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Im stuck i can’t find my // Twilio Application Token const APP_TOKEN.

I looked everywhere in Twilio’s website but no luck can you please explain where i can find it?

are you here to help i have some questions

Hi there, One-Billion-Ltd How about a Click-to-call butten on a mobile website? Iamneo16

how can i use this on a wordpress site

Hello, have I config error? // Phone Number to call const PHONE_NUMBER = ‘+573044256000’;

// Twilio’s Phone Number const CALLER_ID = ‘+19548004488’;

Is this script still working? And updating for more browser support?

Is this required any browser plugin like flash?

can this be used with voipo SIP , I have a virtual PBX system with voipo

HI i have a problem with the integration , after setup the plugins works fine. or in their own setup page . but when i`m trying to integrate to my homepage. turns on a white screen. my website is in wordpress. i really apreciatte your help

It is possible to change the css style for the blue button ?

its possible use a multiple phone numbers in other posts (one number per page in a woocommerce multishop marketplace)?

I bought this script with you but I think the way the Twilio changed dai wonder with you if you plan to update the script?

You plan to update the script?

The author just copied and paste this code from Twilio Documentation pages so he cannot support you guys. It’s not his own work no wonder he cannot even build a modest dialer in the pages, just a call button is all there is to it.

Update: This script uses Twilio.js version 1.1 which is outdated/deprecated. The latest is 1.4


Hi, can this be configured with any SIP account ? or only Twilio ?


Hello is this script still working?

I purchased code but it’s not working. I follow all the instruction but button doesn’t do anything on click. Can you please help? Thanks