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bongofm Purchased

Hello !

We got the wordpress version for a project (theme park map) and now the jquery for another.

Great Plugin!

I would need to make the More button in descriptions open in a new tab. I understood that is there is an action attributes but it seems to be working only for the sidebar. when I use action : open-link-new-tab, it opens the link when I click the location in the sidebar. But I need to keep sidebar as it is and that it is when people click on the actual “More” link that it opens in a new tab.

Best regards,


Hello Quentin,

Thank you for using Mapplic and your kind words and sorry for the late answer. I believe you’re looking for this: https://www.mapplic.com/docs/#link-new-tab

Let me know if there’s anything else.

i ve purchased the jquery version , am trying to run the demo “apartment” but it doesn’t work , it shows the following message “data file missing or invalid try to run script from server” please help

If you still need help please get in touch and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Hello, I’m looking for a plugin which allow me to create my own map showing the different hunting parcel of the region and give the possibility by inserting more than one date to show a specific parcel where hunting is on at that time. Does Mapplic plugin works fine for this project ?

Thanks for your reponse



Thank you for the interest and sorry for the late answer. Yes, if you can create the map graphics, you can use Mapplic to make it interactive.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Hi, a pre sales question: Don’t works for México? Thanks.

Sorry for the late answer and thanks for the interest. We can provide a Mapplic compatible Mexico map. Feel free to get in touch using the contact form if you need it.

I am trying to build a campus map. Can I add a custom location? I have not purchased the plugin yet. My main purpose is to add location from place to place (from one building to another). Thank You.


Thanks for the interest and sorry for the delay. Yes, you have full control, custom locations can be added without any limitation.

Let me know if there’s anything else.

This code is the best. Thanks Csaba for your help and for creating this code. It is amazing. Even with my limited javascript and json and svg knowledge, the documentation and the clean simplicity of the code makes even a novice put together a winning map.

Thank you very much, I really appreciate it! :)

A quick question before purchase, can we include custom onclick actions ? For E.g , if I have a custom map created with custom states, if I click on the state I should have an option to perform some actions based on the click, is this achievable with the existing jQuery plugin ?


Thank you for the interest and sorry for the late answer. Yes, it’s possible: https://www.mapplic.com/plugin/docs/#api

Let me know if there’s anything else.


infozer Purchased

Thank you for the response, I have made my purchase ! I will get in touch if I have any further questions

Hi, I like the look of this plugin, when using a custom map is there a editor to create hotspots etc?


Thank you for your interest. The jQuery version has no editor, the map data can be found in a .json file that can be edited with any text editor.

The WordPress version has advanced backend interface.

Let me know if there’s anything else.

Hello sekler, I am trying to use your plugin with Angular 2 but it’s not working… It says “Zone already loaded”. Do you know why? Thanks

Hi are you able to search for a location and the app gives you a route to the typed in location for example am working on a mall app if i were say on the ground floor and searched for a store on an upper floor could it give me a direction mapping for it.


pwnhcca Purchased

Also interested in using this app full screen, i.e., 100% height. I’ve tried a couple of things, but the main map doesn’t naturally fill the viewport nor is the minimap accurate.


pwnhcca Purchased

Ok, this seems to work:

$(‘div#mapplic.mapplic-element’).css(“height”, $(document).height());

and then followed up by a dynamic window resize function.

Does It Support Arabic Language Or Not