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HI there, I Purchased the pro version via your website. BUt I am completely frustrated. I have added the Google API Key, however the maps won’t load the correct address or zoom in. It freezes and then the zoom function disappears. Any support most welcome as I can’t find a solution online and my website launches this afternoon!

Hi there, it could be a conflict or an issue with the Google key. I would need wp-admin access to have a look. Can you send me a new ticket on the support system? We actually just hired a new tech agent are getting all caught up. Thanks!


Hi there, this issue has still not been resolved. Can you advise on when an update will be issued or can I be refunded? I have purchased both Pretty Maps and Mapify Pro.

Hello! We are working on this issue now and my developer should have a solution shortly. I believe we’ve corresponded on this via the ticket system? I’m supposed to hear back today on that fix.

Hello! I’m very interested in purchasing this plugin but I wanted to make sure of one thing first. When you CLICK on the marker, I noticed it opens the content in a light box. Is this able to open a new page on the marker click instead? Thank you!

Hi there! This is only possible on our pro version (MapifyPro). It allows you to specify what happens when the marker is clicked, and includes the ability to open a new page on click. Check it out here: http://www.mapifypro.com

If you scroll down to the demo, to the right you’ll see a marker that says “50+ free Map Pins…” which is an example of linking to a new page.

We’re also running a 15% off sale this month. Here’s a promo code for 15% off any purchase: MAPAWAY15

Hope this helps!

Hi, can one plot coordinates with this plugin then have a line overlay of this. example being yacht currently based in a location and is going to be at another location. Green line showing current location, red line displays past locations?

Hello, you’ll want to use the shortcode for PrettyRoutes, not MapifyPro. It looks like this: [route-map map_id=”494” height=”500” width=”700”]

Here is a link to the full documentation. Sorry for the frustrations!


thanks for the link. no frustration at all. The plugin works well thank you! Maybe add the documentation to the initial email link you send out to download or zip file as I did not find these when purchasing. Cheers!

No problem and will do! We previously had the link on the account page but we’re in the middle of redesigning that, so we’ll be sure to make it easier to find in all regards. Glad you’re enjoying it, and feel free to leave a review on the site if you get the chance as those are a big help to me and the customers. Cheers!

Purchased Mapifypro and pretty routes for a project and having issues but can’t seem to get a response via the support link there. Submitted three days ago with no response. Also tried messaging on the Facebook page with no response. Looks like support is active here so I thought I’d try this next. When I activate the plugin, I get php errors and have to manually deactivate the plugin to get the site to load at all.

php error is:

domain.com/wp-content/plugins/mapifypro-master/lib/mpfy_map.class.php on line 124

I believe we have responded. If you can provide your ticket number here it will be easier for us to make sure we’ve located your ticket. Thanks!

No response that I can see. Request #4253.

Ok I’ve found it. So sorry about that, for whatever reason the ticket fell through the cracks. Responding now.

Hi, first of all sorry for my english, i’m using Google Translate. I purchased mapify here on CodeCanyon but when I went on the website I realized that this is a limited version. Could I be reimbursed? I would like to directly buy the pro version of the plugin, thank you.

Hi there, yes if you send me a direct message I can give you a promo code to remove the difference. Thanks!

Hi, I just downloaded the basic version of Mapify. I have an API key but can’t find where to post it in the settings part of the app. This is a rather urgent project so a quick response will be greatly appreciated! Best, Iva

Hi there, it is under the Mapify.it tab near the bottom. I believe I sent you an email earlier with a screenshot.

Hi, like I replied in the mail, that option is not available in the basic version. I sent you a screenshot in the email but can’t do so here. Basically, all that I have under settings is ‘Map “Image Mode” settings’ and ‘Map “Google Maps Mode” settings’, neither of which offers a location to paste an API key. I do believe that it’s a bug in the software and not user error. Please do let me know what you can do to help.

Hi there, it’s not a bug but a matter of the incorrect version. I have issued the refund as requested.


DoWhyMe Purchased

Thanks i will implement this later on my website http://www.mojoglas.rs

Happy to help!

Cannot add map image, When I try to insert an image from media library the media popup window goes blank forever. I paid for the basic version and it seems that it doesn’t work! I tried using my google api key but I get an error

Pleaee make sure you’re on the latest version of wordpress and that all plugins are up to date. The issue with the media library typically tends to occur with outdated versions. Thanks!

Hi I can’t add a custom image and it says we’re using an unsupported image regardless of size or filetype. I have no other security plugins activated.

I have emailed support 4 times regarding this issue over 3 weeks and had no response. Which is disappointing as the first issue i had an immediate response.

4375 #4308

Could you please get back to me or give a refund as I need to get this completed.

Hey Sy sorry about that. I’ve been out sick with strep throat and fell behind. I’ll hop on that ticket now. Thanks!


If I understand correctly, you do not support the mashup maps? Like every post has loaction, and a map is automaticly populated with markers, baesd on taxonomy filter. Infobox is in that case populated with excerpt.

Regards, Martin

Hi there, that’s correct this plugin does not support mashup maps. Sorry about that!

I am having the same problem that “ronenrer” mentioned above. I cannot add map image, or a map pin image. When I try to insert an image from media library the media popup window goes blank forever. If I try to use the URL option and add the URL for the image the “insert into post” does not seem to do anything.

