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wiskan Purchased

mPDF Error – cannot find TTF TrueType font file – /home/financeexpert/public_html/documentos/inc/helpers/mpdf/ttfonts/DejaVuSansCondensed.ttf

I’m having a problem with the translation as well as an error when printing and the html is displaying the http: // before presenting the error it worked everything now everything is defective

Can you please send us a message using the contact form on our profile page with the url where the script is installed and user info. We will get to you as soon as possible. Thank you!


alscwd Purchased

Looks very nice. Question to purchase; Is fully Responsive? Thanks

Hello, Currently it is not fully responive but I will fix this in the next version. Please tell me if you have improvement suggestions.

Thank you!


amgad2t Purchased

Hy. I purchased the program and I have a problem

When i add Arabic text and I doing download pdf format Does not support Arabic, it shows boxes

What is the problem ? Is from mPDF Or fonts

An example of the problem http://envato.wowscripts.net/document-generator/inc/App.php?Download=6&type=pdf


The problem I think is the way documents are stored in the database, If you change the charset of the “Documents” table I think it should work. Please try this and let me know if it fixes the issue

Question for you Keydevs. I installed the script like it said. I get installation complete and to remove the install directory for security reasons. I did that but when i got to the url to login it keeps sending back to tn install directory problem is the directory is not there anymore. I see the database portion went ok when i looked in MySql. even when i put in the url to go to the directory/index.php it still send me to the install folder. Please help. Thanks.

Great. Let me know if you encounter anymore errors. There will be a new version coming soon with improvements :)

One more question. Is there a way to embed a png file or jpg file intomy document before making it a pdf?

I will try to add this in a future version as well. Very useful suggestion

Hello! Please tell us if your update with new features is ready soon. Thank you!

Hopefully in the next week or so. Still working on some final touches


wiskan Purchased

I have a problem in the question of form creation, I have done many actions in the tables I need this information to stay side by side not down because the form is too large on the side. I want the form to remain to write next to the other. In below. In the Create new document part.


help my

Form is very large of the tables added.


marcior Purchased

Hi I have installed on this domain: http://www.prodata.co.ao/docs/

but i get error 500.

Can you help me?

Thank You

The update is ready soon?

11 days without answer

27 days days without answer


MdFive Purchased

Hi there. I want to buy this script but i need to know something. Do i need to modify the entire script to add a formula for invoices ( Quantity x Price = Total) ? Is there a way to download files in excel format (or to implement the phpexcel script) ? I would like to make a select from database and use data from database into the template. Can this script be modified to make one select like this ? I don’t know how is your script so i don’t know how hard is to modify it the way i want. Waiting for your response and after i will buy it. Thanks.


MdFive Purchased

15 days and no answer. Thanks !


Please let me know do you use any PHP frameworks or just plain code?

Thank you,


Hey! Any thoughts on additional permission like who can create documents vs. who can only view? Love the script! It’s almost exactly what I’m looking for, but I would need additional permissions and responsiveness. Hope the next version is right around the corner!


Neljavi Purchased

hello please help me Fatal error: Call to a member function exec() on a non-object in install/index.php on line 19


Neljavi Purchased

Hello help me

Hello, I just purchased your Majestic template. However, I’m having trouble getting it to work on a local Xammp server.Tthe automatic installation did not work so I tried to complete the manual setup, But after completing it I get a “Protect(); ?>” and the site crashes, I’ve tried testing the server access and it looks good seem ike there’s a problem somewhere in the code

hi, if i buy the extended version, can i sell it multiple times with a domain?

Hello, I’ve installed your Majestic. Thank you. But something wrong with encoding. Majestic do not working with two languages in one text simultaneously. For example ENG and RUS. Help me please. See here: www.clubwww.ru

Hi there,

2 questions.

1. Is this still supported?
2. Maybe I have tomatoes on my eyes but I can’t find where I can edit the content of an variable. Can you tell me where I can find it?


Sorry I found a extreme fail in the demo/software. Admin user can change his userlevel and can downgrade. This is not a good behavior.

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hi, I want to use your Product : Support for Majestic – Create documents from templates. Easily generate contracts and invoices

I initially like that my users can upload own template in form of doc etc. Rest suits for me. Please update me about uploading a template.