Notes App - Make Note Android Native App

Notes App - Make Note Android Native App

Make Notes App

Make Notes is a simple and very useful note application. It gives you a quick and simple experience and helps you to capture and organize your ideas.



 App Features

  • Easy customization.
  • Admob Integrated (Earn money).
  • Java Native Source Code.
  • Room Database.
  • Live Database.
  • Selection Tracker for Select Note Item (New Feature of Jetpack).
  • Long press to select note as well as drag figure to select all notes.
  • Very easy to use interface and easily share a note with your friends & family.
  • Attractive User interface and Simple usability.
  • HD Graphics Design.
  • You can Copy, Share note and paste another Place.
  • Saving the note with date & time.
  • Share notes by SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, email or Twitter …

How to Setup

  • Install Android SDK
  • Open Gradle project in Android Studio
  • Change package name, app name, icons
  • Build an APK file.