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I purchased MapifyPro and sent a support ticket A NUMBER OF DAYS AGO regarding the batch upload spreadsheet not matching the fields in map location and I HAVE NOT HEARD BACK. Could someone please get back to me so i can actually continue to progress with my project??

Hi there, if the fields do not match then you must download the updated .csv that comes with the latest version of our plugin. They are updated as we add features. Thanks!

Can you have only 1 map with the basic version?

Yes, only one map. Thanks!

Hi there, what is the difference between Mapify It and Mapify Pro and Mapify Lite? Also I tried to use Mapify Lite but it doesn’t work.

Hi there! Mapifylite/Pro use a totally different mapping API than Mapify.it (which uses Google maps). I believe you started a ticket for the lite version and I will check that now, but it is working on our side. We will definitely check the issue however. Thanks!

Has this been updated to work with PHP 7 yet?

Hello! Yes it works with PHP 7. Thanks!

Pre-sales comment: I tried Mapify Lite and noticed there is not much that can be done through that. I actually really like the map that is created for your demo – http://preview.codecanyon.net/item/mapifyit-customized-google-maps-for-wordpress/full_screen_preview/2577184. Can this be created through mapify? Am I able to have different background colors for different US states to show regions?

Hello! The demo here on CC can basically be created with MapifyLite also as it is very similar tech. You need to use custom image mode, and use a similar image of the map to achieve that effect. Unfortunately you cannot highlight states/regions as locations are only marked by pinpoints. Thanks!

Can I use this to inform users of travel disruption? Draw on closed roads, add markers to airports etc

Hi there, this isn’t really possible with Mapify.it as you can only have 1 customized marker. It’s possible with our pro version, but for updates on traffic etc. you would need to manually add a location to the map each time to report these items, it is not automated. Also, you don’t really “draw” but instead place a marker. You would need PrettyRoutesPro to draw poly lines, but again you’d need to add them manually: http://www.mapifypro.com

Hope this helps!


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Hi there, I have a problem with image quality in the gallery. I upload 1920x… image which looks flawless when I open it on the web, BUT when opened in location gallery it is really poor quality. Can you hepl me with this?


racasl Purchased

Hi, when uploading, the size of the picture is 1920×1280px. Even when I try smaller picture (downloaded form Facebook so around 680px) it turns bad. It is almost sure that the plugin makes it’s own copy of the picture and resizes it to poor quality. When I open the picture in new window, it has different name then original. Is there a possibility of “turning off” this function and in the gallery to have the SAME picture I upload? Not a poor copy. Thank you very much.


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And it looks the same on HD monitor and Retina.

Hello again, we do not have this function in the plugin. As you’ll see on our demos, the images are not downgraded to the point of blurry-ness: http://www.mapifypro.com

You may have another plugin installed or setting that is causing this. It is tough for us to say. Please submit a ticket here and price WP-admin access and we’ll be able to have a closer look: http://mapifypro.zendesk.com


Hello, I have a pre-sales question. We are working on a project that needs the user to see all “Pharmacies” around their current location. So we need Geolocation and the ability to display all “Pharmacies” without entering these locations into the plugin manually. Does this plugin support a search/display option so that we can embed a map on a page which will show ALL pharmacies?

Hi there! Unfortunately our plugins do not support this feature. Sorry about that!

Hi guys. Any chance your plugin can help with building a map with locations of all the registered WP users on a website? To see it on map where they are from?

Hi there! This is possible but a huge undertaking with this plugin as all locations need to be entered manually, one by one :/ Our pro version has a batch uploading feature that let’s you add via .csv, but would still take some work. None of our plugins will automatically plot locations based on WP user locations however.