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Starting with a non available apk link isn’t a good start. At least, you designed it so you must have one already published so why not send the Google Play link

I don’t have a Developer account so i can’t publish this app.

Sorry, my demo apk link was broken, I had updated demo link

Is this eclipse based ? Or android studio ?

Hi darkphp, this source code written by Android Studio

Good luck for Sales

Thank you very much, this is my first item sell on Codecanyon.

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Send me a PM or email

Good luck with sales

This app had one admob smart banner at bottom of home screen, you can see it in screenshots.

do u have IOS version ?

Thank for your attention about my app. But unfortunately, this app hasn’t iOS version yet. I will try to make it soon.

I can’t download apk demo, new link please !

It still there but Dropbox encountered error. You can try again with OneDrive: http://1drv.ms/1WRpwoC

the code does not work. you are welcome to have a look for yourself.

Thank for your purchase. What error are you encounted? Please read and follow document to setup project before run. If you still can’t run please email me include error detail.

Nice work, but are ready to work for custom modifications?

Estoy interesado, pero me gustaría saber si esta app está actualizada?

Thank you. Plz, use English!

Hello, in the description talks about weather info. There is no such thing?

I’m just update newer version that fix don’t show weather info. Check it out

Hi, How to get weather info?

I’m just update newer version that fix don’t show weather info. Check it out

what is more accurate in calculating distance? is it Map Tracking with Admob version 3.0 OR Android Speedometer with Admob?

will you send the full source code after i make the purchase?

of course, you will download from codecanyon directly

when i install the app on the virtual machine it comes me the error ” tracking 3.0 has been stopped” !!!

If I install this app on my FridgeFreezer, will it tell me if my Carrots have been dancing around the kitchen whilst we were out? lol sorry, I had to add to the unusual comments I have read here :D Great app by the way. Well done. I am interested :D

can i use this app as Traffic App Solution/Platform that road users can use to help each other beat traffic by informing them about the traffic conditions, thereby providing others with information with which they can use to make smarter decisions about routes to take.

where i can find the keystore password? I had baught your product.. Having a problem with SHA-1 certificate fingerprint. Please help

hello i cant build the app please help?