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for Code Quality

I have bought hundreds of code and themes on envato market. Mapplic is by far the best custom software I have ever bought. The author replies back to you and helps you learn the code. The code is solid and has tons of integration. I have it running seat maps for my venue and it is kicking ass. everyone loves it so they can pick their seat!

for Customizability

Easy to customize, easy to use, works well in all plataforms.

for Customer Support

- Definitely worth the money if you need map-making software
- Takes a small amount of time to learn what the code is doing and how to make it fit your own needs
- The developer support makes Mapplic worth every penny

The support you get with this product is unreal!
Not only does the plugin support all the features I wanted when I made my design, but the developer has been completely supportive of all my needs.

I have emailed the developer back and forth multiple times over the last few days with general questions and problems I couldn't solve on my own. Every time I sent a message, I got a detailed response within 24 hours that completely fixed whatever problem I had.

This product does take some time (for me anyways) to learn if you have never made a map before, or worked with SVG files. I have spent time just looking over and playing with the sample files that come with the purchase, and this helps one understand how the code changes the page when it's running in a browser. Aside from that, my only real challenge will be getting proficient with InkScape or Adobe Illustrator so I can make a good SVG map.

Great product, easy to use, great documentation, outstanding support!

for Design Quality

I'm not really sure about some of the complains, other than they were expecting and interface like the WP version. This plugin is one of the few that I've found to do something similar to the project we have and simplified the time/effort I was going to have to put in.

There are some features that would be nice to have, but the developer addresses comments pretty quickly. It might take a couple days, but the people freaking out over not getting an immediate response are ridiculous. I've had two questions answered within one to four business days.

The documentation is a little confusing and has require some googling about (there are some helpful youtube videos and the WP documentation), but over all it's a good plugin.

for Customer Support

Great plug-in. Had a problem and it was fixed by the author in minutes! Thanks!

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