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1) When I try to add an address on the front end it says: “Unable to find address Prevent this page from creating additional dialogs” and very quickly closes the dialogue but in the dashboard the marker is there and set to pending. I should not be getting the “Unable to find address” error message as it has found the address it just has not been authorised. Why am I getting the spurious error message and how can I switch off authorisation so new markers are added front end are immediately added to the map?

2) When I add a marker through the dashboard I can just enter a postcode or area, select find address & all ok but when I try to add a marker on the front end I have to put in the house number, street, postcode, country etc I need to be able to enter general area as some locations do not have all of this info. Why is the front end marker entry so much more complicated? If I do a search on the front end is there a way I can use that location information for a new marker? this would then be the similar to the dashboard.

3) When adding a marker front end can I add it to multiple layers?

4) When I do a search on the front end is there a way to display a marker on the location – just a wide view of the area is rather vague.

5) On the dashboard if I have a marker waiting for approval I get a status “Preview” but that just takes me to a blank page. Not a problem if I can turn off authorisation but thought I would mention it.

6) Do you plan to do an enhancement so that the marker details can be edited / updated through the front end?

Sorry so many questions – this software is so close to what I need.

Hi there,

Could you send us an email at support@onebite.nl? So we can take of the error you describe in your first item as well as answer your other questions.

It does seem like you need extensive customization of the plugin, make we can help you out.

Kind regards, Mapsie support team

Pre-purchase question. Can you use your own custom image for a map and place the pins with info on top of your image instead of using a google map? thanks

Hi there,

No, the plugin works entirely with Google maps and places markers based on geographical coordinates.

Kind regards, Mapsie support team


I would like to purchase your plugin but I want to make sure it would be ok for the task I need to be done.

1. I want frontend users to be able to define a route (by setting starting and end marker).

2. Afterwards I would like to treat the data to find out similar routes. For instance, those which ending point is closer than 1 km.

Is any (or both) of these two things possible through you plugin?

Thank you very much

Kind regards,


Hi Javier,

Sorry, I’m afraid that’s not possible with Mapsie.

Kind regards, Mapsie support team

I am looking to limit the number of submission per radius… Can this be added or custom built? Also if that is doable then could we charge per listing?

Hi Nathan,

Everything is possible! Please contact us at support@onebite.nl. What do you mean exactly by “charge per listing”?

Don’t waste your time. Adding markers and it doesn’t even show them on the map, despite showing them addded inside wordpress under the markers section!!


Hi Socialweather,

Have you enabled the option “Front-end markers are saved as published instead of pending.” in the settings tab? This option prevents newly made markers to be shown in the map, but the markers will be saved in the back-end. If the problem persists you can contact us at support@onebite.nl and we will help you resolve this issue.

Kind regards,


Hi Lewis,

We checked some of the data in the front-end of the website and we might have found the problem. Could we get (temporary) full access to the back-end of your website so we can check if we can fix this?

Kind regards,



I would like to know where the markers are stored ? I don’t seem to be able to find them in my database.

I would like to be able to automatically create markers, based on another table.

Thanks, Julien


Is it possible to have a refund and cancel my license ? The product does not correspond to what I’m looking for after all !

Thanks for your understanding.

Best, Julien Pesssey

Add a new map does not work


Hi willembb,

Can you send us an email to support@onebite.nl, with your exact problem, your website and WordPress user-information?

Kind regards, Mapsie support team

Is this plugin compatible with WP 4.7x?

Hi Digiblogger,

Yes it is!

How can I remove the default layer? its annoying. There is allready an “all” selector. Why is there a default?

sorry for mass comments, but…

I have added simple localization support to your plugin by adding this to your main php file.

function mapsie_load_plugin_textdomain() { load_plugin_textdomain( 'mapsie', FALSE, basename( dirname( __FILE__ ) ) . '/languages/' ); } add_action( 'plugins_loaded', 'mapsie_load_plugin_textdomain' );

I added a folder to your plugins dir called “languages” and I can successfull create a translation file.

BUT: when I add a translation, for example for “Maps” to “Karten”, the menu items is removed instantly after saving. This is the same for every other word or phrase.

Maybe you can add a real translation support that is comptible with the way the admin menu and frontend is generated (wordpress codex)

Two translation questions:

Where can I hard translate the tooltip “title” and “description” and the tabs “title” and “description”?

Hi there,

Take a look at /templates/template-mapsie-frontend.php. I’m sorry that the translation is not thorough enough.

Kind regards, Mapsie support team

I would like to buy your plugin but i have some pre-purchase questions: 1.Is it possible for a user to place a pin via click into the map (my user need a possibility to add a pin at example in the wood, without any street or zip-code)? 2.Is it possible to translate your plugin (only frontend) into another language? 3.Can I change the dimensions of the map? 4. Do you have other live-demos / pages with you map? Or, do you have a Demo-Version of the plugin? I looking forward to hearing from you. Kind regards Marc

Hi there,

1. No I’m afraid it’s not. The placement of the marker works based on street/address. 2. To some extend. You can always change the template file (see comment above). 3. Yes 4. Yes, here it the demo link: http://plugins.onebite.nl/

Hi, I’m intested on buing it and I’ve 2 questions.

- Does it works with latests versions of Wordpress? Is the plugin updated? - If the form is used by mobile phone it is possible to get the address info from geolocalisation of the mobile? - If the form is used by mobile phone It is possible to add pictures taken by the phone?



Does your plugin enable front-end users to not only create a marker but also then be able to edit it?

Can the app let me or other upload images so that when you click on the marker it will pop up?

Is there a URL associated with the app that allows users(with no account access) to make entries such as location, date & time to the map?

How do I designate a layer as a default layer? Thanks!

Can we make the “create a marker” option only viewable to those that have a private URL?


crixham Purchased

Would it be possible to get an answer on the questions directly above this morning?