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smartredfox does not currently provide support for this item.

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does the plugin support RTL ?

I want to enter a location, but Google Map didn’t load. I have an API Key entered. Any help?

Now it’s working. Sorry for inconvenience.

How to Add Tags to Map List Pro? When will be new update?

Hi, just have a question. I recently noticed on my page where locations are displayed, there is a “missing icon” icon instead of standard icons that show up when zoomed in, but when zoomed out, they don’t. Can you please help? Here’s a link and you’ll see what I mean. Thank you and have a great day


Support: please give me a hand

I have send a few mails to support the couple last weeks but I don not get any answer at all. This is very disappointing…...

Having difficulty and strange problems with this plugin: when setting up the map with 13 categories, all the provences of the Netherlands + one for all of Netherlands. The map where I want to show all locations in The Netherlands simply quits showing them at the number of 86-87 locations. At 85 or 86 all is O, page is shown with map. Adding one more and the content + the map is completely gone. So no empty map…no map at all…

I have tried absolutely everything; changed categories, changed addresses, changed settings, changed page but nothing helps.

Really don’yt know what to do and my client’s patience is running out. If this cannot be solved I have to switch to a ompletely differnt plugin which means a lot of extra work for me.

Hope support or anyone of you guys can help!

Folks, this plugin is no longer supported and hasn’t been supported for a while. It even says at the top (and in some other places): smartredfox does not currently provide support for this item.

You are on your own, I am afraid, unless a member of the community can help.

Hi. Is it possible to add events (e.g. set up via events calendar plugin) to the map? Combined with a function to filter those by date?

Can i create several maps or i can create only one map with categories?

Hi. downloaded version: 3.12.5 (not work js) Where 3.21.8?

can i use this app as Traffic App Solution/Platform that road users can use to help each other beat traffic by informing them about the traffic conditions, thereby providing others with information with which they can use to make smarter decisions about routes to take.

Can I input radius around a map location with this plugin? I can currently do this on my own with “Google My Maps”. I do this by using this website: https://www.freemaptools.com/radius-around-point.htm to create a KML file and then import it into a map I have created with “Google My Maps”.


I need a maps plugin, that can zoom on certain areas on button click. I need to have the Shops list across the whole country, so people would press on their town button for example Berlin, and the map would zoom in to berlin, and show all shops there that sell our product.

Can this plugin to that?


Gracias por el plugin la verdad me sirvió mucho. Muy buen plugin. La persona que tenga dudas con este pluging me puede escribir para asesorarlo. Lo recomiendo 100% jttriana86@gmail.com

Hi smartredfox,

My client is purchased and use your plugin and facing issue of map marker loading on initial page load.

When i resize window all marker is set to there locations but initially page load markers not displayed,

Any idea what might be wrong?

Hi Just a pre-purchase question. Is it possible to search two address at the same time? Our client wants to have something like this site: https://www.goodstart.org.au/

As you can see there are 2 “Suburb or postcode” fields.


arome Purchased

The plugin doesn’t work. Can you contact us to help us please ?


I have a problem, When doing a search on name the form autosuggests after 3 characters. However, this stops workuing after 4 characters. If I would type in ‘Ams’ it would work. If I type in ‘Amsterdam’ it showes that it has no results.

please help, thnx