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How many custom maps can utilize on my site?

As of now you can only have a single map using Mapify.It’s features. However you can still use normal Google Maps throughout your site alongside the Mapify.It map. Also, you can place your Mapify.It map anywhere within your site as much as you like (it will just have the same content in all instances). If you need a more robust plugin, with unlimited maps, feel free to check out our pro version:

How many unique pinpoints can Mapify render per map?

While you can have an unspecified amount of pinpoints, they must all use the same graphic image. So, at this point you may only have one type of pinpoint, though it can be any image of your choosing.

Can I specify routes, as in a beginning and ending point on a map?

Not at this time. Mapify supports multiple locations but does not allow the linking of routes. This is something we’re considering for a future update.

Are there any Tutorials available?

Yes you can see all of our tutorials for setting up and using here:

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