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Looks good but, a demo would be nice :)

Excellent script and very nice and simple to initiate, very forgivng with the address parts required unlike some other map api integrations i have used, can use 2 parts or three parts from what I see – now i have to figure how to fetch and push address details from my database into the script :)

I like this but will be better for sales if you let us see a demo

would be better with a demo but be assured this is a very good script and very easy to use with any database driven site also, I have adapted this to pull in the address parts into two php variables in this script and it works perfect, as shown in the screen shots only three lines of code (actually 1 line made up of two address parts) need be changed to show any location, im no programmer either but it is very easy to use and very very cool!!!! :)

This is a great tool Google devised.

And the script is well priced, consider how long it would take to look into the google api documentation to pull this off well.

The packaged examples work straight out of the box.

I noticed you can click on the map anywhere, and the street view jumps to that point. This is great but I wish there was some indication to the visitor that this is possible.

The little man and compass view on google streetview would be awesome. At the least, maybe an icon where you are standing and or the cursor is a pointer or something? Although the hand does show you can move the map… ?

I bought this because I was told that the current pitch and yaw could be retrieved from the view, I made the value true but I see nothing that shows the data

I want to use this for a list of addresses but each one needs to have the pitch and yaw recorded properly.

Hi, can you make this map so that we can add photos that we take…it would be a nice feature… Thanks! Jim


could you please be more specific, how you would like to have it implemented?

Thank you

can you please tell me how the captureyp is supposed to work, this is useless to me when the address doesn’t show what it’s suppose to show right off the bat.


if CaptureYP is set to ‘true’ then every time you change your position in the StreetView window the current yaw and pitch are recorded to the variables {instance}.CurrentYaw and {instance}.CurrentPitch. This is a helper function if you need to determine the current users view location.

I figured it out thanks, one more question, what’s the code to hide streetview when it’s pulling an address that hasn’t been photographed? it just shows up as a big blank space.

I purchased “this” file and when I just went to re-download it says “This item has been removed by either staff or the author and is no longer available. Contact support for more details.”... is this a different version?

ok then… you gladly took my money for a version that doesn’t work, so how about you send me a version that does work.

Hi. My map is not centered: It is set to full height/width only if I resize the browser. Can you help me?

Good stuff, but I have a query about inputting the address. For a client I have a popup page that shows a Google map. If you look at you will see it. With exactly the same address format yours is showing a blank –

Is there a way to change the map marker to a custom icon marker? We would like to customize the maker icon.

Can you modify this script for quick adding specific size street image from the address like on example: ? basically i want google street image instead of slider, like here

This isn’t functioning. Its throwing an error with the GM api.

Timestamp: 2/28/14, 8:52:11 AM Error: too much recursion Source File:,adsense,geometry,zombie%7D.js Line: 11

damn why did i buy this…

Are you going to upgrade this from google map api v2 to v3? I can pay for a copy of it. thanks

Hello, how are you

I need a map to load from a saved address in the database. For example: xxxxxxxxxxx Street nr 123, Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, RJ. Your system may work well, or is it static?

The map would be charged according to the recorded address on MySql database. My website is in PHP.

Thank you