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smartredfox does not currently provide support for this item.

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Hi, thanks for the great plugin but i can’ not disable the “Category Multiselect” Funktion. this is my shortcode: [maplist showdirections=”false” showdirections=”false” categoriesaslist=”true” hidecategoriesonitems=”true” categoriesmultiselect=”false” locationsperpage=”10” hidesearch=”true” hidefilter=”false” hidesort=”true”]

You see with categoriesmultiselect=”false”! But it is possible to check more then one category.

The ” ” are right and the plugin is up to date.

Please help. Best Regards.

initialsorttype=”category” also doen’t work…


Im having some issue with the location search which every wired. I have sent you the info through contact page of your website please check

Hello… I’m testing your plugin and I intend to buy but I have a question. How to make the search accept words with accent and without accent, because I am from Brazil and in Portuguese we have many words with accents. Is this easy to do? Will I have any cost of code change?


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Last answer is 2 month ago… and I didn’t got an answer writing to their support directly…

is the plugin dead?

Hello, can you please tell me how to adjust the map shortcode, in order to:

1) how to set a specific initial zoom level for the entire map

2) how to cener the map on a specific location

Thank you.

Just noticed your last answer dates back to two months ago.

Shall we expect no answer from you at all?

I have bought the plugin, but still have the older version: 3.12.5. When i download the new version and install it, i still have the old plugin. Where can i download the newest one?


Just ran a Malware scanner (GOTMLS) on my site an it listed a file from Map List Pro (v 3.12.5) as a threat: /includes/admin/SettingsPage.php

Could you please look in to this.

Thanks in advanced!

Any updates on this?

i am interested in this, but most important if there is any support?

Hi, I want to buy Map List Pro plugin for my new project. I have seen some fantastic features that I can do with this plugin. I have a new project which requires me to draw the custom polygon showing a certain area on the map (shaded with different colours). Can I do this with your plugin?

It is a great plugin. People who criticizes the author for the lack of support should read before buying, it says author does not provide support for this item. but it works great. It takes a little bit of tweaking if you need to achieve certain things but it works perfectly well.

Hi. When I zoom-in I do not load the map. And if I zoom-out, it stays gray. But paint the POIDs. What is the problem? This is the web http://www.cerdanya.org/on-dormir/

This is plugin fully customization as to where

1. I can add pictures for each listing shown? For example, Barbecoa.. I want to add a Barbecoa logo next to the description. 2. When I click on Barbecoa link under the listing section.. it links me back up to map. Can I have it so it links to particular websites?

Also, is there a custom search filter function to this plugin I can use?

I’m sorry.. to be more specific.. I need to be able to create custom search, which means I need to be able to create and add custom fields for the search. For example, sorting by prices, etc.


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Hi there!

I want to it to disable srolling, but disablescroll=”true” doesn’t work. What could be the problem?

Two questions: First, I am looking for a way for end users to be able to add locations and select what categories their store should be included in – including nested categories. Is this possible? Second, if this is possible, can the listings be put into a pending status until approved by someone via the backend admin panel?

Looks like this plugin is dead…. no answers in over 3 months to anyone…. Ill let Envato know. Thanks.

Is this plugin dead?

Can the location be emailed once its searched ?

Hello, I am getting a google api error that says NoAPIKey but when I added one through Google now I get an error saying there is multiple apis.

Is there a way to fix this problem? If not I’d like a refund since this plugin isn’t working properly.


Hello, I am experiencing the same problem as described by JFlaque. The areas are grey when moving too far or zooming in with a scroll wheel. The map in question is not in a tab either as that was mentioned as a problem in the help documentation. I see this behavior at the developer’s own site: http://www.smartredfox.com/plugins/map-list-pro/ as well. This is a recent development. Has anyone experienced similar and found a solution? thanks.


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Hi, I would like to make link to good map location when I click on view on googlemap. Please help


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Also I would like when I select the categories not to hide the locations categories that I select, I would like the opposite. Please I would like the reply as soon as possible. now it 4 days that I didn ‘t received a reply

Hi does your plugin work in a full screen environment as my website layout is full screen so I want a plugin that would show a full screen google map with clickable icons?