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Im stuck i can’t find my // Twilio Application Token const APP_TOKEN.

I looked everywhere in Twilio’s website but no luck can you please explain where i can find it?

are you here to help i have some questions

Hi there, One-Billion-Ltd How about a Click-to-call butten on a mobile website? Iamneo16

how can i use this on a wordpress site

Hello, have I config error? // Phone Number to call const PHONE_NUMBER = ‘+573044256000’;

// Twilio’s Phone Number const CALLER_ID = ‘+19548004488’;

Is this script still working? And updating for more browser support?

Is this required any browser plugin like flash?

can this be used with voipo SIP , I have a virtual PBX system with voipo

HI i have a problem with the integration , after setup the plugins works fine. or in their own setup page . but when i`m trying to integrate to my homepage. turns on a white screen. my website is in wordpress. i really apreciatte your help

It is possible to change the css style for the blue button ?

its possible use a multiple phone numbers in other posts (one number per page in a woocommerce multishop marketplace)?

I bought this script with you but I think the way the Twilio changed dai wonder with you if you plan to update the script?

You plan to update the script?