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Is it possible to add Chrome Push Notifications for my website? If this not possible now, do you plan for adding this feature in next update?

Hi, no sorry, this option is not available yes. The notifications should be related for your website interactions, so it need custom works. It’ll be hard to make a feature that all the buyer can use

I can not download the app I created

Hi, you can’t download the app in the demo mode, you need to buy the app creater to download unlimited apps

Has this been updated?

hi. not recently, but the item makes the job ;) if you need an update, what do you want inside ?

Will Chrome store accept such an app? I’m not sure they will. Maybe we could point a link to an online tool. I’ll get it. Could you make a front end sign up so I can have users create acct and login? Maybe stats on downloads of apps? Please logo?

1) We confirm Chrome Store accepts the app created by our script (otherwise, we couldn’t have a 5 stars rating)

2) For a custom job, please, contact us via this form (bottom right) here

3) What do you mean by “please logo ? “

A question before what I purchase this product. Does this tool only create manifest.json and other basic files only? Or does it has some more functions ?

hi, you can see all the features in the item description + demo

Hi. Just noticed when creating an app that the “Chrome App Launcher” states:

“the chrome app launcher is going away. use the apps shortcut in Chrome bookmarks bar to continue accessing your apps. Learn more (url below)”

So how will this effect the chrome app creator?

Seems there is little difference in apps and extension now. Just wondering if I am confused, or right :)

Thanks much,


Hi, as soon your app will be published on the chrome store, Chrome users will be able to download and use it. Google has just remove the button on chrome, but all the apps will be still availble by users. Extension will be better than an app because there is directly an icon in the user’s browser, so the user will just need to click on it to go to your website.

I see last update was in 2014 – please confirm if the manifest file that is created is 100% compliant with current Chrome Web Store standards. I just want to avoid buying this today and my app not working

1.we don’t know exactly the behavior of the tool you are talking. What we can do, is to show you example of published app/extension. Contact us via this form if you are interested

2.second option

3.we provide a user guide on how to use the chrome builder, but without extra features to develop outside the builder scope (you can use the multilingual feature included in the builder

For more details, please contact us directly via this form

thanks – I sent you a link to the Google version of this. please send me the example so that I can try it out.

hi, email replied days ago

is this working? About to buy. User guide included?

hi? Yes & yes !

Hello ! This application for your computer? With the description I did not understand.

Hello ! This is a PHP script, to generate Chrome App+Extension. So you need a PHP environment (can be an web hosting or you can use your localhost)


I have an interest for your google chrome extension. I would like to know if i can do the following things with your products

People who install my extension can see on first place google my website link? (depends about the keys words enter in the google toolbar) Best reegards

Bonjour, Pouvez-vous SVP nous contacter via ce formulaire, pour nous décrire plus précisément ce que vous souhaitez

example #2 in this demo looks great. i’m looking for a way to also capture the url the person was on and pass it as a variable in the url when redirected. how can i do that with your tool?

hi, no you need to edit the script to make this

I was about to install this, is script still working? What are the app types you can create with this and how do they link to a web site, optin form we have? Where would such a link go?

Hi, already replied by emails months ago. If needed, please contact us again.

Nobody mentioned before, but the file result_app_int.php doesn’t have the same functionality as result_app.php , what I mean is that the output isn’t zipped. In fact, the only one that can access the output folder is the owner. The visitor get an 403/404 error. Kindly check out the files available for download, SEO_tools. If possible, I’d like to get from you the corrected file.
Thanks in advance.

Hi, thank you for this reporting. We’ll investigate ASAP and keep you updated here

Great, I appreciate.

We have submited the new files to codecanyon, it should be available soon. Just one file to replace “result_app_int.php”.
If you are in hurry, contact us via the contact form, and we’ll send you the new script updated.

not upgrade ?

please contact us if you need particular feature, we’ll consider to add them.
Thank you

hi. Does this include Push Notifications now? I saw someone asked two years ago but I can’t see it in the description anywhere. if not, what is the benefit of having an extension?

I can’t descibe in few words what is the benefit of having an extension, but you can find tons of information in internet how an extension is a great marketing tool and an additional way for the people to find your website.
about push notification, we done the integration for some other clients, and we can send you the updated script for free on request.
We’ll submit oon this update to codecanyon, but meantime, just contact us via the contact form here :

can i build chrome extension for VPN client with this tools? Thanks

if it’s a VPN website, you can create extension that could be used as launcher. But without the VPN features

So I just upload the zip to Chrome store?

Hi you create the app, and then, you upload to the chrome store.
Note : read the chrome store minimum requirement

Can you link me to these requirements? Also, I am asking if the zip file I get from your application is what I am suppose to upload to the Chrome Store. Thank you.

You can find many other informations in this website.
Also, keep in mind that they need to allow the app to appear in the store, so no porn, no weird topic,....
About our item, it’s like in our demo, but at the end, you have the zip file