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Hi James

This time I am trying to add a custom field into the map infobox. I wolud like to avoid getting stuck on this for next few days till I find the solution. Hoping You will help.

I saw Your manuals: “How to add extra fields to the location editor” and “How do I pull custom fields into the description?” I even found some posts with your instructions, but none of them was about the case I am couping with.

The code I am tryng to use, does not work. Could You please take a look what may be wrong with it?

function mlp_location_metaboxes_addnew( $meta_box_fields ) {
      //Add Technical editor field
       $meta_box_fields[] = array(
           'name' => 'Technical',
           'id' => 'maplist_technical',
           'type' => 'wysiwyg',
           'options' => array(
              'wpautop' => true, // use wpautop?
              'media_buttons' => false, // show insert/upload button(s)
              'teeny' => true, // output the minimal editor config used in Press This
              'tinymce' => true

        return $meta_box_fields;

add_filter( 'mlp_location_metaboxes', 'mlp_location_metaboxes_addnew' );

function mlp_infobox_parts_change(){
    return array("title","address","technical");

add_filter( 'mlp_infobox_parts', 'mlp_infobox_parts_change' );



Sorry for not being more precise.

The custom field is visible in the editor. Unfortunatelly it does not appear in the map infobox. That is all.


In addition: I have noticed that the editor window for that custom field doesn’t allow, for example, to insert theme shortcodes. Is it possible to replicate the same editor functionalities as for “content”/”short description”? If Yes – how can I do this?

I figured out how to change the editor window content: 'teeny' => false,

But still no idea what is wrong with the custom field code…


I got another problem (previous one still unsolved).

I found that when I open the description under the map, and the map is out of my view/screen (when the description occupies the client area and the map is invisible/partially visible above it), and scroll the page to see choosen location on the map, the map does not show it – it is shows the area above the pin. The pin/area that is actually interesting me (corresponding with the description I have opened) is positioned as if it was behind the description tab that I have opened – You have to move the map up te see it (the target is out of sight). What’s more: once I open the description/list tab and move the map, it is impossible to close the map infobox, even though the list tab is closed (as I close the tab the infobox closes but just when I touch the map it opens again and stays opened). I also noticed that the infobox reacts in this way even if I don’t open the description – You only need to open the infobox once, close it and then when You move the map, infobox opens again but now You can’t close it. The same happends when you choose a category from a list of buttons.

Can you help? If You need to see it Yourself, I can send You credentials to access the page (the project is under development).

Deleted – infobox still not working properly…

As for the problem with the infobox (that after opening could not be closed) – I have found that this happends when expandingsigleresult is set to false. I hope I am not wrong and this won’t happen again…

Unfortunately this is not the cause – after some time, and/or refreshing the page, it stops working. Then when I “reorganize” the shortcode (without no clear scheme) it is working againg till the refresh of the page. Very weird. Someone knows the solution here?

[Reduce Width of Info Box Lightbox] How can I reduce the width of the pop up info / lightbox? Looks like it’s hard coded to be at 70% of the map width. In my infobox, I’m only displaying the name/address of the location so there is always too much white space, plus the resulting box is covering up most of the map when it doesn’t have too.


Doesn’t appear any settings for it. 40 or 50% would be great for my particular setup. Are there any options?

Thank you.


You can set this via a shortcode attribute:


For a full list of options, take a look here:


Thanks, James

Perfect. Thank you!

The map used to work well, but it all of a sudden zooms/centers in random places whenever a location is clicked. Nothing has changed on my end, be it shortcode, plugin. theme, etc. Please help?

Is there a separate support page or email address I can contact, please?


Peppr Purchased

Is there a separate support page or email address I can contact, please?


You can drop me an email via my profile page here:


Thanks, James

Hi there,

how to do disabale the zoom and put ctrl + scroll to zoom.cause i make the map largeand when they scroll down and their mouse is over the map, it zooms out the map instead of scrolling down further.



if you add disablescroll=”true” to the shortcode it should disable the scrollwheel for you over the map.

For a full list of options, take a look here: http://www.maplistpro.com/documentation/shortcode-options/

Thanks, James


i have added the disable the scroll for now.but thats not what i want.i want the user can scroll but only if they use ctrl + scroll to zoom.i see in the demo you have that,but im not sure why mine doesnt work.


Hi could I use this with something like this – https://codecanyon.net/item/user-profiles-made-easy-wordpress-plugin/4109874

So that we can display approved users on the map and then sort by category / location etc?

Hello! I’m getting the following error

WP_Error Object ( [errors] => Array ( [image_no_editor] => Array ( [0] => No editor could be selected. ) ) [error_data] => Array ( ) )

When I set WP_DEBUG to true I also see:

Notice: Undefined property: MapListProKO::$searchTextDefault in /home/priority/staging/10/wp-content/plugins/MapListPro/MapListProKO.php on line 2280

Here is a screenshot: https://goo.gl/qHpTFy

The error only appears to show when a user is logged in. I deactivated all of my plugins aside from MLP and the error is still present. Any ideas on how to resolve this issue?

Any ideas here?


Sorry for the delay in replying. I have a fix for this, and will be posting the update today.

Sorry again for the delay!

Thanks, James

I’d like to create users with a plugin like this – https://codecanyon.net/item/user-profiles-made-easy-wordpress-plugin/4109874

Could your plugin be used to show users on a map?


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The last days my website is very slow and doesn´t run the Map List. Don´t run in any browser.


How can I solve?


Sorry for the delay in replying. I just took a look at that page, and everything seems to be loading ok. Did you manage to resolve the issue?

Thanks, James

Hi, I’ve sent numerous emails to support for Map List Pro with no replies. I have a question with screenshot I’ll like support on – which email should I send it to?



Hi. Really impressed with Map List Pro! – However, my client has asked if we can change the Distance options at the moment it is 10/15/25/35 miles – we want to reduce this to between .5miles and 15 miles – is this simple to do? And how do I carry this out…Thanks Pete


This can be changed easily by adding the distances to the shortcode like this:


Thanks, James

hi there,

i use hideuntilsearch to hide the list,but its only show when search text is entered.i would like for it to show when we click category too. like this website, http://valiram.com/store-locator/ . if you cant see it,try to use http instead of https. Can help me? Thanks

I use a front-end user submission plugin that makes it easy for people to submit posts for admin approval without them having to register or logon. It’s pretty awesome. Check it out. (https://wordpress.org/plugins/user-submitted-posts). Do you think it would be compatible with this script so we could allow users to easily add new locations for admin approval? Please let us know what you think. It has custom field support and some advanced features too. Thanks!


It should be possible as map locations are just custom posts, with custom fields. The main piece of work you’d need to do is work out how to get the user to enter a latitude and longitude – they’d need some kind of map or search to make this user friendly.

Thanks, James

Yes that’s what I’m looking to do, have a search field that works w/ Goog map API so people can search and choose from the auto suggestions and when they choose the suggestion the lat/long coords would automatically populate. No users would want to deal with manually entering lat/long locations.

When i try to aggdd a map i am gettin this error http://prntscr.com/irb9rx


The only time I’ve seen this issue previously has been because one of the files has the permission set incorrectly when it was uploaded. Try deleting the plugin (don’t worry, all of your settings and locations won’t be touched) and then reinstall.

If you’re still seeing issues after this let me know.

Thanks, James


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I need to have all the infowindows default open (expanded). It is possible?

Sorry for my english.

Thank you, Mirk

Hello Mirk,

Unfortunately because of the way the infowindow code works I don’t think this will be possible – the infowindow gets reused each time for efficiency, so it only really exists once.

Sorry I can’t be more help. James