possible through Tools > Import but cannot see this option (Export option is there). Is this due to the same reason that the plugin is titled Lite? Thanks!

Hi, it should not be called MapSVG Lite. What version number it shows you? It should be 3.1.1.


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Hi, I got a xml display error on uzbekistan & world-low-resolution map files and find out that by erasing inkscape:connector-curvature="0" from the source fixed it. U may want to add that to ur repo. FYI: Great plugin

Hi, thanks for letting me know!

Why does the “Edit Marker” is disabled in my plugin 3.1.1? Or was this not part of the plugin? I need a marker to my map that will trigger different locations inside counties…

Hi, in version 3 markers are not independent things anymore. Think of them now as a representation of database objects. For example, “office” is a database object with fields such as email, address, phone, etc. And marker on the map is a representation of “office” which is a MapSVG database object. So you should add a “Marker” custom field into your MapSVG database structure. Then when you add a database record with “Marker” field, “Edit markers” button becomes available and also you can add markers by entering address.

Hello RomanCode, before I buy this plugin, can you create a menu with your own custom SVG files? As I want to create floor plans with menu.

Hi, yes you can use your own SVG file and you can even try to upload it into the demo to see how it looks: Wordpress MapSVG – http://demo.mapsvg.com/ jQuery MapSVG – http://mapsvg.com/mapsvg/


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Hi, 2 related problems: 48X48px images (jpg or png) won’t show in popovers. If I change them for other larger images, then they show up. How could I fix this? I just need small flags on top of each popover. Then, if I uploaded such a 48X48 image, I’m not able to erase it from the database. So if I add one more, it shows me a “broken image icon +1”. How could I delete an image from the database?

Hi, does it work ok with WordPress 4.7? If not, when should we expect an update?

Hi, yes it works with WP 4.7


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Hi, I want to select multi region for team?

Hi, there’s “Multi select” option in Main “Settings” tab.


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I want select multi region for one person ? Sample image to see the site : http://www.jenile.com/fr/content/28-devis thx

Hi, there’s “Multi select” option in Main “Settings” tab. But by your example it looks like you just need to color groups of regions with different colors? You can do that in “Regions” tab by clicking on “brush” icon on each region row. It allows you to change region color.


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Thanks for the reply, I want on Database then Region multi but it is one region ! It can not multi region !

Sorry but I can’t understand what you mean here: “I want on Database then Region multi but it is one region ! It can not multi region !” . Could you explain it in other words?


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Hi Roman, I guess Royman wants the same functionality as me and many others: to allow an object to be associated with several regions :) Will you update soon? Your plugin is in production now. It works like a charm!