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How many levels?

Hi ro_jero

thanks for your question! There are 8 levels of increasing diffilcuty and size Level 4 and level 8 are huge.

if you want, you can add new levels with “Tiled” (free map editor software)

What do we need in order to add ADmob to it and export it to GooglePlay ?? Do we need eclipse ?? Or any other program ?

We use CocoonJS cloud compiler for wrapping html5 games into apps, other solutions, like PhoneGap for example, may works as well but we haven’t tested them.

You need a premium account. With standard account you can compile apps With premium account you can include ads into apps

Here’s how it works:

1. Register on, it’s free 2. Sign into dev portal 3. Fill out the premium user request form 3. Wait for them to review your request, note that this is not an automatic process and can take from 2 days to a couple of weeks. 4. Receive a confirmation for premium account

Please note that premium account is free but Ludei don’t grant premium access to everyone.

It’s really a nice game, can’t stop playing it! please, make more games like this one!!!

thank you very much sicomunica, don’t worry, more games are coming!!!

Hello! Nice game! I have 3 newbie questions: 1. How can i put an image in the loader screen? 2. When a user click on the “more games button” i need the page open in a new window. How can i do that. 3.It’s possible to use letters and numbers in the leaderboard, if It’s possible, how? Thanks!

Hello, two questions: 1. where i can find the option for enabling number keys in the virtual keyboard? I see in the config.js file but i can’t see the option. 2. What is the md5.js file? Thanks!

1. I’m sorry, my fault.
please add this line somewhere in the config.js file var KEYBOARD_NUMBERS = true; I will upload the fix tomorrow.
2. md5.js is used for calculating the md5 sum when sending scores to the server. it’s a precaution for trying avoid cheating.

Hi, if you are satisfied with the game, please rate it! Thanks



I installed the game in my page but it is not working in Google Chrome. Can you help me?

You can see the page in:

It seems to not work in recent Chrome versions, i am trying to figure out why.

And i have another problem, i tried to put the game direct in my page, withouth the iframe, but it was not accepting the width and hight that i set in the config.js (its set to 355×533px). You can see it here:

You know how i can fix this? I need the game direct in the page because with the iframe when i click outside the game it stops responding to keys.

And thanks for the compliment.

what version are you using? on machine I’m using right now there is installed version 47.0.2526.80 and the game run fine.
The game is designed for maximizing canvas size while keeping aspect ratio, moreover it can conflict with other js library you are using, so, it’s preferable to keep it inside an iframe and adding a script to the parent page that focuses the iframe when the user clicks somewhere in the page. something like this:
<body onclick="document.getElementById('myiframe').focus(); return false;">
naturally you have to give the id “myiframe” to the iframe

Thanks for the iframe solution, worked realy well.

I am using same Chrome version (47.0.2526.80), i gonna try to see if some extension is causing the problem.