All of my plugins are up to date and I am running the most recent (4.7) version of Wordpress.

Hello, sorry for the frustrations. Can you send me a private message? I will resolve the issue there. You can send me a message via my profile page in the sidebar. Thanks!

Pre-sale Question: We are looking for a solution where we can add pins to a map and when you click the pin you get a popup. It appears your solution will work for that, but what constraints are there in terms of the popup content. Can we embed a wordpress short code to be displayed on the popup?

Hi there! You’ll want to check out mapifypro, which allows a much more robust solution for the popups, and is fully responsive. We also have a free version to try out first: http://www.mapifypro.com



Some pre-sale questions.

I am planning on using this theme that has custom post type for events: http://themes.themegoods2.com/grandphotography/demo/pages/event-4-columns/ 1. can I show only upcoming events on the map (like the theme does) -without having to delete the expired event in WordPress database

2. I want to use this map for my business to show multiple locations. Can I set change default map marker to company logo? I only read about changing marker for categories.

3. Can I use this plugin on multiple sites or do I need to purchase a separate license for each

4. On your preview site you have a blue map. Our branding is orange. Would it be possible to create the same map as your homepage but in orange

5. Hovering over map marker, can I make the content in the popup clickable / linked to other content on the site (i.e. a page or anchor within the page)?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi there! I’ll answer these in order. First up however is that you’ll want to check out our pro version as it is much more robust. I’m not intending to upsell but this will serve you much better, so my responses are in regards to mapifypro. You can see it here: http://www.mapifypro.com

1. Yes this is possible with the pro version: You can have the events display on the map as needed as they are similar to blog posts and can be published or set to draft mode. They won’t be automated however, IE they won’t remove themselves at a certain date, and must be managed by the admin for live/hidden locations.

2. Yes you can have as many unique marker icons on the map as needed.

3. We have a developers license that allows unlimited use on as many sites as needed. Otherwise yes you need a license for each site.

4. Yes this is possible as you can use any image you like. However you are responsible for creating the map if using custom image mode.

5. Yes the pro version supports html links in the tooltips :)

Hope this helps!

Hi, I’m a web designer and my client wants a somewhat customized map on their site. Does the map support these items? 1. They would like their branded colors on the map. 2. They would also like to have a custom marker. 3. They are interested in having driving directions. 4. They do not want to show the Google reviews on the map (even though they have great reviews). Can these be turned off? 5. They are also interested in having nearby areas with labels showing on the map, but not necessarily businesses in their same niche (general nearby landmarks would be fine). I’d love to find these out before purchasing. We are fine with purchasing the Pro plugin if that’s the one with these features. Thank you!

Hello! You shouldn’t be receiving that message as it is not built into our programming. Did you remove your old version of the basic plugin first? Also, did you follow the documentation: https://mapifypro.com/MapifyPro_Documentation_2.0.pdf

You no longer need a license key from us, but google requires you to generate a browser key. We’ve created a tutorial on how to do so: https://mapifypro.com/how-to-create-a-google-browser-key/


I think what happened was a plugin conflict with another map plugin I forgot to uninstall. It seems to be installed correctly now. And thank you for your reply in the support forum!

No problem, happy to help! Glad you got it sorted and I also just saw this after looking into the issue, so disregard my ticket response if the issue has been resolved. Thanks again!

How to add the map to the site

Hi there! Please note that the documentation is in the downloaded file if you purchase it here on codecanyon. All instructions on displaying the map are there. Thanks!

Is it possible to display Reviews from Google Places on the map locations?

Hi there, unfortunately this is not possible at this time. Thanks!

Hi, I’ve installed the Pro version of the plugin, and everything seems to be working great. I am now trying to figure out how to apply custom colors to the “Style” section or to upload my own image. I don’t know where to get the image from. We’d just like to use a brown and pink “style”. Thank you!

Hi there! You must supply your own image for custom image mode. You can google “Free map PSDs” to find a lot of free map images to get you started. As for uploading and such, be sure to check the documentation: https://mapifypro.com/MapifyPro_Documentation_2.0.pdf

Hi, thank you for your reply. We need a map of their town that’s brown and pink. I don’t think we’ll be able to find that on Google. Is there a way to use Snazzy maps or to change the Google map colors? Google allows this with their code, but I don’t know how to use that code.

Hi there, yes this is possible. MapifyPro has a collection of snazzy maps styles installed, but it’s rather easy to add more. We do have a pink style too that might work, so be sure to check them out. Thanks!

Hello i would like to add map the same width as on the site, here example https: //mapifypro.com / ... how to adjust full size ,,, thank you

Hi there! You need to use a shortcode with a width=”100%” variable in there (in place of the width = “300px” in the generated shortcode). Note that your theme must also support a full width template as Mapify will not overwrite your theme settings. Note that this is in regards to MapifyPro, not Mapify.it: http://www.mapifypro.com


I need a maps plugin, that can zoom on certain areas on button click. I need to have the Shops list across the whole country, so people would press on their town button for example Berlin, and the map would zoom in to berlin, and show all shops there that sell our product.

Can this plugin to that?