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Does Mapplic provides get directions facilities or trace rout between user location and indor destination?


Thank you for the interest. Wayfinding feature is not available at the moment.



How can I can make the sidebar category not expanded when loaded. also I want to have a full screen height, it seems cannot be done by css. please help

Hello is anybody around here?

[WordPRess Version]

There’s an ‘Expand by default’ checkbox for each category. The 100% height requires custom JavaScript modification.


Hi, your script look awesome. Just to check is it possible to have a footstep indicator to a specific location? pls advise. tx

Thank you, I’m glad you like it.

What do you mean by footstep indicator? A custom pin type or wayfinding feature?


means, the indicator will show moving footsteps to location

Something like a wayfinder? Please get in touch through the profile page contact form.


logidat Purchased

Hi, the Adobe Illustrator example file is included?


Thank you for the interest. No, only the SVG files are included in the download package.

Let me know if there’s anything else.

Hi, before I purchase this which is awesome by the way, is it possible to use as a Custom HTML Joomla 3 module?


Hi, I purchased the plugin but twice by mistake as it was already in my cart. Could I get a refund for one of them please?

All good, I received your email regarding the refund. Thank you.

Regarding making it work on joomla custom module it would be greatly appreciate it. I will contact support.

Thanks again

All right, thanks for letting me know.

Hi, we are looking for a map plugin with a requirement for dynamic loading of json, e.g. when the json file gets updated with information, it should load the data into the map without a browser reload. Is this achievable with this plugin?


Sorry for the late answer. Making live changes is not possible by json modifications, this would require custom modifications of the plugin.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Hello. For some reasons the tool does not work on mobile. I’ve tried it on my safari and the whole element is seemingly hidden.


Thank you for using Mapplic. Can you please get in touch through the profile page contact form and provide a link to your site? I will do my best to find the issue.

hi are you here? i am looking at ur demo now, is that any full screen demo i can refer?


Thank you for the interest and sorry for the late answer. Full screen demo? What do you mean?


Hi, I have a question. Instead of specifying the JSON file name in source parameter is it possible to get json code from php axaj call for example or an api?


That is only possible with custom plugin modifications. I just replied to your private message, check your inbox for more info.

Hi im just new in mapplic gonna use the jquery plugin version of it can you suggest what softwares can i use to make a beautiful site map i will be glad to hear your suggestions

follow up question mapplic only support svg formats ? in your newest example what software you use its okay not to answer thanks and God Bless


Thank you for the interest. The supported file types are svg, png and jpg.

im getting an error this is what it says data file missing or invalid i use an .svg file and my source is correct and map is correct to what should i do ?

before I purchased the product my friend experience x and y not wrking

please reply

Are you using the default landing page? If you click Usage in the main menu, will the small brown box appear with the coordinates?

Data file missing or invalid – My JSON code is VALID when I copy and paste the code in to the suggested Formatter but when I upload the file to my web server and copy and paste the URL it’s not valid.

Is this the reason why some people are still seeing “Data file missing or invalid”? How do I fix this?

Page: http://bigwinisland.com/Waterfront_Association/Service_Path JSON: http://bigwinisland.com/BIWA/mapplic/service-path-map.json


As RevelationGon suggested, have you been using a web server? Make sure you’re not opening the html directly in your browser.

If you need further help please get in touch through the profile page contact form.

did you have a server or wamp or xampp when you use it ?

It should work with any of them. We are using xampp for the development.

pixel why my x and y coordinates not working ? i yes the developer but the and x and y coordinate doesnt show ? please help me sekler not replying :(

Can you please get in touch through the profile page contact form, provide your purchase code and a link to your website. I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible and let you know why the coordinates are not visible.


I am very interested for multiple licenses: 1. Can it work as kiosk mode on Windows 10 with Google Chrome? 2. Is there a demo of the admin interface? 3. My users will only be using touch, no keyboard, is that an issue?


Hi, Can we use this for a flat image? i mean we have a mall floors as a flat image, can we point items (stores) and use it like your demo? thank you

Hello. Does this plugin support Russian language? Will I have any problems with cyrillic?