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Hi! I uploaded custom map image, and pin, and i cant get pin to show the right coordinates? I have multiple locations, how can i set them to show the correct locations? Thanks!

Hi there, image mode does not have GPS coordinates for obvious reasons. You can use any image for a map so there’s no way for it to guess. For example, i could upload a photo of a face, or a fake map of Middle Earth. You must hand plot all locations when in image mode. Hope this helps!

Hi, thanks for your answer. It is clear to me that image mode does not have the GPS coordinates, maybe I didn’t explain my question properly. Where/how can I hand plot locations when in image mode?

No problem! In the map location settings, you’ll see the image map at the bottom. You’ll only need to double click to add the location, and can then drag and drop as needed to plot it exactly where you like.

Hi. I am interested in the premium version but I’m not sure if this is the right plugin for me. Hoping you can help. To provide context, I have a group of mentors I want to show on a map but not actually have them tied to their physical address, only to their city. The idea is that we can show off that we have 200+ mentors from all over the world – use an image, bio, and social URLs (1. hoping the popups can have links). However the mentors need to keep their anonymity. Is this doable? 2.Perhaps the custom maps would really help with this? 3.How would clustering work if I have 5 from Chicago for example? Thanks!

No problem! I think I understand so here are my responses:

-You can plot the mentors in the basic area of their residence, without using their address. Just use the city, or general area. You can plot locations anyway as needed, and reposition if needed.

-Yes you can inlcude active links in the popup :)

-Image, bio, and social links can be nicely arranged in the popups too.

-Clusters are active based on the zoom level. So if you have 5 in chicago, the cluster will appear only if the user is zoomed out farther. Clicking the cluster will automatically zoom in to reveal the 5 individual locations found within the cluster. Clusters can be enabled or disabled also.

You can see all of this in action on our demos that we have on the home page: http://www.mapifypro.com

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the response. I just wasn’t sure if I said Chicago IL generally for five people if they would all be on top of each other. Thanks.

Happy to help! And yes if you enter it that way, they will be placed on top of one another, so you’ll want to manually drag them so they spread out a bit :)

Im not quite sure if this is the same as the ZenDesk support — but please contact me with a correct set-up sample *.csv via info@weltendaneben. Im Pro Costumer trying to get this to work for month now. Even the sample-file Shown in the Documentary itself does not import correctly. ( Google Maps failed to retrieve exact location (manual entry is required)). Thanks for your support, MH.

Hi there, I believe we are sorting this on zendesk now. Feel free to contact us there if this is not the case as we are back in the office addressing these issues.

Can this plugin read location data from exif information in images? For auto-creating location-based image galleries on a map?

Hi there! No unfortunately that is not a supported feature. Sorry!

I wonder if it’s possible for example add 1000 pins from a KMZ file and create galleries and so on then when I add a new KMZ-file with 1200 pins (200 new) and 1000 existing. Will it overwrite? Or will it only update with 200 new locations or how does it work?

Hi there, this plugin doesn’t support anything other than what’s explained on the details page. However, you may be interested in a combo of our software: MapifyPro and KMZPro. I believe we discussed this on facebook but in case you’re not the same person, you can check those out on our site: http://www.mapifypro.com

Hi there, I’ve managed to upload a custom map but can’t find how to upload an image for a custom pin. I’ve watched the tutorials and went through the support forum but can’t figure it out myself. Any help much appreciated!

Fantastic, thank you so much! I was just not having a proper look, apologies. Another issue though now that I’ve uploaded the custom pin: when embedding the map with the short code, only a “fraction” of it is shown on my page. It’s not the width but the height which seems to be the problem – any idea how to fix it?

Hi again, no problem on the oversight, it’s easy to miss. The new issue sounds like you may be loading the map in a tab? If so this is a common issue common to all google maps. Can you send me a link to your map so I can have a look?

Hi there,

thanks for checking, it’s a custom image of a map and no tab (at least not that I’d know of). Here’s the link for your reference: http://www.nad-lembeh.co.uk/diving/dive-sites/

Thanks again for your help!

Thought I’d ask here since its been 7 days without an answer on your support site.. I bought the pro version and found a nasty bug with the location import feature.. I put the GPS coordinates of my locations in the address field as per the CSV instructions.. But your script geocodes all these! Why would you geocode the GPS coordinates? This moves my locations to the closest address,, Not to mention all the unnessesary hits to my google account.

Also, if it finds a duplicate Title, it will just update the location rather than adding a new one..So for 94 locations that I uploaded, only 53 were added.  Shouldn't the address location be the one for a duplicate check?

Hello! We are looking into this issue right now and should have a fix shortly. We believe it is a bug with a recent API update as it wasn’t handling GPS coordinates this way originally. We will announce once the fix is live for MapifyPro.

This comment is currently being reviewed.

This comment is currently being reviewed.

Hi. I paid here on codecanyon, downloaded, and tried to install this plugin. It immediately had warnings and I couldn’t get the site to work until I deactivated the plugin. This is a fresh install of WordPress with a Divi theme. I contacted customer support and they were prompt at first telling me that it might be an issue with this version here on codecanyon. They asked for some information which I promptly provided, however they went completely dark and I’ve gotten no response to my 3 reply emails in more than a week. Is there an issue with this version of the plugin. I still have no map and I’m debating buying a different plugin. Any help you can provide would be much appreciated.

I got a response a few minutes ago “I recommend using our free version as Mapify.it has become a bit outdated. The free version has all of the same features, and is much more up to date.” - So your support team is telling me to use the free version instead of the one I purchased from you recently. Why do you have an outdated version for sale on codecanyon?

Hello. I’ve already explained the reasoning for this and provided a refund. We are working on the update for Mapify.it, which does work but has become a bit outdated. The update should be live shortly.

is the pro version compatible with wp 4.7.3?

Hello! Yes it is fully compatible and we are running 4.7.3 on our site now: http://www.mapifypro.com

I don’t think this plugin is supported any more.. :( I bought the pro version and had to make the fixes on my own, 2+ weeks and no response from their support.. If you know how to code, then this is a great plugin, if you don’t.. your screwed..

Hi there, we are still supporting the plugins and I apologize for not seeing your inquiry. We are working to update this specific plugin (I see that you have not purchased this one specifically) and will be sure to catch up with you on your ticket.

Hi, can I add an image to the pin pop up like on this map? http://aalborgportland.com/contact/

Ups! I can’t make this plugin work either. I want my money back!

Ups! I can’t make this plugin work either. I want my money back!

Hello! If it is not working for your particular installation, feel free to request a refund via the Codecanyon/Envato method and I will ensure you receive it. Thanks and sorry it didn’t work out!

Hi, can I add an image to the pin pop up like on this map? http://aalborgportland.com/contact/

Hello! this is not a supported feature of this plugin. I see that you had issues with it as well. If you send me a private message I will issue a deep discount on our pro version, which has this feature and more: http://www.mapifypro.com


I can not set a custom image for the marker and map. After I click on set as image, the uploader goes blank.

Found a solution!

Glad you got it sorted!

Hello there,

A pre-sale questions. Would it be possible to filter the store location based only in countries (Example when I select Portugal > list of the store should appear). Is this doable using your plugin?

Hello! This is only possible in the pro version: https://mapifypro.com/product/mapifypro/

You can filter locations by any topic with MapifyPro, but not Mapify.it, which does not have filtering features. Thanks!

I found an other problem. The mapify plugin is not PHP 7.* compatible. Will it be in a future update? Thanks a lot

Hello! We are working on an update for Mapify.it and yes it will support the most recent PHP version. In the meantime, please contact me via a direct message and i will provide you with a solution. Thanks!