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NICE ! . One suggestion to make this a more valuable product is to have an admin for the map so numbskulls can add icons and forms to map. They would also be allowed to select icons and add the email address for recipient. we then can add to membership site and members can create their own icons and forms :)

I would buy 2 of these in a heart beat for a couple of my clients then I am sure our other clients would like it as well.

Hey webguy, thanks for your comment and that you like our item. That’s a great idea! But a admin area will make a simple item much more complicated. In the first place I think about data storage and user management.

We will discuss it in our team and try to find a simple solution.

I will send you a message if when we came to a decision.

Thanks Jens Autobahn81

Thank you autobahn81 for this item.

I have uploaded it to my site, but cannot find any of the markers. Don’t know if I need anything else to be able to set and edit markers.

Kindly let me know,

Thank you,


Hey Tony, thank you so much by purchasing our item. Hava you uploaded the folder mcfplib and the file index.php. And then called index.php?

Please send me the link to your site and I will have a look. (By the message system if you want)




Hi before i buy this product can you add more than just a contact form in to all the different places on the map like different thing for each one.

Thanks Craig

Hey Craig,

thanks for your question. At the moment the same html/contact form is used for each marker on the map.



Hi i purchased this and it does not send emails, everything works 100% according to debug mode even though when you send an email and gives you everything you have sent it says name twice instead of the message you sent.

Also the email destination is not receiving the emails.


Hi Getfreebies,

thank you so much for purchasing our item.

In our test environment e-mail delivery works. Please send me a message over the contact form on our profile page ( I will send you the next release of the item with a file to test email delivery on your server.

Sorry for the inconvenience.



Release 1.2 is online:

  • Bugfix for javascript error in Internet Explorer 8.
  • Improved visual style in Internet Explorer browsers.
  • Fixed bug in form builder.


I have addresses which do not have an e-mail. Is It possible not to display the form for these addresses?

Thank You for your suggestion!


Hey Mick_,

thank you so much for purchasing our item. The e-mail is needed because the stuff typed in the form is send to the e-mail address of you add the the location.

The e-mail address is not shown to the user. So you can use just any e-mail where you want to receive the input from the form.

Jens Autobahn81

is it possible to have the info appear on the map just by hovering over the links?

Release 1.3 is now online:

  • Bugfix due to new version of jquery.form.js.
  • Removed external reference to jquery.form.js.
  • Performance improvements.


On the email that is sent, is it possible to have the sender’s email address in the From field, rather than the default server account name for that site eg currently like “” (or whatever it is)


Hey Bluesboy,

thank you so much for purchasing out item. Thanks for your bugreport.

An update which address this issue was updated to codecanyon. It will be available until the update is reviewed by envato stuff.




Release 1.4 is now online:

  • Fixed a spelling mistake in the contact success message.
  • Added From and Reply to to email header.

If theres only one marker would it popup automatically? or still have to click on it?? can you make it popup automatically?

Hey Powmarketing,

year. If you only have one marker on the map the popup opens when the map is loaded.



Purchased and integrated, love it so far. Will test it and rate after.

Hi Jussel,

thanks for your positive feedback!



This would be awesome but a lot of my sites are responsive sites which re-adjust for mobile devices.

Could this do so as well? maybe something to think about

Hi Globo_Logic,

there is nothing special implemented for responsive design. But you can use percentage values for the size of the map.

Hope that helps.




Release 1.5 is now online:

  • Added a css reset to prevent google maps controlls to break in rare conditions.

I just bought this item and it turned not to be as straight forward as I thought. The installation instructions are not clear. Very confusing.

This will be my first and last product to buy from Envato. I am very disappointed.

Hi Salsinij, i just send you an email. With some basic instructions. Thanks

Jens Autobahn81

Hi, I am very interested. Is this code responsive for mobile phones?

I have purchased and followed instructions but the map is not displaying. Please help.